You Can Do It!

We are launching the new school year with the “Starting Right” program at Barwon Heads Primary School.

“Starting right” means beginning our school year by settling in with a positive attitude, in order to build friendships and establish classroom expectations.

To start our year in the best possible way, our class is focussing on the You Can Do It foundations. They are:

  • Getting Along
  • Confidence
  • Organisation
  • Persistence
  • Resilience


The students in 4A and 4B have been demonstrating their getting along skills, confidence, organisation, persistence and resilience in many ways. It is great to see!

Can you define one of the YCDI foundations?

How do you demonstrate getting along, confidence, organisation, persistence or resilience?

Why are the YCDI foundations important?


15 thoughts on “You Can Do It!

  1. Hi Miss Jordan,

    I sure am missing you a lot but Mrs De Vries is a really good teacher and she is so kind and we have learnt a lot already.

    We have several posters in our classroom about being kind and I think they have been helping us more to get along.

    We also have these black books with blank pages in them and like blogging we can do things in them at school or at home.

    I have been doing a lot of it at home and have made some cool stuff but not as good as Jess, Heather, Niki and Millie.

    We all used to sit at the same table the perfect table in the whole classroom but some boys on the other table caused people like Niki and I to have to move seats onto another table.

    So now I sit with: the new kid Mason, Mitch C, Logan M, Ryley H and Niki. And now Connor F and Jacob are in the seats Niki and I used to be in.

    We don’t use our laptop’s as much as we used to but that is still ok with me because everything else we do is so much fun.

    I think that it is very important to be kind to other people and I am so glad that our school is a bully free zone.

    Well if you have a tidy area then it is very good to have and it means you are organised. I have a very tidy.

    Well unfortunately that is all I have time for and I would love to type more but I have to go and watch the meanies on MKR!!!!

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Liv 😆 😉 😎

    • Hi Liv!

      We read your comment in class today! It sounded like you like horseriding!

      I hope you like your new teacher!

      Do you and your friends like blogging?

      Good luck

      • Hi Georgie,

        Thanks for replying to my comment. It was really nice of you.

        Yes my friends and I ♥ blogging because it is so much fun for us all and we get to do some typing which is what we all ♥

        I hope you can keep on leaving some more comments for me to read and reply to.

        Enjoy the rest of your day guys!

        Got 2 Gallop,
        Liv 😆 😉 😎

  2. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I have decided to write back to you and define the you can do it keys.

    The first key is persistence. Persistence means that you keep on doing something difficult until you get an answer or the right look.

    The second key is getting along. Getting along means to be nice to everyone, even if you don’t know them.

    The third key is organisation. Organisation means to always be neat and tidy and be prepared.

    The fourth key is confidence. Confidence means if you are nervous to do an event, you just give it a go and afterwards you will feel really good.

    The last key is resilience. Resilience means, if you mess something up, and it is too late to fix it, never give up and try next time.

    I hope I have gone through everything!:)

    From your student,

  3. Dear Miss Jordan

    In this comment I would like to tell you how I demonstrate the YOU CAN DO IT keys. The keys are Confidence, Organisation, Getting Along, Persistence and Resilience.

    One of the times I demonstrate CONFIDENCE is at the end of year when I have the dance concert, which is in front of a huge audience. I also demonstrate CONFIDENCE in swimming assessments when I have to go up a level.

    I demonstrate RESILIENCE once I have lost a netball game. Once the game has finished all the team thinks IT DOESNT MATTER IF WE LOSE, WE JUST CARE ABOUT HAVING FUN.

    I demonstrate GETTING ALONG at school, home and every where else. I love being nice to my friends and family.

    I demonstrate ORGANISATION by neatly putting my pencil case, book, diary and I pad air on my table. I also show ORGANISATION in my tub, my books are tidy so I can find things easily.

    I demonstrate PERSISTENCE when I am given a hard test to complete and I keep working hard and not giving up until I get the right answer.

    Now that I told you how I demonstrate the YOU CAN DO IT keys I would like to tell you what key is the most important to me.

    The YOU CAN DO IT keys that are the most important to me are
    These keys are the most important to me because:
    If people didn’t get along with each other the world would be a lonely place. Most people would be feeling blue and would fight with other people. Imagine fighting with your family non stop!!!!!! I could NEVER imagine a place without friends, not in a million years!!!!!!!!!!!
    If the world didn’t have confidence we wouldn’t be even living in our house or learning how to swim. We wouldn’t even have: TV,cars,houses,I pods,toys or really if you think about it we wouldn’t have anything. The reason is if we don’t have confidence in ourselves we wouldn’t have food because we would always be thinking about the NEGATIVE like robots.


  4. Hi Miss Jordan,

    I really miss a lot! we have been doing s lot of reading this year and I really love Mrs Vrise.
    Have u been having fun with your new grade?

    From Heather 😉

    Best Wishes

  5. Dear Miss Jordan,
    first I’m going to answer your questions.

    Getting along is when you be nice to everyone and respect others.

    I would demonstrate the YCDI keys by being a good influence to younger, maybe older kids.

    The YCDI key are important in lots of different why, and these are just a few. To be able to achieve different things, to know what to do when someones sad and to be able to do things in front of people.

    I am enjoying the year so far and loved the getting started program.I can tell I’m going to love this year!(:

    I love the IPads!

    From your student,

  6. Hi Miss Jordan and 4B,

    I hope you are all having a great weekend!
    I just want to let you know that I fractured my left arm last night at the cricket oval. I am in a sling and won’t be able to play sports for 6 weeks, which I am not happy about. The positive news is I am not in plaster as the fracture is high up near my shoulder. I hope to see you all next week at school.

  7. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I really miss your fun and creative teaching but its still nice having Mr Heenan (5AH). It looks like you’ve learnt a lot already this year.

    Well that’s all for now,

    Anthony (old 4KJ student)

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