Our Eco Exhibition!

Today 4A, 4B and 3/4C hosted an Eco Exhibition!

This special event was a celebration of the knowledge gained and work completed this term during our “Eco Warriors” inquiry topic.

Usually our classroom looks like this…


During our Eco Exhibition today, it looked like this…

And then this!

Each student had a stall containing lots of work from the term. Students each chose an environmental issue to investigate and a lot of their work focussed on their individual issues. Work samples at the Eco Exhibition included:

  • An information report
  • A picture story book
  • A mascot
  • A poster
  • A homework task from earlier in the term
  • A slideshow

Nearly every class at BHPS visited the Eco Exhibition, and it was fantastic to see so many parents attend as well. As classes, parents, grandparents and teachers walked around the exhibition, the students shared the knowledge they had learned, discussed environmental issues facing our planet and showed off their fantastic pieces of work. Check out the photo slideshow below!


Miss Jordan is very proud of all the students for their hard work during our “Eco Warriors” unit and the enthusiasm they displayed today at the Eco Exhibition!


What did you enjoy about the Eco Exhibition?

What skills did you need to demonstrate to engage people in conversation during the exhibition?

Were there any particular stalls that impressed you?

Can you share some facts you learnt during our Eco Warriors unit of work?

More Fun With Problem Solving!

Today in maths, 3/4C enjoyed another problem solving session.

Our school numeracy coach, Mrs Hillbrick, joined in the fun and participated with the 3/4C mathematicians.

Today’s lesson was called “Plants” and was adapted from the NRICH site.

Watch the presentation below to see how the problem unfolds.

The students did a fabulous job of using problem solving strategies. The main strategy the students adopted was “guess, check and improve” and some students moved on to “working systematically“.

Here are the 3/4C mathematicians using counters and Venn diagrams to solve the problem.

All students experienced success by finding multiple solutions. The highest amount of solutions found was 16!

How many solutions to the plants problem can you find?

Did you achieve the success criteria for this lesson?

What strategies did you use to solve the problem?

What are the benefits of problem solving activities?


Grade Three Camp!

The grade three students had a fantastic time on camp!

Grade 3 Camp

Coastal Forest Lodge is a great venue in Anglesea and we participated in lots of fun activities and experiences during our three day camp.

It was an action packed three days and the smiles on all of the students’ faces throughout the activities was evidence of the fun they were having!

The highlights of grade three camp included…

  • Cooking damper with Mr Haslam
  • Ropes course with Colin
  • Archery and mini golf with Miss Jordan
  • Hut building with Mr Burdess
  • Nature art with Mrs Kebbell
  • Initiatives with Miss Merrett
  • Bush dance
  • The Eagle Nest Walk
  • Night walk
  • Feeding horses, donkeys and cows
  • Yabbying
  • Mr Roskosch and Ms Booth visiting
  • Doing breakfast, lunch and dinner duty
  • Playing basketball, volleyball, soccer and footy
  • The recreation room
  • Sleeping in cabins with friends
  • Delicious meals

Miss Jordan took lots of photos on camp! Below is a selection of images from each day. Enjoy!

It was fantastic to see the grade three students display excellent behaviour for the entire camp. All students approached the new experiences with a positive and resilient attitude, as well as a keen desire to learn and succeed. Students also showed great teamwork by collaborating, helping each other out and building on their friendships. What an amazing group of students!

Miss Jordan and the other grade three teachers are VERY proud of the campers! It was a pleasure spending time with them all and we hope they made some wonderful memories to reflect upon!


A very big thank you to our wonderful camp helpers…Mr Haslam, Miss Merrett and Colin.


Share your camp experience in your comment!

What was your camp highlight?

Did you learn anything new?

Did you succeed in overcoming any challenges while on camp?

What was your favourite meal on camp?

What character strengths did you display on camp?

The Resilience Project

Today, we were lucky to have Martin Heppell from The Resilience Project visit our school.

Resilience Project

Resilience means the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. If you are resilient, you can bounce back from a situation.  The Resilience Project delivers messages and strategies for a positive, resilient and happy approach to life.

Martin shared lots of interesting (and entertaining!) stories which featured some key ideas that can have a positive impact on your own life, and the life of others. The three main ideas Martin spoke about were:

  • Gratitude
  • Kindness
  • Empathy

He also explained and modelled how music, laughter and exercise can help to ‘flip your mood’ if you are feeling a bit down, upset or frustrated.

We all learnt a lot from Martin and thoroughly enjoyed listening to his engaging presentation!


Define gratitude, kindness and empathy.

What did you enjoy about Martin’s presentation?

When have you demonstrated resilience?

How can you apply Martin’s key messages to your own life?

Growth Mindset

As part of our Positive Education approach at BHPS, we have started learning about Growth Mindset.

People with a fixed mindset believe their basic abilities, intelligence and talents are just fixed traits. They believe they have a certain amount and that’s that, they can’t keep improving and developing.

However, people with a growth mindset understand that through effort and persistence you can change and grow your brain to achieve success. The more you try, the brainier you will become because the brain has the ability to grow and change. It is good to make mistakes because mistakes enable us to improve and learn. Instead of saying “I can’t do it”, people with a growth mindset say, “I can’t do it yet.”

We want to instill a growth mindset into all students at BHPS!

We have enjoyed watching the “Growth Mindset” series of video clips. These short videos were put together by Carol Dweck, the lady who developed the idea of growth mindsets to help children to learn.


Why is it important to have a growth mindset?

When have you displayed a growth mindset?

What are some growth mindset thoughts/phrases that will help you grow and develop as a learner?

Book Week Parade!

This week is Book Week!

Book Week

The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) 2016 Book Week theme is “Australia – Story Country”.

The CBCA runs Book Week each year, and our school always enjoys celebrating this national event. Books play such an important part in our learning, and to commemorate Book Week, our students are participating in the following activities:

* Dress up parade – students dress up as a book character and participate in the whole school parade.

* Borrowing competitions – students need to return their books in their library session to be in the draw for a prize.

* Book Fair – students and parents have the opportunity to buy books from the Book Fair in our school foyer.

* Donate a book – students can buy a book from the Book Fair and donate it to the library.


Today was Dress Up Day and we all enjoyed seeing the costumes students and teachers wore for the occasion.

Here is 3/4C dressed up in all their glory!


And here is the BHPS staff photo!

Staff Photo

The parade in our school gym was fantastic!

Here are some photos of the 3/4C students in their fabulous costumes!


Thank you to Ms Browne for organising another fun-filled Book Week!


Who is your favourite book character?

Did any costumes stand out at the whole school parade?

Which 2016 short-listed book was your favourite and why?

2016 Rio Olympics Come To Close

The 2016 Rio Olympics have now concluded.

It has been an action packed two weeks of Olympic magic with so many amazing moments in many different sporting events. The 3/4C students enjoyed discussing the various events and results each day in class.

Here is the final medal tally.

Medal tally

Here are some interesting facts about the Rio Olympics…

  • The 2016 Rio Games are the first Olympics to be held in South America.
  • There are 306 Olympic events across 28 sports.
  • There are 6225 male athletes and 5137 female athletes competing at the Rio Games.
  • Organisers prepared approximately 60,000 meals each day to feed the athletes.
  • The Olympic Village dining hall runs the length of four Olympic swimming pools.
  • The biggest team at the Rio Games was the USA (556 competitors), followed by host nation Brazil (469 competitors), Germany (424 competitors), Australia (421 competitors) and China (404 competitors).
  • The smallest team at the Games is the South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu. Their sole competitor was Etimoni Timuani in the men’s 100m (athletics).


Below is a video that captures some of the moments of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.


What was your favourite moment from the 2016 Rio Olympics?

Do you have a favourite Olympic sport?

Did you learn about any new sports while watching the Olympics?

What character strengths do Olympic athletes display?

Mathematical Problem Solving

Today, our numeracy coach Mrs Hillbrick visited our classroom for some mathematical fun.

We started our maths lesson with one of our favourite warm up games – Hit the Target.

We then worked on a problem solving task with Mrs Hillbrick.

Our learning focus for the lesson:

We are learning to find multiple solutions to a problem.

Our success criteria for the lesson:

We can:

  • Read the problem in our head
  • Share our understanding
  • Use guess, check and improve
  • Check for accuracy
  • Reflect as mathematicians

Mrs Hillbrick posed the following question…

My telephone number has 8 digits. When I add up each of the 8 digits, I get a 2 digit number. When I add those 2 digits together, I get a number less than 4. What could my telephone number be?

To break down the problem, we had to:

  • Circle the numbers
  • Put a box around the key words
  • Underline the key question

Students then had a go at finding solutions to this problem.

At the conclusion of the lesson, we reflected on the success criteria to determine how we went with this task.

Did you achieve the success criteria?

What skills did you need to use to complete this problem solving task?

In your comment, have a go at coming up with a solution to the problem!

BHPS Olympic Opening Ceremony!

Today, the 31st Olympiad begins in Rio, Brazil.

Olympics Logo

To celebrate this significant global event, yesterday BHPS hosted its very own Olympic Opening Ceremony!

Each grade represented a different country. 3/4C represented Great Britain.

Union Jack flag

Everyone looked fantastic dressed up in red, blue and white!



Our school oval was transformed into a spectacular display of colour, cheering, music, flags and joy. Each country marched in the traditional parade of nations and we then listened to several Olympic speeches before the games of the 31st Olympiad were declared open!

The Olympic torch made an exciting entrance on a motorbike and a former Olympic cyclist (and grandfather to one of our grade one students), John, lit the Olympic cauldron. John was a member of the Australia Olympic team in 1972. He was a cyclist in the road race competition in Munich. Symbolic pigeons were then released.

What a fantastic celebration!

Here is a slideshow of the colour and fun that was the BHPS Olympic Opening Ceremony!


After recess, students in grades three, four and five participated in a Mini Olympics. The grade six students did a fantastic job organising a variety of events and the students enjoyed themselves immensely!

It was great to see lots of parents attending our ceremony to join in with the fun. What a wonderful day we all had!


What was your highlight of our opening ceremony?

Which event did you enjoy most at the Mini Olympics?

What interesting facts do you know about the Olympics?

What sports will you watch during the Olympic Games?


We Love Library!

Each Monday, 3/4C visits the library for a half hour session.

Ms Browne is our librarian and she selects great books for us to read together each week.


In recent weeks, we have been reading the picture books nominated for the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

CBCAEach year, the CBCA shortlists books in a variety of categories. We read the books in the ‘Early Childhood’ and  ‘Picture Book of the Year’ categories.

Early Childhood Books

Picture Books

During Book Week later in the term, each BHPS student will vote for their favourite CBCA shortlisted book and we will compare our results with the official Book Of The Year awards.


After reading a book together in library sessions, students spend time browsing and borrowing books.


What do you enjoy about our library sessions?

Which books do you like to borrow from the library?