Pastel Portraits

Recently, the students in 4A and 4B showed off their artistic skills by creating pastel portraits of themselves.

Pastels are a great medium to use and the students experimented with different techniques in their portraits. The rich colours that pastels produce can make your artwork vibrant and really eye-catching.


photo credit: Cat Sidh via photopin cc

The aim of the task was for students to completely cover their piece of paper in colour and to create a portrait that represented themselves.

Here are 4B’s pastel portraits!


What do you think of our pastel portraits?

What art activities do you enjoy?

33 thoughts on “Pastel Portraits

  1. Dear Miss Jordan,

    At my house I like doing art compatitions with my brothers. We always use any tool we want to use.

    At the start before, we look for a prize for the winner.


  2. Dear Miss Jordan,

    At my house I like doing art compatitions with my brothers. We always use any tool we want to use.

    At the start before, we look for a prize for the winner.


  3. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I think the pastel portraits are great so far.

    When is the next pastel portraits for this year, Miss Jordan.

    Well at the moment I think the pastel portraits are so far the best!

  4. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I think the pastel portraits are great!

    In art were drawing self-portraits too.
    I like craft, and panting!


  5. Dear Miss Jordan

    I am haveing a great year so far. I love the pastel portraits thay are awesome! This is my first blog comment.

    Reply soon,

  6. Hello Miss Jordan and 4B,

    I was fascinated when I saw you were using pastels. I like the way it is possible to blend their colours as we add each to our artwork. We can also smear them into each other. As I viewed each of your portraits, I was impressed by the vivid colours.

    While I haven’t recently used pastels for portraits of people, in 2013 I needed a picture of a blue wren but didn’t have one in my photo library so I sketched one in pencil then coloured it with pastels. I was able to smear colours together with a finger and use a pencil to scrape texture. Pastels give us options pencils don’t

    Here is a link if you want to see the blue wren picture. You can see the way colours were smeared and scraped…

    Keep exploring mediums in art. With your portraits looking spectacular, we will have a chance to see where your talent can travel.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  7. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I love your new post, i think everyone did an awesome job.
    I liked it how everyone used lots of different coulers and I liked how
    people did blending and smudging!

    I can’t wait to see your new post
    Best wishes Summer!

  8. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I really enjoy doing comic drawing plus I like doing random drawing

    I think your pastel portraits are great.

    From Mitchell

  9. Dear Miss Jordan ,

    I really enjoyed doing the pastel portraits!I loved doing the pastel portraits because with the oil pastels I love the feel when you draw on the paper.

    From Eevie

  10. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I love your grades pastel portraits, there so colourful and so bright I like how you guys did the smudging and the blending you guys are so creative.

    What is your favourite thing to do in art ? Mine is drawing I draw every day I also have a sketch book.

    Best wishes Sienna 4A/Miss Curtain

  11. Dear 4B and all readers,
    I think all the pastel portrait are excellent. I can’t believe so many of the backgrounds didn’t smudge! Sorry I couldn’t do a big comment it’s just the time is 8:20.
    I really looking forward to the next blog protect,

  12. Hello Miss Jordan I really liked doing the pastil portraits.
    Kennedy is fine at home and she will be at school on Friday for the whole day.
    I really like doing the swimming journal.

    From Indigo

  13. Dear 4B,
    What lovely, vibrant portraits! Did you find it hard to fill the whole paper?
    We use a variety of media in our class and use both chalk and oil pastels – most recently we used chalk pastels for our abstract expressionist pictures, looking at the work of Mark Rothko. I love the deep colours you can achieve with oil pastels, and I love experimenting with different techniques too. Well done, your portraits are very eye-catching.
    If you have a spare few minutes, why not have a go at a line portrait – we tried these at the start of our term. Draw a portrait of yourself using a thin black felt tip, but don’t take your pen off the paper till you finish… it’s harder than you think!
    Mrs Monaghan
    A Room with a View, UK

    • Dear Miss Monaghan ,

      I am very glad that you liked our pastel portraits! It was hard for a lot of us to fill the whole page in time but we got it done!

      Using chalk pastels in portraits sounds very cool! I have never used chalk pastels.

      A line portrait sounds very hard! When I have some spare time I will try and do one.


    • Dear Mrs Monaghan,
      Thank you so much for the reply! It sounds really hard doing line portraits if you can not take your pen off the paper!

      For me, it was quite easy filling up the page, but it just took a long time to!

      I hope I can look at your blog soon!

      Good luck,
      Georgie (A 4B student)

  14. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you for looking at our blog!We were all glad that you liked our pastel portraits !

    Leave another comment soon!

    From Eevie

  15. The pastel portraits look fantastic 4B! I look forward to seeing more artwork and keeping up with your what you are all producing and doing for the year.

    From Amanda (Emma’s Mum)

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