Welcome To A New School Year!

Today is the first day of the 2014 school year at Barwon Heads Primary School in Victoria, Australia.

After nearly six weeks of summer holidays, Miss Jordan is very happy to join Barwon Heads Primary School! It is an exciting time for Miss Jordan as she continues her teaching journey at a new school with her fabulous grade four students.

We have a lot to look forward to this year including our new 1:1 iPad program, Bike Ed and our camp to Anglesea.

Miss Jordan is certain all the students in 4B will learn a lot in 2014 and enjoy being part of a wonderful classroom community. This blog will be a big part of our classroom program and Miss Jordan can’t wait to teach the students all about educational blogging. Miss Jordan’s class will be learning with the students in Miss Curtain’s class, 4A, in a big double classroom. Together, we are going to have a wonderful year!


Miss Jordan welcomes the students in 4B to the 2014 school year and she looks forward to hearing how they all spent their holidays.

Miss Jordan travelled back to her family’s home in Pomonal (near Halls Gap) for her Christmas celebrations. In January she  enjoyed seeing friends, exercising, going shopping, cooking, painting, relaxing and reading. She helped to organise some last minute details for her sister’s upcoming wedding. Miss Jordan also spent some time at school setting up her new classroom.


Miss Jordan with her brother and sister on Christmas Day.


Miss Jordan with her sister and her mum enjoying high tea at Crown Conservatory in Melbourne.



Leave a comment and tell us about your holidays.

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

29 thoughts on “Welcome To A New School Year!

  1. Dear Miss Jordan and 4B
    Miss Jordan knows me but I would like to introduce myself to the students in 4B.
    I am Mrs McKenzie and I teach a class of Year 2/3 students in New Zealand. My class is known as B4! (4B and B4 are anagrams!)
    The students in my class are 6 and 7 years old. I know that you are all older than that, but I hope we can sometimes connect this year. We have just returned to school this week too.

    My holidays were very relaxing, and I enjoyed having a chance to spend time with family and friends. Our summer hasn’t been very hot yet. We heard on the news that Victoria has had some very high temperatures in January!
    What did you do to cool down on the very hot days?

    warm wishes
    Mrs Mckenzie from B4, New Zealand

  2. Hi Miss Jordan,
    Your blog is awesome, I wish I could make blogs, I hope I learn fast so I can make a blog.

    I’ve got some friends in Singapore, Sydney, Finland and England who I think would be surprised and intrigued to see a blog typed by me.

    I am looking forward to help type blogs and learn other interesting technological skills

    From your student,

  3. Hi Miss Jordan,

    It’s going to be great having you as a teacher!
    What I am looking forward to in 2014 is having a new school with different things.

    I can’t write a very long letter
    because I’m pretty busy!!

    Can’t wait to have you as a teacher.


  4. Hi Miss Jordan,

    I enjoyed my first day at Barwon Heads Primary School.

    On the holidays my family and I settled into our new house.
    We set up a tent in our backyard and slept in it. I slept in there with my sister for a few nights. It was very noisy and windy and also cosy. My friend jamilla stayed for two nights. We went to the pool for about two hours.

    I had a great time on my holidays!

    I am looking forward to starting at my new school.


  5. Dear my teacher Miss Jordan

    I had a great first day at school and looking forward to the year in your class!

    What I’m looking forward to in 2014:
    I can not wait until we have Swimming, Bike Ed, Excursions and grade 4 camp in Anglesea!


  6. dear students,

    I think we will all have an exciting year with both of our wonderful teachers Miss Jordan and Miss Curtain.

    we are all growing up and are learning different things but the one thing we all learn is to listen so always listen and have fun.

    see you at school

  7. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I am happy to say that you were absolutely fantastic teaching us today.

    You weren’t nervous at all!

    Just to let you know I voted for what I enjoyed most in the hollidays (I enjoyed the beach!)

    I will write back as soon as I can, but for now, I can only write this.

    Good luck teaching tommorow and every other day!

    Best of luck,
    Georgie 🙂

  8. Dear Miss Jordan,

    Oops! I am so sorry about my spelling mistakes!:(

    I must be tired from the first day of school.

    Good luck again,

    Georgie 🙂

  9. Hello Miss jordan,

    My computer shows the poll and I voted seeing Friends and Family.

    Mum just got my new i-pad cover and it`s a light blue with a stand at the back of it.

    I`m enjoying having you as a teacher and will be looking forward to tomorrow.

    Talk soon

  10. Dear Miss Jordan
    I am really glad that you are my teacher this year.
    We will have a lot of fun together!!:)

    I am really going to enjoy the 1:1 i Pads this year.

    You did a really good job remembering everyone’s names.I’m pretty glad you remembered mine.

    See you tomorrow,

  11. Dear miss Jordan
    I am looking forward to a great year. Are you?

    Me and my family are looking forward to having an iPad air in the house.

    But I hope my baby brother does not brake it.

    keep in touch

  12. Dear miss Jordan,

    I had a lovely first day back at school the survey worked on my computer and i voted for friends and family.

    I am going to love being in yours and miss curtains gradeI will have a lovely year.

    best wishes,

  13. Dear 4AB,
    I am so glad I get to be in Miss Jordan’s and Miss Curtain’s class this year. Because everyone is so supportive and encouraging, as well as the teachers!

    I hope you all have a great year!
    from Nelly.N 🙂

  14. Dear Miss Jordan,

    What a wonderful blog post! It is such a great thing to know that you have had a great holiday. I did too and had a lot of fun with my family.

    For Christmas my family from both sides came over to my house and we all had some fun. the food was good and everything else that you could cross off the list.

    I got a lot of great presents and I even got a Mountain Bike.

    It was such great fun and I spent a lot of time at my BFF’s house while she was in Lorne. She has a pool so ever single day weather it was hot or cold we went over there for a swim.

    My mum said she was going to take Aiden and I to the movies at some point but that never happened so we might be doing that over one of the weekends coming up.

    For Christmas my Grandma gave Aiden and I a VIP pass for Adventure Park. it has been a lot of fun going there.

    I also went there once and we were the first ones on every ride. We were even in the water park before the water was turned on.

    I have had so much fun over the holidays and am still into my presents from Christmas like it is the first day.

    Well I am doing nothing at all today so I am looking forward to the rest. Oh and by the way the reason I remembered to look at the blog was because Jess told me about it.

    Got 3 Gallop,
    Liv 😆 😉 😎

  15. Hi Miss Jordan,

    Wow! You have got a great blog this year and it sounds like heaps of great students to!

    2014 sounds like a fun year in your class Miss Jordan because an Ipad program sounds very exciting. So does bike ed and camp to Anglesea!

    I have enjoyed the holidays heaps and have done a lot of exciting stuff! I did a fullday at Wallington Park of horse riding. I got to do cross country and show jumping.

    It seems like you enjoyed your holidays too.

    Best of luck for your new grade!

    Your old horse crazy student,

    • Dear Ava,

      I am so glad to know that you like horse riding!

      I think Anglesey will be fantastic, because there is a leap of faith!

      Hope you have a great school year!

      Good luck,


      • Hi Georgie!

        Thanks for the reply!

        Yeah I absolutely love horses and horse riding. Ask Miss Jordan all about it. My nickname and my two other horse crazy friends Millie and Paris our
        Nickname was the horse girls! I’m glad you have Miss Jordan she is such a lovely teacher! I hope you enjoy having her. I wish I was in grade 4 again because I miss her but my new teacher is great.

        Wow! Anglesea seems great. I like the sound of the leap of faith! It seems interesting and fun!

        Have a great school year too!

        Thanks! Best of luck for you too!

        Got to gallop,

        • Hi Ava,!

          I love your horse’s names!

          I am so glad about having Miss Jordan as a teacher.

          Nice chatting to you again!

          Keep on horse riding!

          Good luck,

          Georgie : )

    • Dear Ava,

      I am so glad to know that you like horse riding!

      I think Anglesey will be fantastic, because there is a leap of faith!

      Hope you have a great school year!

      Good luck,



  17. Hi miss Jordan, I have had a good start to school. Hope you have too.I liked doing the mosaic names today. It was really fun. I cant wait till we get out ipads

  18. Hello 4b kids, I hope that you all had a lovely holiday with plenty of surfing and other such fun activities. Ella is super excited about going back to school and I hope that she gets heaps and heaps of home work.

    Have a great year
    Regards Gus

    • Dear Gus,

      Thank you for your terrific comment on our class blog. You are the very first 4B parent to comment!

      We did all enjoy the holidays, it was great fun spending time at the beach and seeing friends and family.

      We are all excited to be in grade four!

      Best wishes,
      4A and 4B

  19. To Miss Jordan,
    I really do love the iPads. Guess what!? I’m even sending this message from my iPad.

    I’ve been having lots of fun at school at the moment, plus I’ve made some new friends.

    On the holidays, our family went to the beach lots of course because it was really hot. We also went to a place in South Australia called Robe. It was a 7 hour drive!!

    Best wishes,
    Mollie d:b

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