Drumming in Music

Each week the students at Barwon Heads Primary School participate in a 30 minute music class.

This term, Mr Robertson is teaching drumming in Music. Using African drums, the students have enjoyed learning about drumming techniques, keeping a beat, making different tones and following a rhythm. All of the students have improved their skills so far, and it will be great to see what they learn next!

Here is a two minute video of our most recent drumming lesson.

Press the full screen button to view larger video.


What do you think of our drumming skills?

What have you learnt in our drumming classes so far?

Do you play a musical instrument?

4 thoughts on “Drumming in Music

  1. Hi everyone,
    I love drumming don’t you!
    I think 4B’s drumming was fantastic isn’t Mr Robinson great!
    I couldn’t watch the video at my house because my internet wasn’t working but I’m sure it was Awesome!
    Drumming makes my hands itchy because of the texture of the of the drum. African drumming is an upbeat and happy kind of music.My favourite part of our music lesson is the rumbling,rumbling is when Mr Robo says “rumble” and we have to bang on the drum really hard all together nonstop until he raises his hands.

    I play a musical instrument called the piano I have been learning the piano for seven years and I am doing my grade on exams. I have been practicing my exam pieces of music for one whole year! My favourite part of the exam is the scales.

    Hope you liked my comment!


    • Hello Hero,
      Your description of Mr Robo style, ‘rumble’, was very easy to understand and to me it sounded perfect!

      I’ve learnt how to do lots of different techniques, drills, and just even rhythms and tunes. A drum may not seem like much to you, but really, there’s a lot to it.

      Drumming is a fun activity that is a very good thing to do in music. Since there’s enough for the whole class, no-one will miss out!

      I play the piano and I have never done an exam before but I am going to do one later this year.

      Daisy 😀 🙂 😉

  2. Dear Class 4B,
    That looks like so much fun and you were all really good at keeping the beat. The only instrument I learnt at primary school was the recorder. It was not quite as noisy as the drums.
    From Linda (Billy’s mum)

  3. Hello Miss Jordan and class,

    What do you I think of your drumming skills?
    It made me wish I could be sitting there drumming as well. I know I have said I’m interested in many things before. Music and performance is one of those many things although I didn’t have the opportunity to explore music when your age. I can hear you picking up confidence and skill. Well done!

    Do I play a music instrument?
    I have not had the chance for any music lessons when I was young but, as a teacher, I have taught myself to play the recorder as well as a little piano and flute.

    * * * * * *
    I have to say I have been fascinated by the beat of drums for some time. While I never had the opportunity to learn and share the skills of African drumming while I was teaching, I have experienced them over the last few years. I have been producing DVDs for a multi-school performing arts festival and seen the growth in interest in African drums with one school even looking into Japanese Taiko drums.

    I thought I would share a 2min 47sec clip from the 2013 show. You won’t see the visuals as I don”t post the show online but you will hear the performance of 12 primary school students who had been practising throughout the year for their end of Term 3 performance. I love the sound. Here is a link to a short post I wrote for you so I could share the audio…

    Do you hope to perform in front of an audience later in the year? The sound echoing in a hall can be wonderful.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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