Term Two Begins!

Today was the first day of Term Two. The teachers and students in 4A and 4B are happy to begin this busy ten week term.

It was great to hear about everyone’s Easter holidays today. Many students participated in our major school fundraiser, the Sheepwash Classic Fun Run, on Easter Saturday. And of course, everyone enjoyed some yummy chocolate Easter Eggs over the break!

Sheepwash 1

Sheepwash 2

Sheepwash 3

Sheepwash Classic photos courtesy of Mrs Linda Jordan


We have lots to look forward to this term, including:

  • The district Cross Country next week for selected students
  • A new history-based inquiry topic
  • An exciting excursion to Melbourne
  • The return of our student teacher, Miss Campbell, in May
  • Lots of great learning on our iPads.


Our term commenced with a fun maths lesson today.

Our focus in maths for the first three weeks is fractions, decimals and percentages. To launch this topic, we had a great extended maths session learning about fractions. Here is what took place:

  • Students worked in pairs – called “Fractions Friends” – to make play dough.
  • Everyone completed a “Brainstorm Splash Page” individually to show Miss Jordan and Miss Curtain their current knowledge.
  • The class had a great discussion about fractions and learnt about numerators and denominators.
  • Students worked with their “fraction friend” to make examples of fractions using their play dough.
  • Students labelled their play dough fractions and took photos using their iPads.
  • Students reflected on their fractions learning by beginning a Keynote presentation on their iPads. They will complete daily updates on their learning so they will have a complete fractions reflection journal by the end of the unit.

Check out our photos to see the learning in action!

Tip: To view the images in a larger format, click the “full screen” button

We are looking forward to extending our knowledge and applying our skills in more complex fractions, decimals and percentages work this term.


What did you enjoy about your holidays?

Did you participate in the Sheepwash Classic fun run?

What are you looking forward to in Term Two?

What do you know about fractions?

What did you learn about fractions from this lesson?

13 thoughts on “Term Two Begins!

  1. Dear Miss Jordan, 4A and 4B,

    WOW! What an amazing post! The start of term 2 was really fun! I really enjoyed making the play dough and doing fractions in maths !


    On the holidays it was Easter. Everyone in the family woke up to a lot of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies . I had a great day filled with fun and chocolate .

    This year I did not do the Sheepwash Classic as my family was very busy. Only my oldest sister Sarsha participated in the fun run.

    In term 2 I am looking forward to writers notebook . I can not wait to do more writing and I hope we can write with artefacts.

    Today we learnt about numerators and denominators . I already learnt about them but I forgot about them. So now I remember what they are.

    Eevie 😉

  2. Hello Everyon I’m Amali Summer’s younger sister,
    I really enjoyed your blog post about term 2.
    I think that all the playdo peaces are very even and neat.

    The sheep wash classic was really fun I came under 30 mins like summer. I did some running around the oval with my friends.
    I know that fractions have to always be in equal parts!

    From Amali!

  3. Dear Miss Jordan and Class,

    We are a third grade class from the United States of America. We love your post about fractions and your slideshow. The slideshow taught us how to make fractions out of play dough. What a great idea! What is the recipe for your play dough?

    Our class also learned about fractions. For example the numerator is the number on the top and the denominator is the number on the bottom. Now we are learning about area and perimeter. Next we will move on to geometry. What will you study next?

    If you have time, please check out our blog!

    We can’t wait to read more of your posts!

    Mrs. Keever’s Crew

    • Hi mrs Keever and crew!
      My name is Caitlin and I am a student in Miss Jordan’s grade. I also think that the post was awesome! Next we will do decimals and then percentages.

      How has the year so far been for you and your students? What has been the highlight? Hope the rest of the year goes well!

      Chat soon,

      • Hey Caitlin!
        I reckon the highlight of your holidays would have been the holiday. Am I right?

        What do you know about decimals? I know that they are a fraction of a number. They can be added up to make a higher decimal, and a bit more.


        • Hello again Daisy!
          Yes that defiantly was the highlight of my holidays! What was the highlight of your holidays?
          Chat soon,

    • Dear Mrs Keever,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on our class blog! I am glad that you liked of fractions slide show!

      The ingredients for play dough are:
      -2 cups of plain flour
      – 1 cup of salt
      – 1 table spoon of cooking oil
      – Half a cup of cold water
      – 2 drops of food colouring
      At the end you can knead it with your hands or use a spoon to mix it.

      As you know we are learning about fractions, and also have learnt about numerator and denominator ! We learnt that the numerator is the number being selected, and the denominator is how many equal parts the whole has been divided into.

      I can not wait to look at your blog!

      Eevie 😉

  4. Hi all 4A and 4B,

    Term 2 has started off so well, with the PLAY DOUGH and PREMIER’S READING CHALLENGE and best of all the 2 WEEK HOLIDAY!!!


    On the holidays I most enjoyed going to NZ, we went to the Nouth Island, some thing we did were Adrenalin Forest. Adrenalin Forest is a massive high ropes course close to Rotorua. I also went to the crater of an active volcano called White Island and I needed a gas mask because of all the fumes.

    I didn’t do the fun run this year because I was in NZ but I really want to do the Run Geelong.

    This term I’m looking forward to using play dough in maths, but in Mrs Yollis’s class they use Minecraft in maths and I think that be very interesting.

    Sorry, I don’t have any more time,
    See you all at school

  5. Dear 4A and 4B,
    I really enjoyed the school holidays! Did you enjoy the school holidays?
    What made these school holidays great?

    Answers to the questions:
    What did you enjoy about your holidays?
    I enjoyed spending time with my family.
    Did you participate in the Sheepwash Classic fun run?
    No, I did not participate in the Sheep Wash Classic fun run.
    What are you looking forward to in Term Two?
    Getting to see everyone back at school.
    What do you know about fractions?
    For a fraction to be a fraction, the parts have to be equally divided.
    What did you learn about fractions from this lesson
    The Denomenator never changes. Even if you are adding on, the denomenator still does not change.

    Chat Soon,

  6. Dear 4A and 4B
    I really enjoyed my Easter holidays
    Did you?
    Some questions…
    What did you do on your holidays?
    How many Easter eggs did you get?
    Did you go to the movies and what did you see?


    • Dear Eli,

      I enjoyed my holidays ! They we’re filled fun, and chocolate !

      On the holidays I went to the movies , went to some friends house and played with our chickens.

      On Easter I got a lot of eggs and bunnies! I think I got five bunnies ( and 2 little ones) , 3 big eggs and a lot of little eggs.

      I went to the movies and saw The Lego Movie. I though it was a great movie. Did you go to the movies?

      From ,
      Eevie 😉

  7. Hi Miss Jordan (and class!),

    What a great post! 😛

    On the holidays I:
    Did an eventing clinic on Storm! For the clinic we had a lesson in dressage, show jumping and cross country. We also had to catch our horses, groom them, saddle them up and warm them up. Storm was such a good boy, apart from throwing me off twice! The first time he was WAY too excited before the jump, and then he refused and ran to the side, which meant I went flying in to the jump! After three more attempts, we got over it! I was very happy with Storm because he’s quite a little pony, so for him to jump 60cm was fantastic! The second fall was when a bird jumped out in front of him, and he spooked so I slipped over the side. I have to say, he looked quite pleased with himself! After show jumping we had dressage, which went fairly well (apart from the occasional pigroot) and so did cross country. I couldn’t jump very high in cross country, because Storm is so little (in cross country the jumps are solid, like logs, walls etc. and show jumps are not solid they just have a pole. So in show jumping, if your horse doesn’t jump high enough, the pole falls over. In cross country, if you horse hits the jump, your horse will fall over, not the jump!) So overall Storm was very good.

    On the holidays I also enjoyed spending lots of time with my rabbit Lola! Lola is a dwarf lop cross, meaning she is a smaller rabbit breed, and has floppy ears. She is ginger and white. She has now learned a few tricks, such as standing on her back legs when I hold a piece of fruit above her head, running through a tunnel and coming when she is called. Unless there’s food of course! I am working at litter training her, and she uses her litterbox about 80% of the time. She can now also have veggies, and she’s CRAZY about them! Like jump up and down on the spot crazy!

    Another exciting thing that happened over the holidays was my dad getting a job! He is working in construction management in Melbourne.

    We have also been doing NAPLAN over the past couple of days, but our last test is tomorrow! (phew! :P)

    Once again great blog and everyone at Leopold is missing you Miss Jordan!

    Anyway got to gallop and do my homework!
    – Millie ♥

    • Dear Millie,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment! It is so nice to hear from you!

      It sounds like you really enjoyed your holidays. I’m so pleased to hear you are still horse riding. Your eventing clinic sounds fantastic. Thanks to your detailed recount, I can really picture everything that happened on the day. I’m glad Storm behaved himself (most of the time). I’m sure your riding skills are improving with every ride!

      Your bunny, Lola, sounds very cute! I think it’s great you have been teaching her some tricks. Lola must be a very healthy rabbit due to all of those veggies she eats! I’m sure Lola is a great pet.

      It’s great to hear from you, Millie! 🙂

      Your former teacher,
      Miss Jordan

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