Two Guest Presenters

As part of our unit of work on Oceans, we had a special guest presenter in our classroom yesterday.

Maddie from Barwon Coast visited the grade three and four students to talk about the damage that litter can do to our environment, especially to our marine life.

The students discussed why it is so important to put litter in the bin and they were all very concerned about how litter can harm sea creatures. BHPS students are very committed to looking after the environment and ensuring that we have a litter free and sustainable Australia.

barwon coast

Thanks to Miss Curtain for writing this post!

What did you learn from Maddie’s presentation?

How can you help care for our environment?


Today, technology expert, Tony Richards, came to speak the grade four, five and six students about being safe online.

Tony delivered important messages about being responsible when using technology. He spoke about:

  • Keeping personal information off the internet
  • The importance of digital footprints
  • Strong passwords
  • Making smart and safe choices.

We can learn so much when we are online and it is fantastic to have access to amazing resources, like our iPads. We need to make sure we are always make good decisions to be responsible online users.


How can you be safe online?

What advice do you have about being responsible online?

49 thoughts on “Two Guest Presenters

  1. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I can be safe online by: having a secure password, not being a bully, being appropriate and staying safe by not sharing my personal details.

    I think the talk was really interesting!

    From your student,

    • Dear Kennedy,
      It was great having Tony to speak about being safe on the iPads and other i devices.

      What did you learn with Tony? I learnt that there is NO privet.

      C U Soon,

      • Dear Emma,

        I am the same! I learnt the is no private either.

        I also learnt that you should change your passcode every six months which is hard because when you get a password that is super good you will never want to change it!

        Your classmate,

        • Hi Kennedy,
          I really do agrey that it is hard to change you password every 6 month.
          I wonder how you change it?

          What was the most interesting fact you learnt? The most interesting fact I learnt if you do something silly on the internet, it could change your life.

          Got 2 go,

          • Dear Emma,

            I think the most interesting thing I learnt from Tony was there is no private.

            I just change password but before I do I go on the website and check if my password is safe.

            Thanks for replying!

    • Dear Kennedy,
      What a great post! I think that it was a great idea for Miss Jordan to let Miss Curtain do apart of the post, don’t you think? I think that some of the most of important things online are:
      – Having a secure password
      – Making sure that we aren’t making bad decisions
      – To be cyber safe
      – Use websites and apps that are appropriate for our age
      What are some of yours?
      Have a great weekend!

      • Dear Daisy,

        I think it was very kind of Miss Jordan to let Miss Curtain write something on the blog.

        Do you have a secure password? I know I do because I checked on howsercureismypassword!

        Gotta Go!
        Your friend,

        • Dear Kennedy,
          I agree, it was very kind of Miss Jordan to let Miss Curtain do some of the post.
          What are some things that you keep in mind when you are online or on games,etc…? I often keep in mind that doing inappropriate things is not the thing that I should do.

          How do you think that we can help the worlds seas and oceans as well as beaches and sea areas? I am setting my own goal to pick up rubbish when it floats by me. Do you have a goal for helping the environment?
          Chat soon

    • Wow! They are good things to do to be cyber safty things to be safe make shore that you be reall safe.

      Don’t forget to check your password (


      From Billy

  2. Hi all,
    I got the chance to learn all of the interrestings about the web and it has deffently changed the way I work on my iPad. Some of the things I learnt.
    *Google can track you so you should us the web site
    *So you know if you have a good password go to
    Do you have any other good or great tips?
    From Alex.C

  3. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I love the new blog post! It is very sad to hear about the marine life getting damaged by our rubbish.

    When Maddie came to 4B, I learnt that it doesn’t matter if there is rubbish in the fishing lines, it just matters if it is on the ground and in the sea.

    I found out that there are five main whirlpools all around the world, containing thousands of tiny bits of rubbish.

    I think that everyone can help keep our water really clean if we can pick up everyone’s rubbish, even if it isn’t ours.

    I hope that marine animals can still live!

    Kind regards,

  4. Dear Miss Jordan, 4A and 4B,
    I enjoyed having Tony Riched and Maddie in are classroom these last couple of days.

    1 thing learnt from Maddie was that all the rubbish we litter goes out of Barwon Heads and into the oceans and it then makes a big rubbish tip in the ocean.

    Got to hop,

    • Hi Tilly,

      I liked how you gave us the web for the password
      I went on the web you gave us and I tried my password
      Was’nt very strong!

      Best wishes
      From: EDDIE

  5. Dear 4A and 4B,

    How lucky you are to have had two guest presenters this week.

    I bet Maddie helped you learn a lot about looking after the environment. I was pleased to read that BHPS students are very committed to looking after their beautiful environment.

    I have met Tony Richards before and I am sure he gave an excellent presentation. He knows a lot about technology and using it safely.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed the rest of the week. I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

    Best wishes,
    Mrs Morris

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      Maddie did teach us a lot of things about littering.Now I will never litter (even though I didn’t litter before) I will never do it again!

      Also, Tony Richards did teach us a lot about being safe online. Now I know that I will have to see if my password is safe on Hopefully it is!

      Yours Truly,

      • @ Kennedy,

        Thank you for your excellent reply. I hadn’t heard of so you have taught me something new! It’s very important to have a safe password and I’m glad Tony talked to you about that today.

        I’m sure you have never littered before and you will never litter in the future. If everyone was like you then the world would be a more beautiful place!

        Happy weekend,
        Mrs Morris

        • Dear Mrs Morris,

          Thank you for replying!

          I am so glad that I taught you something new! And it is very important to have a safe and secure password.

          Also I really wish nobody would litter. Nobody should litter because animals need to live their lives.

          Yours Warmly,

    • Dear Mrs Morris,
      Maddie told us a lote about looking after sea animals and not to leave rubbish on the ground.

      Tony did talk a lot about cyber safety and to be careful of cookies.

      Got to hop

      • Hi Jassie,

        You were lucky to have two such interesting speakers! I bet you learnt a lot.

        See you soon,
        Mrs Morris

    • Hi Mrs Morris,
      It’s great for you to be commenting on 4A and 4B’s blog!

      You are right, we are very lucky to have guest presenters.

      Maddie was great speaking about the environment. It was very interesting about all the plastic and where it goes.

      Today, (14•3•14) Tony Richards came to speak to us about how to be cyber smart and cyber safe. We let out a word or to about Talking Angelina. Tony said in the game Talking Angelina, who is a cat, if you look right into her eye, you can see the cookie who is tracking you down. But don’t worry, Tony said that was a joke.

      What have you been doing today?

      Warm regards

      • @ Mollie,

        How kind of you to reply to me. It’s great to have blogging conversations.

        I bet a lot of people don’t think about what could happen when they drop plastic on the ground.

        Thank you for asking me about my day. I did some cooking and then Novalie and I met up with our mothers’ group. I hope you had a good day?

        Best wishes,
        Mrs Morris

        • Dear Mrs Morris,
          Thank you for replying to me, that is really nice.

          I agree, people should think about where they drop their rubbish.

          Cooking and going to mothers group sounds like fun. Especially with Novalie. I also have had a great day. Thank you.

          What do you know where rubbish goes when you drop it?

          Warm wishes,
          Mollie :V

          • Hi Mollie,

            I think when you drop rubbish it can end up in the sea. Am I correct?

            I’m glad you had a great day and I hope you’re having a lovely weekend too!

            Warm wishes,
            Mrs Morris

  6. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I have really enjoyed Tony Giving us a speek about cyber safetey. I lurnt allot about being safe on my iPod and iPad.
    When you are on the internet I think that you should never look up unerpripet things and always go on sites that you know. I lurnt that you should have a hard password not like 1234, qwerty, 1111 or 2014. When I mostly do a password I do the first letters of my words that I do.

    When you are on the internet are you always safe?
    Kind regards Summer!

    • Hi Summer,

      Great to hear from you. It sounds like you’re very cyber safe. I always try to be safe online too.

      Have you heard of YAPPY? It reminds us of the things we should not share on public spaces online. Yappy stands for…

      Your full name
      Phone number
      Your planes

      See you soon,
      Mrs Morris

  7. Dear Mrs Morris,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog 🙂 !

    Maddie was our first guest presenter . She talked to us about sea animals getting hurt from the litter that we drop. There was this really sad picture of a turtle that got caught in plastic that had holes in it . Soon the turtle had grown to big, and the plastic made the turtles middle was getting squashed in tighter .

    Then Tony came and talked to us about using the internet safely and some apps too. He also said we sould go on . It sees how strong your pass word.
    Are you going to come back soon ?

    Keep in touch ,

    • @ Eevie,

      Thanks for your great comment.

      How sad the turtle got caught in plastic. I remember learning about litter and sea life at the Marine Discovery Centre in Queenscliff. Have you been there?

      That password site looks so handy! I will share it with other teachers and students. Thank you.

      I will be back at BHPS soon! I don’t know when I’ll be in 4A or 4B as your teachers aren’t away all that often but hopefully I’ll see you in the school grounds.

      Keep blogging,
      Mrs Morris

      • Dear Mrs Morris,

        Thank you for replying to my comment!
        The turtle picture was really sad 🙁 . I have been to the Marine Discovery Centre!

        I did the password website and one of my passwords and it would not get cracked for 410 years! I have another website that Tony gave us. It is called . It is a website were you can search things and dose not track you.

        Can not wait to see you again!


  8. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I think I have learnt more when Tony Richards came in to our class and talk about cyber safety.I have some advice for people that have iPads and don’t have iPads,to always change your passwords every 6 mouths.
    I also learned about our environment more and if I see a bit of rubbish always pick it up.I learnt if you left a tiny bit of rubbish you will think it will just stay there but it doesn’t it will go into the ocean and hurt some animals.
    I loved having guest coming to our school

  9. Hello 4A and 4B,

    Having heard Tony Richards speak recently at the evening information session, I am really glad to hear that you enjoyed his talk.

    It already sounds like you have learnt a lot from listening to him. It is really important to be cyber safe at ALL times.

    Mollie has already asked me to check that my Facebook account is set to private as Tony had requested. I was pleased to let her know that it is.

    Have a great weekend being cyber safe

    • Dear nat,
      Thank you for leaving a comment on the school blog. I really enjoyed tony and Maddie giving us a great talk to us, I Lurnt a lot about being syber safe online.
      Have a lovely weekend see you at the tryathlon I can’t wait.
      Best wishes Summer

  10. Dear Miss Jordan,

    When Maddie was here I learnt nurtals get in the sea and little fishes eat fish eggs aswell as the nurtals and a bigger fish eats that fish and then an even bigger fish eats that fish and eventually fishermen catch those fish and we eat the nurtals!
    It’s terrible what rubbis can do to nature!
    I think we can all help the environment by picking up other peoples and your rubbis and just not litter at all.

    When Tony came I learnt about the website duckduckgo and I didn’t know about the cookies to be honest.
    And everyone should know that you should never share personal information online because there’s no such thing as privet online.

    I enjoyed the talks and hope 4A and 4B can have some othe great talks.

    • Hi Ane,
      It was so cool that Tony and Maddie came to Speke to us in the one week! I really enjoyed Tony talk about being cyber smart! I also really loved Maddies talk about the environment! I learnt that there is a rubbish pile at each Ocean.
      Have a good weekend,

      • Dear summer,

        Thank you for replying to me!
        I really loved Maddie and Tony coming.

        What’s one of the most interesting thing you learnt? Mines probably about the cookies because I didn’t know about them.

      • Dear Summer,

        Thank you for replying.
        I loved Maddie and Tony coming as well.
        I learnt that you have to be the right age to have accounts for different things.

        What did you learn?


        • Hey An’e
          Thank you for replying to me.
          The most Instering fact I lurnt that there is a web site that you can check if your password is safe or not. With Maddie I lurnt that, if you eat a fish and the fish has rubbish in its body and you eat it you get the rubbish in your body.

          See you at school tomorrow Summer

  11. Dear Miss Jordan
    I really enjoyed Maddie and Tony coming into our class this week.
    It was interesting finding out that seals were trained to put rubbish. It is very important to not litter other wise our fish will eat it and eventually die. Another problem with littering is that if a little fish it the rubbish another fish will eat the little fish and a bigger fish will eat that fish and then we eat that fish. There is a lot of bad things about littering

    Today I found out a lot of things about cookies changing passwords every 4 months, having a secure password and about not putting personal details online. Here is a website that tells you how secure your password is,, I also learnt that if you are on something like Facebook it is important to check your settings if someone has changed your settings to public for everyone to see, when your settings really should be on friends.

    Regards Will

  12. Dear Miss Jordan,
    Tomorrow at Festival of the Sea, do you know where our artwork will be set up if it got in?

    Maddie did a great job explaining things about the environment, and how it is important to pick up our rubbish and other peoples rubbish if it floats by you because otherwise, the rubbish will end up in the sea and could possibly kill lots of animals. Which is not a good quote at all! How do you help the environment improve on the amounts of rubbish that float by you?

    What did you learn from Tony? If you look on my message I did up near the top replying to Kennedy, you will see my list of things I learnt
    Keep in Touch

  13. Hi everyone

    I though that both of the incursions were really fun.
    I really want to try that password website.

    I had a great time at festival of the sea I got to go in a canoe to collect the ducks.


    • Dear Sandy

      Sandy that website that you thought was interesting I’ve been on it and my password was not very good maybe I should go and change it.

      I hope your password is great and better than my password is really small so I should change it.

      Your best buddy

      From Billy

  14. Dear Mrs Morris,
    Thank you for replying on our school blog, I think that the blog is looking fantastic.
    I really enjoyed our two gust presenters Maddie and tony coming to our amazing school. When Maddie came I lurnt that there are big dump piles at every Ocean. When tony came I lurnt that you had to be 18+ to have KIK. I have some good advice you have to change your password every 6 mouths and look out for cookies.

    Can’t wait to see you next time Summer

    • Hi again Summer,

      It is definitely a good idea to change your password about every six months as you said. It is easy to forget that tip!

      See you soon,
      Mrs Morris

  15. Dear Miss Jordan and class,

    I learned lots in with our two guest that came in on Thursday and Friday. When Maddie came in I was quite supprised of how much rubbish gets dumped in different places, and then gets caught in the water when the water is on it’s way to Barwon Heads. I didn’t know that before Maddie came in.

    The next day when Tony Richards came in he talked to us about Ciber safety. One of the things he talked to us about was fallaweres. Fallaweres are people who look at you when you are on the Internet. If you don’t want people fallarwing you on the Internet you can search up Duck duck go. Duck duck go is a website where people can search up things without people fallarwing you. I learnt lots more things.

    Warm greetings Anna

  16. A couple of days ago we had Tony Richards come in to talk to us about
    the iPads and how to be safe online. We lont a lot and had lots of fun.
    Thanks Tony
    From Annika

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