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This will be the new class blog for Miss Kelly Jordan’s grade at Barwon Heads Primary School in Victoria, Australia.

Miss Jordan has blogged previously with students, and she is looking forward to beginning a new blogging journey with her students at Barwon Heads.

Stay tuned for the first official blog post next week when school resumes for 2014.

27 thoughts on “New Class Blog

  1. Hi Miss Jordan and 4B!

    I can’t believe the holidays are nearly over! At least when the holidays are over horse – riding will have started again. Not that I think Bugs would miss me … 😉

    On the holidays I:

    Went to camp and rode Bugs. (who was actually pretty well behaved!)I jumped about 50cm on her and we did some cross country as well!

    Got a bunny! She’s a ginger and white rabbit, but I haven’t decided what to call her yet. (I only got her today) Hopefully I can think of a name soon, so she isn’t just called Whats-her-name!

    What have you guys been up to?

    Chat soon,
    Millie 😛

    • Dear Millie,

      You are officially the first person to comment on the new 4B class blog! Thank you! 🙂

      The holidays have gone by very quickly. It sounds like you got up to some fun things. I hope you think of a name for your new bunny soon. It’s always exciting getting a new pet. And bunnies are much easier to look after than horses. 🙂

      I enjoyed Christmas with my family, a couple of trips to Melbourne, spending time with friends and usual holiday activities like reading, watching the tennis and setting up my new classroom.

      I will be sure to show my new class your quality comment!

      Keep in touch,
      Miss Jordan

  2. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I would like to wish you all the very best at your new school with your new students. They are so very lucky to have you as there teacher.
    I will miss seeing you around our school.

    Somehow I get the feeling this is going to be such a fun and wonderful year for you.

    Take care,
    Cheers AA 🙂

    • Dear AA,

      Thanks so much for commenting and for your well wishes.

      I am excited about being at Barwon Heads PS and I look forward to teaching a wonderful group of grade four students this year.

      I hope BB has a wonderful year in grade five!

      Best wishes,
      Miss Jordan

      • @ Miss Jordan,

        I know you will have a wonderful time teaching at your new school. How lucky are you working where the beach is your door way.

        I am pretty sure BB will have a great final year at Leopold Primary. I feel that she is really looking forward to grade six.

        Sincerely AA.

        • @ AA,

          Of course, I meant to say I hope BB has a wonderful year in grade six. The time goes so quickly! I have no doubt she will have an excellent year.

          Wish her good luck for me!

          Best wishes,
          Miss Jordan

  3. Hi Miss Jordan,

    Charlotte and I would like to wish you good luck teaching at a new school this year! Charlotte will miss seeing you around the school, but she knows that your students are so very lucky to have you this year 🙂

    We are looking forward to seeing what you are up to this year at Barwon Heads Primary School and keeping in touch via this blog.

    Enjoy your first day!

    Martine 🙂

    • Dear Martine,

      Thank you so much for your comment, it’s lovely to hear from you and Charlotte!

      I am looking forward to my first day at Barwon Heads tomorrow, and meeting my grade on Thursday will be a lot of fun.

      It would be great to stay in touch through this blog, that would make me very happy!

      I wish Charlotte a fabulous first day of grade five on Thursday. I know she’ll have a terrific year!

      Keep in touch,
      Miss Jordan

      • Hi Miss Jordan,

        We hope that you had a fantastic start to your school year today and you enjoyed getting to know your new students!

        Charlotte wanted me to tell you she had an awesome day today in grade 5 with Mr Stribs and big prep boy Oliver wanted to say hi as well 🙂

        We sure will keep in touch!

        Martine 🙂

  4. Hello Miss Jordan,
    Good luck with your new teaching adventure! Although the students at Leopold will miss you very much, I’m sure your new students at Barwon Heads will love having you as a teacher.
    I will be adding this blog address to our blog roll on my new class blog. Hopefully we can work on a collaborative project or 2 over the year as I am teaching Grade 3/4 this year.
    If you would like to visit our new class blog, the address is
    I will definitely be showing my students the examples of great quality comments that your Leopold students have been leaving!
    Good luck tomorrow and Thursday when the students start back!
    From, Miss Fraser 🙂

    • Dear Miss Fraser,

      Thanks for stopping by my new class blog! I am really looking forward to welcoming my new students tomorrow. The start of the school year is always such a fun and exciting time.

      I look forward to showing my class your blog. I’m sure my new students will enjoy leaving you some quality comments in the coming weeks. Good idea, we’ll have to see if we can work out a collaborative project during the year.

      I hope you’ve had a great start to the new school year! 🙂

      Best wishes,
      Miss Jordan

  5. Dear Miss Jordan,

    Just Jess here.

    I must say I love your new blog and I can’t wait to see all the blog posts you do. I think that the grade fours are going to love you as a teacher as much as we did.

    I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year. I was very excited to start school again. I think that every year we all learn a lot of things that we have to know before so I can’t wait to learn more ow.

    I am very excited for your new grade to start in the blogging world.I think that they will enjoy having you teaching them.

    I miss you very much I am happy to see that we are going to have a new blog for all of your class.

    From your blogging buddy,

    Jess 😆 :mrgreen: 🙂

  6. Dear miss Jordan,

    I am glad that you are my class teacher.

    Thankyou for a great start to the year for me and all my friends.

    I had a great summer holidays because I got to hang out with my cousins from England. While they were here we flew to sydney and stayed in a hotel near Darling Harbour. We went on a cruise around Sydney Harbour which was beatiful. From the boat we could see the Sydney Opera House, Tooronga Zoo, Luner Park and not to forget the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We were in Sydney for three days and then came exhausted.

    Stay Tuned for more exciting news.

    Over and out.


    • Hi Alex H,

      Looks like you had a great holidays I’ve been to Sydney with my Mum in 2012 for my birthday. I only went to Tooronga Zoo and the Sydney Harbour.You must of had a great time in England And Sydney. I see why you are exhausted.

      Keep in touch!


        • Hi Alex
          Thank you for your comment I was wondering what places you would like to go on the Holidays?
          I would go to Amrica would you?

          Best wishes Sienna

          • Dear Sienna,

            This comment is kind of squishy now but anyway I would like to go to America.
            Thank you for your reply


        • Hi Alex,
          It is good that you can reply all the time.I have to do it on this comment because on the last one it didn’t have reply.
          Do you like blogging? I love blogging
          What is your favourite post on the blog so far?

          Keep in touch over and out.

    • Dear Alex,
      I am glad that Miss Jordan is our teacher too!

      I bet you had a great time in England and Sydney !

      I have been to Queensland and Hamilton Island and they are both really hot! In Hamilton Island we had to stay in a pool for most of the day!

      Hope you have a great year,

  7. Dear Miss Jordan ,

    I am excited for year 2014.I can not wait for the iPads to come because I think we will have a lot of fun with them.The first day was scary but exciting as well.

    I can not wait tomorrow!!!
    keep in touch!!!


  8. Hi Miss Jordan,

    These are some things I an going to do on the weekend.
    On Saturday I am having my first swimming lessen + in the evening I am going to meet some friends.

    On Sunday I am going to the beach and watching dad have a kayak.

    Eli 🙂

  9. Dear Miss Jordan I have been having a lot of fun on my new iPad air, school has been going good lately and I have been having a lot of fun

    You are a really fun teacher and I can not wait to get thought how to make a blog because I recon it will be really fun.
    Hopefully by the end of the year 4B will have over one thousand visits on it

    Yours sincerely Will

  10. Hi Miss Jordan and all,
    The cluster map’s big and everyone has done about one or two comments.

    I hope in a cuple of months we reach a mile stone on the blog. I really enjoy the blog and I am looking forward to looking at the rest of them.
    See you soon
    From Alex

  11. Hi Miss Jordan,

    I hope you are enjoying the 1 Term at Barwon Heads Primary School you must be getting along with the teachers and students.

    It is great to have you at our school and everyone loves you at BHPS you must miss your old school.It must be new to you with the IPads and everything I can’t believe we have got iPads.

    Are you having a great year at school?

    Keep in touch


  12. Dear Mrs Yollis,
    Thank you for your reply. I really enjoy reading other peoples messages that they type to me. I think that blogging with other people is a great way to connect online.

    We use the app Notes for our Journal entries and we cannot connect pictures to our entries.

    Please reply

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