We are currently learning about addition in maths.

We use addition in every day life all the time, so it is important to improve our skills in this area of maths. Here are some effective addition strategies that we are working on in our classroom:

– Automatic recall of the addition tens and twenties facts

Doubles and near doubles addition facts

Double doubles (for example, 8+8=16 and 16+16=32)

100 facts (addition equations that equal 100)

Adding to the nearest 10 when solving two digit addition problems

Adding hundreds, tens and ones when solving three digit problems

– Using a range of efficient addition strategies during problem solving tasks.

In our classroom we use a variety of hands on games, strategy-based tasks, real life problems and websites/apps to develop our mathematical skills.


Here are some addition websites for you to try!

Number Bonds Machine

Hit the Button

Snappy Maths

Speed Grid Addition


Do you have a favourite addition website?

What addition strategies do you enjoy using?

When do you use addition in everyday life?

44 thoughts on “Addition

  1. Hi everyone,
    What an awesome post!

    Some strategies I like to use when I’m working on addition are:
    – adding to the nearest ten
    – using my doubles/near doubles

    Looking forward to playing more addition games,

    • Dear Ella
      I like adding to the nearest ten too! I think that this is a great strategie to use while we are learning.
      Doubles and Near Doubles are very fun as well. An example of Near Doubles is
      8+6. For another example is, but this time for doubles is, 8+8. Tens friends are often very helpful for use in everyday life.
      See you tomorrow

    • Hi Ella,

      I think that this is a very good post too! One of the reasons I like it is because it shows you some websites sonthat you can go on them to learn more.

      I use a lot of strategies for addition. Here are some strategies that I use a lot when doing addition:
      *Adding up the tens then ones.
      *Building to the nearest ten.
      *Tens friends.

      What other things do you like doing on maths?
      Do you have any more strategies that you use?
      What addition websites do you use?
      Do you have any favourite addition sums?

      From your class mate,

  2. Dear Miss Jordan,
    This looks like a very detailed new post about our focuses recently about Addition. I agree that we need to keep these sorts of things running through our minds anytime, even in everyday life when we aren’t at school learning, and we are always are learning new things.

    I recently have been focussing on learning automatic recall as well. I hope that soon enough I will have improved so that I can be a better learner. To store more uses of knowledge in my head and practice them when I feel like I don’t know anything about the specific subject I would like to learn more.
    Looking forward to tomorrow

  3. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I love the new blog post!

    I like using strategies to do with my nines. For example, if I was doing 9+8 I would add ten then take one.

    I find it very fun at the start of maths when we get to do addition speedy sums!

    Hope you can write a new blog post soon!
    Best wishes,

    • Dear Georgie,
      I like the new post too! I think that it is a very interesting topic to put onto the blog, don’t you think?

      I like practicing my eight times tables because they are challenging and I like challenging things.

      See you on Tuesday

      • Hi Daisy,
        My fav X tables are the 8’s because they are my hardest ones as well. The 7’s ones I know off by heart so I like them too.

        I usually use the near doubles strategy because it is the easiest one for me. I always do the place value setup so I always/usually get the right answer!

        • Dear Caitlin,
          Thank you for the reply! 7’s are a good though people think that 9’s can be hard but they are actually really easy.

          Near doubles, doubles and tens friends are really good strategies to use in everyday life.
          Your friend

          • Dear Daisy,

            I think that 7’s is very though!

            For 9’s you can just pretend it is a ten and take one. I use my tens friends a lot in my every day life a lot!

            Do you use tens friends or your doubles more?

            From your class mate,

          • Dear Daisy

            You have been replying to a lot of people over the
            weekend and probly just as good as Eevie.

            Thank you for comenting on our blog

            Great work

            From Billy

      • Dear Daisy,
        Thank you for the reply!

        I like doing my eight timestables, although I would rather my twelves. Do know how to do your twelve timestables?

        I’ll see you on Tuesday!

        Best wishes,

        • Dear Georgie,
          No, thank you for the reply Georgie!
          I like my twelve times tables too! I find them a good challenge. Also, I practice my eights because they are different to most other tables. Other than multiples of 8 of course!
          Enjoy you’re long weekend,

      • Dear Daisy,
        I decided that if I replied to your latest comment it would just get too ridiculously thin so we can continue our conversation here.

        I know how easy are the 9’s X tables?
        You just have to do the numbers that equal up to nine in order!

        See you Tuesday

        • Dear CAITLIN,

          It was a smart idea to start the comment there, because as you might have seen my comment to Daisy went very thin!

          I think the 9’s X tables are very easy. It also helps if you know how to count by 2’s in odd numbers.

          See you soon,

        • Dear Caitlin,
          I couldn’t even reply to you because it was way too skinny and there was no REPLY button. So I am doing it now instead.

          Nines are pretty easy, but you need to know the trick to it. See you on Tuesday, was that what you meant? What times tables have you been practicing? For me, it’s eights and twelves. Once I did doubles of five, and it went on and on for days and I ended up in the tens of thousands!

  4. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I really like doing addition in maths! I also use a lot of strategys for small and big numbers.

    When I am adding big numbers one of the first strategys I go to is adding up the tens and then ones. For example: if I was adding 46+32 I would add up the tens which is 70 , and then I would add up the ones which is 8 , so you are left with 78.

    If I am doing really small numbers, I build to the next ten or count on if the number is really , really small .

    The website I use the most that has addition in it is mathletics. I use addition so I do not have to count so many things.


    • Dear Eevie,
      There are a lot of strategies in the history of Maths that you can use to help you with your learning. I use the strategie plus tens then ones because it comes in very handy. I agree, Mathleyics is a very useful app.
      See you on Tuesday,

      • Dear Daisy,

        Thank you for typing back to me ! Do you ever wonder how many strategies there is for addition ?

        I also like the strategy were you add up the tens then ones!

        Mathletics is a very useful app!


        • Dear Eevie,
          No, thank you for the reply! I have been bored all day not having anything to do! I often wonder how many strategies there are, because it seems like there are millions of them out there for you to find.

          I am always using the strategy tens then ones A LOT! I definitely agree, Mathletics is a great app to use!
          See you tomorrow,

          • Dear Daisy,

            I am so sorry but this comment has gone really skinny.

            I know ! I wonder about how many strategy-s there are for addition lots ! But I usually wonder about it in maths.

            The strategy that I use the most is adding up the tens then the ones. I have a maths website that I think you will like . It is called Cool Maths Games.

            See you soon,

  5. Hi Everyone,
    Don’t you think that adding in Addition is really fun? Including good strategies, which come in helpful whenever you are adding. Especially with bigger numbers, because you may think that it is hard, just because it is a bigger number. But tens friends come in handy pretty much in everyday life.

    Good Luck

  6. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I am back for another check on you. I hope you are doing well and everything is good up your way. I am having a great time in grade 5.

    This year so far I have already learnt a lot that is is ridiculous. So I can’t imagine what it is going to be like at the end of grade 5.

    We have this thing called study turf and speaking of maths today Mason and I uploaded our timeline that we made onto it. The timeline was maths by the way in case you were wondering.

    Oh and my highest score for the 10 Fast Fingers is 72.


    Do you have a favourite addition website?
    Yes and that is cool maths games because you get to have fun, use your brain and do maths all at the same time.

    What addition strategies do you enjoy using?
    I enjoy using arrays because they are fun and easy.

    When do you use addition in everyday life?
    When I get my breakfast I need to know how many weetbix to get and how much milk to pour into the bowl.

    Well I am afraid that’s all for now so see ya later and I will be sure to try and leave another comment tomorrow.

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Liv 😆 😉 😎

    • Dear Olivia,

      Miss Jordan is very nice and I am sure that she is having a great time in Barwon Heads.

      What sort of things have you learnt this year?
      We have been doing lots of hand writing, learning about comprahenstion and in maths as you know we have been doing addition.

      I also really love cool maths games because you can have lots of fun and you can do more things than just addition. I also like mathletics because you can do lots of things like subtraction , addition , times tables and much more.

      The strategies that I like to use in addition are:
      -Adding up the tens then the ones.
      -Building to the nearest ten.
      -Tens facts.

      I use addition in my every day life so do not have to count things.

      What other things do you like to do in math?
      Do you have any more favourite websites?

      From ,

  7. Hi Miss Jordan and class,

    This topic looks really fun! Also this blog looks awesome, Miss Jordan!

    I really do miss you and same as Anneliese! We were crying on our last day of school, all the amazing things we have learned just becasue of our wonderful teacher…WHCIH IS YOU!!

    But we have something in our class that reminds me of you and it is the Reading startegies. I am improving on my complex sentences and having lots of fun learning about splitting in maths.

    Thanks for all the things you have taught me and I miss you!

    Love Princess 😀

    • Hi Prinnie,

      I miss you as well because you were there to cheer me up and make me laugh. I am also having a lot of fun this year.

      I can type 72 words a min and it is so much fun t be able to get things done faster then what I used to be able to.

      It is sad that Miss Jordan had to leave and I am sure we all want her back. Well she has been great and I hope she comes back next year.

      Maths this year is really fun and at the moment we are learning about arrays and how you can use the to work out a multiplication sum.

      Well I am afraid that is all I have time for because I am in Melbourne and am going down for breakfast soon so I have to get ready.

      Enjoy the rest of your long weekend! 🙂

      Got 2 Gallop,
      Liv 😆 😉 😎

      • Dear Liv,

        I am having a great time with Miss Jordan! She is very nice and she is lots of fun!

        It think it is amazing that you can type 72 wods in a minute! Was it hard to learn were all the letters where? I can not even get close to 72 words in 3 minutes!

        I know why you want Miss Jordan back! She is a really is a good teacher and we have all learnt lots!

        As you know we are doing addition in maths. For maths warm ups we do some thing called speedy sums. We roll the dice twice and then add the two numbers up then write the sum in our maths books. We could use any type of dice that we liked.

        In addition we do things like learning strategies, adding up really big numbers and play games to get really quick at them.

        Keep in touch,

    • Dear Princess,

      I think addition is really fun.Thank you for liking our class blog !

      I think it was cute that you were crying on the last day of school! I do think that Miss Jordan is a great teacher too!

      Do you have the CAFE reading strategys in our room ?
      Do you like doing addition ?
      Do you have a class blog this year?

      From Miss Jordans new student ,

  8. This blog looks fantastic!
    We are always working on addition in my class. I find that my students love to play addition games as a warm up on our promethean board. Do you have the students use the web resources on their own? How is that you incorporate that into your math time?

  9. Dear Cali McCord,

    Thank you for liking our blog! I use addition a lot! For our warm up we do some thing called speedy sums. For five minutes we do as many addition sums as we could !

    Some times if we finish our maths work early we go on mathletics and do addition.

    From Miss Jordan’s student,

  10. Hello everyone,

    I really love doing addition and I use it for lots of different things . I also have lots of strategies for addition .

    The two websites that I like using that have addition in them is cool maths games and mathletics . I use addition instead of counting by things like ones

    -Building to the nearest ten.
    -Tens friends.
    -Adding up the tens then the ones.


  11. Dear CAITLIN,

    I am putting my next comment here because it would not let me go reply to your comment . Thanks for the reply ! I was not expecting you to reply so soon because I only typed the comment last night , but that goes to show that you are always thinking about you learning!

    I think it is amazing that you know your 7’s off by heart! The 7’s can be a bit challenging but you will always find a way to learn them.

    The three strategies that I use are:
    -Building to the nearest ten.
    -Adding up then the the ones.
    -And I also use my tens friends.

    I have a maths website that I think you will like . It is called cool maths games.

    Do you have any strategies that you use while doing addition?

    From you friend,

    • Dear Eevie

      Thank you for replying to lots of students in our grade.
      You have been commenting on the blog on the weekend and Miss Jordan was enpressed with you.

      You been comenting for about more than 5 times I’m just expressed.

      Your probly one the blogger in our class.

      Thank you

      From Billy

      • Dear Billy,

        Thank you for commenting to me! I started doing lots of comments because it was the long weekend and I had not done some comments for a while.

        I am really glad that Miss Jordan looked at my comments!

        Keep in touch,

    • Dear Eevie,
      On the blog you are amazing,I looked at the other comments you have down .When you made a comment to Daisy I saw you told her to use your tens fact and I think that is a great idea.
      Would it be all right if I use it ?I think it would help me a lot .
      See you tomorrow at school,

      • Dear Sienna,

        I think it is good that you keep on checking on the blog when you aren’t even in our class!

        I think it would be great for you to use your tens facts! Do you have any strategies that you use in addition?

        From your friend,

        • Hi Eevie,
          I don’t have a strategie for addition but I’ do for subtraction,I will give a number like 56-12=4 I knew that because 12 us the nearest ten so then I knew 56-10=46 so I took 2 away
          What did you use for your subtraction?
          From Sienna

          • Dear Sienna,

            Thank you for replying to my commen-t! I’m sorry that this commen-t has gone really skinny:) !

            It’s all right if you do not have a strategie for addition, but it is still good to have one. For subtracti-on I take away the tens then the ones. It helps me a lot !

            See you soon,

  12. Hello evryone

    I like doing my addition.
    And thinking of new stratges.

    I love going on websites like mathletics.
    And doing speedy sums.

    From sandy

  13. Hello Miss Jordan,

    Well this is one very mighty post! I like it a bit of maths, now I shore do love a touch of maths!! 🙂

    I am just loving it in grade 5 it is a lot harder the maths, the writing, everyone says but Mr Stribley always makes it into a lot of fun!!

    You should see how many people at Leopold Primary School miss you! Well I know that I really do miss you sooooooo much!!
    I just jumped on here to take a look on how it was going, and wow you’ve done a really good job on this it’s looking amazing!!

    Q. Do you have a favourite addition website?

    A. Yes in fact I do! Well you see you have to click on addition to get all of the addition games. Here it is: Fun 4 the Brain

    Q. What addition strategies do you enjoy using?

    A. I really do love to use vertical addition if we are given a maths sheet for some of the tricky problems I would use vertical addition. I find it so much easier than times tables but then aging times tables are a lot quicker.

    Q. When do you use addition in everyday life?

    A. Well sometimes I use maths in the morning e.g. to see how much milk I pour in, and sometimes at the shops e.g. If I go into the 2 dollar shop and get two things well I need to add it up!

    We miss you awfully, but as I said it is really heaps of fun!! Hopeful we will be able to see you back at Leopold Primary School. I came on to see how this beautiful blog, was going and it really does look perfect!

    Your grade four student,
    Ebony :mrgreen:

    • Dear Ebony,

      Thanks for commenting on our class blog ! It is good that you like maths! I also like maths!

      I love being in grade four with Miss Jordan ! Miss Jordan makes all of the subjects fun! I am sure that you all Miss Jordan because she is nice!

      My two favourite addition websites are mathletics and cool maths games.

      Building to the nearest ten
      Tens friends
      Adding up the tens then ones


    • Dear Ebony,
      It is 4B’s first time to have a grade 5 from our school to look at another class blog.It is good that you like maths even if it’s harder then grade 4 maths!
      *Mathletics and Cool Maths.

      I hope you are having a great time in grade 5 good luck.
      From Sienna in grade 4

    • Hi Nell,
      I have bean learning a lot in math lately.
      I am now getting very fast at using my doubles.
      I use my rounding to the nearest ten strategy.
      Got 2 go,
      C u tomorrow

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