Our iPad Program Has Launched!

It has been an exciting week at Barwon Heads Primary School, because we launched the 1:1 iPad Program in grades four, five and six!

The grade four students were thrilled to receive their very own iPads on Wednesday. Excitement was high as the iPads were distributed and students explored their new device.


Some of our brand new iPads ready to be used!

We will be using the iPads at school in some of our classroom learning activities to develop students’ knowledge and skills across the curriculum.

We have already practised a few essential skills and had some important discussions about iPad use, including:

  • How to take care of our iPads
  • How to be safe online
  • How to use the camera
  • How to type
  • How to find creative commons images
  • How to write a quality blog comment.

Here are some of the students completing some “iPad familiarisation” tasks this week


What are you looking forward to doing on your iPad at school?

What have you already learnt about responsible iPad use?

Do you have any iPad tips for us?

What is your favourite educational iPad app?

46 thoughts on “Our iPad Program Has Launched!

    • Dear Kennedy,

      I think it will be really fun too.
      I hope we start doing it soon.
      What sort of movie do you want to do?

      Got to hop

  1. Dear Miss Jordan and class,

    Welcome to a new year of school, and I wish you lots of fabulous learning with your iPads!

    I am a teacher in Los Angeles, California, and I teach third grade. We have six laptops and five ipads. Because we have twenty-eight students, we have to share all the equipment.

    I’m curious to hear which apps students enjoy using. How do you use them?

    Looking forward to connecting with you this year!

    Mrs. Y♥llis

    • Hi Mrs Y♥llis,

      I am one of Miss Jordan’s old students Liv. I remember my BFF Jess and I skyped you guys to talk to your class about blogging.

      Well as everyone knows me as the blogging queen because I love to blog I was happy to present to your class.

      It was a lot of fun and trust me I have learnt a lot about blogging and wrote a new post on my blog just yesterday.

      Maybe you could check it out. Here is the link to my blog encase anyone who is reading this would like to have a lot at my latest post:


      Well thanks for leaving a comment on Miss Jordan’s new blog.

      Well that’s all for now and you bloggers or horse lovers out there keep doing what you love.

      I love horses and blogging so that is why I said that.

      Got 2 Gallop on Barney (my former horse)
      Liv 😆 😉 😎

      • Dear Liv,

        I remember when you and Jess Skyped with us! We have been friends for a while.

        I just tried to leave you a comment, but it was password protected. Perhaps Miss Jordan can email me your password. Don’t put it in the comments!

        Horses are beautiful animals. I have ridden on one a few times in my life. One time, I went on a cattle drive on one. We moved about 300 cattle to a new pasture. I felt like a real cowgirl!

        What do you love about horseback riding?

        Your blogging buddy,
        Mrs. Y♥llis

        • Hi Mrs Y♥llis,

          Thanks for he reply to me. It was so nice of you.

          Thanks for trying to leave a comment on my blog.

          Speaking of blog I am just about to write up another blog post.

          It is alright if you couldn’t leave a comment at least you tried and told me.

          HERE IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION: What do you love about horseback riding?

          I like the feeling of the horse moving and it is a lot of fun to get the fresh air in your face.

          Well I had better go now so see ya.

          Got 2 Gallop,
          Liv lol: 😉 😎

    • Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      I congratulate you for receiving your one millionth viewer a few weeks ago! It is a massive achievement!

      At the moment we have been just learning what to do on our iPad airs, so we haven’t bought any apps, but we are looking forward to!
      I have been on your blog and it is fantastic. It sure does sound pretty cool to live in California!

      Looking forward to looking on your blog again!

      Miss Jordan’s new student,

      • @ Georgie,

        A million thanks for your congratulations! 🙂 We have been blogging since 2008, so the numbers have been building for a long time. However, it was very exciting!

        I am glad that you have visited our blog. You are welcome to leave a comment any time. We also have a photo of the day blog. Here is a link to the directions about sending in photos. Perhaps you’d like to join or comment sometime.


        California is a beautiful state. We are having a warm spell right now even though it is our winter. Today it is 82˚ F! Do you know what temperature that is in C?

        Your friend,
        Mrs. Y♥llis

        • Dear Mrs. Yollis,

          Thank you so much for the reply! Our class found out that if it is 82F it would be 28 C!

          I’ll chat to you soon!
          Happy Velentines Day,

    • Hi Mrs Yollis,

      We are not using apps yet, but we will be soon, because no all of us in 4B have got our Apple ID set up yet.

      I personally don’t know what educational apps we will use, but I reckon they will they will be fun.

      How do you share all your technology. Do you have a chart or something like that?

      Keep in touch.


      • @ Leo,

        Thanks for the reply. That is the sign of a true blogger, and I can see that many of you are already demonstrating superior blogging etiquette. Well done!

        We only have five ipads in our room, so we have to share. I usually introduce apps to the students as I find them and see potential. We really like an app called Popplet. We’ve used it for brainstorming and for building time lines.

        Recently I found a free app called Tellagami. It is a wonderful app to use for sharing ideas and teaching others.

        Let me know what apps you discover! It’s fun to learn together. 🙂

        Mrs. Y♥llis

    • Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      My name is Nell and I’m in Miss Jordan’s class.

      We haven’t got any apps yet because where waiting for
      Evrey one to get there Apple ID.

      What’s your fav app?

      Where loving our iPads


    • Hey Mrs Yollis!!!
      I am a student in Miss Jordan’s class and I LOVE blogging. Thank you for sending us all those quality comments, we all love reading them out loud to our grade.

      One of our favourite apps we will love to use will be popplet and it is a cool app. What sort of apps do you like to use?

      Thanks for being awesome,

  2. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I’m looking forward to making movies on the IPads
    I’ve learnt not to put personal info on the internet.
    I’ve loved the IPads and think there great! Infact I’m using my IPad right now!
    I’m in school, so gotta go

    Strong regards,

    • Dear Ane,
      I am looking to make movies on the iPad aswell
      i also learnt don’t put put friends details on the Internet.
      I think iPads are great as well.
      I know were using an iPad right now.

      Got to hop

  3. Dear miss Jordan,
    I’m loving are iPads, and the photos I am mainly looking forad to making movies!!! and playing lots of educational games for school work and home work


  4. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I am looking forward to having a great year with our iPads! I have had a lot of fun using them and I can not wait to have more fun with them.I have loved typing and looking at our blog.
    I could not wait to receive our iPads when they were in there boxes!

    From your student,

    • Dear Evie,
      I am looking for a great year with iPads aswell I have had a great time with them so far I love looking at the blog
      Got to hop

      • Dear Jassie,

        Thank you for typing back to me!
        I am glad that you are looking forward to a year with iPads! Since we have had the iPads I have gotten a lot better at typing , and I have learnt a lot of things that I never knew before! I can not wait till we have more fun on our iPads!

        From ,

  5. Dear Miss Jordan and Grade 4s,
    I’m Mrs. Watson and I am a teacher from a small island off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. I teach a group of grade 2/3/4 students (and sometimes we have K/1s join us) in little school.

    Miss Jordan and her students were our first blog visitors from far away back when we started out blog in 2010.

    I am very interested in following your 1:1 iPad journey. Like Mrs. Yollis, we have 5 iPads and several computers in our classroom.

    One of my favourite educational apps is Explain Everything. I also really love iStop Motion for creating stop motion animations.

    What are your favourite apps so far? Did you all choose your own cases? I noticed many different styles.

    Looking forward to your next post,

    Mrs. Watson

    • Dear Mrs Watson,

      I am a student in Miss Curtins class. (Basically Miss Jordan’s class)

      I’ve been on your blog and it looks great!
      We don’t have any apps yet but when everyone gets a Apple ID we’ll start getting apps.
      We got pulled out of a hat, and when we got pulled out we choose our case.I got a light pink case.

      How’s long have you had your iPads?

      Warm regards,

    • Hi Mrs.Watson,
      I am Sienna I am not in Miss Jordan’s class but I work with Miss Jordan all the time.
      We are starting to go on the iPads a lot, we only got one app it is called Popplet but only some people have it because you have to have a Apple ID I don’t have it but I am sure I will get it soon.Yes we did get to pick our own covers but we did it a different way ,our teacher had to pick out a name and we got to pick a colour it is very nice for you to write a comment.
      Keep in touch
      Sienna 4A

    • Hi Mrs Watson,

      I am Bebe from Miss Jordan’s grade (4/B).

      We all received our first app yesterday it’s called popplet.

      Yes we did get to choose our own cover. Our name got pulled out of a hat and when you heard your name get called out you went up to the front and chose the cover you liked.

      Talk soon

      • Dear Bebe,
        I am Jassie from 4/B too.
        I love being here we are so
        lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

        I haven’t got Poplet yet.
        Is it Poplet lite?

        I didn’t get to chose my cover.
        Got to hop

    • Dear Mrs Watson,
      Hi, my name is Emma and I am one of Miss Jordan’s students.

      We are very exsited to lunch the 1:1 iPad program and we are very happy that we have the iPads whith us this year.

      We haven’t gotten any apps yet because some people haven’t got there Apple ID.

      We got to choose are own iPad cases but there was lots of different coulers


  6. Dear Miss Jordan ,

    You are a really good teacher to have I am so glade you came
    To this school.
    What is your favourite couler?
    Got to hop

  7. Dear Mrs Yollis,
    I am one of Miss Jordan’s new students, Daisy. I really look forward to blogging with you this year. It is always fun to read other peoples messages from people blogging with you.

    On the iPads we do a swimming Journal. That is where you write down a diary entry about your swimming lesson because we are having school swimming today.

    Looking forward to blogging with you.

    • @ Daisy,

      Thanks for the comment! I think you are going to love blogging with Miss Jordan.

      What app are you using for your journal? Are you able to add pictures to complement the text?

      I love learning about new apps and how to incorporate ipads in the classroom.

      Your new friend,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

      • Dear Mrs Yollis
        I’m a student in miss curtains class. Which is next door to miss jordans class!
        And I’m loving our iPad program, we all don’t have our Apple ID password yet so we all can’t get games, but soon we will start getting games

      • Dear Mrs Yollis,
        Thank you for your reply! As I really like to blog with other people online. I think that it is a great way to connect to.

        We use the app Notes for our journal entries and no, we cannot connect to other people with pictures as complements.

        Best of Luck

  8. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I think that was a great posts to put on our blog because Other schools can see our 1-1 I Pad program.

    My favourite education app is 4 picks I word.
    I am looking forward to doing projects and movies on on our iPads this year.
    I have learnt about the YAPPY and lots of other things about responsible iPad use.
    I do not have any tips for you yet but I’m sure I’ll be able to get some soon.
    Yours truly,

    • Dear Nelly,
      I know how good is it is amazing how people can see our blog and our 1-1 iPad program.

      I am looking forward to do movies too it will be so exciting.I have learnt about YAPPY aswell iPad use is very important. I haven’t had any ideas yet ether

      Sorry got to hop

      • Hey Jazzy,
        Thank you so much! You are the first one to reply and first and person I have had a conversation with.

        I read your comment and I have a question: What sort off movies would you like to make?
        Keep chatting,

    • Dear Nelly,
      Nice comment! I really like the 1:1 iPad program too, my opinion is that it is super awesome!

      Are you liking the story Mascot Madness? I hope that Mr Brainfright loses Mascot madness soon enough in the story…

      I haven’t got Poplet lite yet, so that is why I am typing to you right now. Though, I really am looking forward to experimenting new ideas on the app.

      I love the app 4 Pics one word! But I am against a brick wall for one of them on my Nanna’s iPad.
      Your closing is magnificent,
      P.S. Please reply and my last baby tooth came out last night! I have to admit, it is quite disappointing.

  9. Dear Miss Jordan,
    Hi Miss Jordan it’s Max from Leopold Primary School. I hope you are having fun at your new school. The Ipads sounds like lots of fun and I hope the kids are enjoying using them.I have missed you alot and I wanted you as my Grade 6 teacher. I have loved having you as a teacher for Grade Prep, Grade 2 and Grade 4.

    Keep enjoying your time at Barwon Heads I will keep checking your blog for posts.

    From Your Former Student Max 🙂

    • Dear Max,

      Thank you so much for your fabulous comment! I do enjoy hearing from my past students, it’s a great way to keep in touch.

      I’ve had a great start at Barwon Heads Primary School. The iPads will be an exciting part of our year and I’m looking forward to lots of fun activities and learning with technology.

      I hope you are enjoying grade six. I am lucky that I got to teach you for three years, that is pretty special!

      Best wishes,
      Miss Jordan

  10. To Miss Jordan,
    I hope you are having a great time with your class and the iPads. I am looking forward to doing more things on the iPads with you.

    I loved your class portraits. They looked amazing. The colours your class used looked great together.

    I am looking forward to doing more things with you and your class.

    Hope you are having a great time at Barwon Heads Primary School

    Warm greetings

    • Dear Anna,
      We are having a great time with iPads.

      I had the portrait with all different coulered pink
      and purple pocadots on the T shirt.

      Got to hop

  11. Dear Miss Jordan,
    Thank you for helping me on the iPads you are a big help.
    I hope we can be best buddies in the future!
    I am excited to do more stuff on the iPad like Poplite.

    Got to hop

  12. Dear Miss Watson,
    How is your class going?
    Do you have any iPads at your school?
    Because we are having a great time on iPads.
    Infact we are using iPads write now.

    Got to hop

    • Dear Jassie,
      Things are going well in our school. We are just getting ready for our science Fair on March 13th. Every student has a project they chose about a topic they are interested in. I can’t wait to see all the studies and experiments. Do you do Science Fairs at your school?

      We do have iPads, but not 1:1 unfortunately. We have 5 iPads, 2 iPods, and 9 computers in our class. What are you enjoying most about your iPad?

      Thanks for your reply!

      Mrs. Watson

      • Dear Mrs Watson,
        We are having a great time at school with are iPads! We do lots of things like the Easter Fair but we do not do Science Fairs.

        At our school, we have net books for all the grades, iPad 2 for grade fives and us grade fours have iPad airs. On the iPads I love blogging and doing mathletics.Do your class have mathletics?

        Have a great time at the Science Fair,

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