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Last week, the students in 4B presented class talks based on our inquiry topic.

This term, our inquiry topic is First Contacts. Our focus questions during this unit of work are:

  • What was life like for Aboriginal people before the arrival of the Europeans?
  • What was life like in Britain in the eighteenth century?
  • Why did the Europeans settle in Australia?
  • What were the early interactions like between the Aboriginal people and the European settlers?


The majority of the presentation was prepared at home as a homework task. Students chose a specific topic related to the unit of work to study. They completed research at home and were free to create a visual display to complement their presentation. A variety of topics were chosen, including:

  • Family life for the first Australians
  • Indigenous food
  • Indigenous art
  • Dreamtime stories
  • Life in 18th Century Britain
  • Convicts
  • The First Fleet
  • European settlement in Australia.


Prior to today, we discussed the important elements of a quality presentation.

All students worked hard at:

  • Speaking clearly and loudly
  • Making eye contact with the audience
  • Elaborating on information when necessary
  • Engaging the audience with a smile!

Here are some photos from our presentations.



Everyone did a fabulous job presenting their projects to their classmates. The quality of the visual presentations (created in Keynote, Pages, PowerPoint or as a poster) was excellent and all students spoke clearly and confidently.

After each presentation, students were provided with quality feedback from the class. Presenting in front of an audience, which is called public speaking, is not an easy task, but it can be very rewarding. Miss Jordan is so proud of all of the students in 4B for doing such a wonderful job with their presentations!


What did you think about the homework task?

What did you learn about First Contacts from watching the presentations?

How do you feel about public speaking?

17 thoughts on “Class Presentations

  1. Dear 4A and 4B,
    I thought that all of the photos looked great! My topic was the First Australians. What was your topic?

    Answers to the questions
    1. I thought that the homework task was great because then we would have extra to do at home, and normally we don’t get that.

    2. I learnt a lot of new facts from Tilly’s presentation about the jewellery made out of the teeth and the cloaks made out of different types of skins.

    3. Normally when I have to do public speaking, I like to find out before I do it, so that I have time to set up my cue cards etc so that I can practice.
    Which helps me build up my confidence to do the speech.

    I really liked listening to all of the facts that were included. I thought that all of the new facts were very interesting. Lots of people obviously did great research, which was an excellent thing to notice!
    Great job,

    • Hi Daisy,
      My topic was the first Australians and within that what they used to wear. I agree the photos look great.

      Q: What did you think of the homework task?
      A: I thought the homework task was a great idea. It was lots of fun too.

      Q: What did you learn?
      A: I learnt from Caitlin’s about what the flag represents; black for the sky, red for the land and yellow for the sun. I learnt a lot from others as well.

      Q: How do feel about public speaking?
      A: I get nervous when I do public speaking but I always feel good about it when I have finished.

      I hope you all learned a lot from my presentation.

      Got to go,

      • Hi Tilly,
        I learnt lots from Caitlins as well! My topic was the First Australians as well.

        I get nervous too! Though, mostly I really look forward to these things on the outside and I am nervous on the inside.
        See you tommorow,

        • Hi again Daisy,
          It’s great that we’re having a blogging conversation, isn’t it. I♥️ blogging.

          When I get nervous I know that I’m excited as well. Nerves are good as long as you can control them.

          It’s great you and Eevie learnt a lot from mine. I ♥️ the internet because you can find so much research on it. It really helps doesn’t it.


          • Dear Tilly,

            It is great that you and Daisy are having a conversation on the blog! I also love blogging a lot. It is fun to talk to people on the internet!

            I can some times get really nervous when having to do public speakin-g. It helps when you know the audienc-e beacaus-e you may not get as nevous.

            Your presenta-tion was really good because it had so much informati-on ! I’m sure everyon-e learnt lots from it!

            Eevie 😉

          • Hello Tilly,
            Thank you for replying it is great that we are having a blogging convers-ation. I agree!

            Nerves are good but they make you nervous. So sometimes they are not needed.

            The internet can be very helpful, but at times you cannot find what you want to find.


          • Hi Tilly,
            It’s great that you and Daisy are having a wonderful chat.

            Your presentation also taught me a lot about clothes that they wore.

            Got to run,

  2. Dear 4A and 4B,

    I found the presentations interesting and full of information! My topic was about the First Fleet.


    Q. What did you think about the homework task?

    A. I thought the homework task was great! I love it when we get things like projects and homework tasks to of at home. Do you?

    Q. What did you learn about First Contacts from watching the presentations?

    A. In Tilly’s presentation I learnt that aboriginals wear possom cloaks and how they made them.

    Q. How do you fell about public speaking?

    A. I get really nervous. If I know the audience I do not really get nervous.

    See you soon,
    Eevie 😉

    • Hi Eevie,

      I think you did a terrific job on the first fleet. You had lots of really good facts which I really liked.

      Were you nervous when you had to get and talk. I was a little nervous but then I was fine.


      • Dear Kennedy,

        Thank you for replying to me! I think your presentation was really good! It was really interesting and had good information.

        I was really nevous when I got up and had to speak. I was really nervous because it was my first presentation to the class. It helps a lot when you know the audience. When it gets to the end of a school year I do not really get nervous .

        I thought it was great to have a homework task to do at home! Did you like doing the presentation at home as homework? I think it is great that we have the internet to help us find information that we never knew before.

        I really liked Tilly and Caitlin’s presentations. Did you? I loved theirs because it looked like they worked really hard on it. Just like yours , they were also full of information.

        See you tomorrow,
        Eevie 😉

  3. Dear 4B

    The first Contacts speech was great to all of you I could not choose which one was the best I think you are all winners.

    How do you feel about your speccing in front of the school?

    see you soon

  4. Dear Classrooms,

    All the presentations look Great! I especially liked Caitlin’s Aboriginal Poster. Apart from the writing on it, it looks just like the Aboriginal flag.
    I am in 4A, so I am doing my presentation today. ( 2 of June 2014 ) My topic is on the convicts. On a poster.

    What was your favourite part of the presentation?


    • Hi Mollie,

      How did you go with your presentation? At first, I was a little nervous but once I got into it I was fine.

      My presentation was about Dreamtime stories. How did you go with getting all of your facts. It was pretty easy for me.


    • Dear Mollie,

      It is really fun to do presentations in frount of the class. How did your presentation go? I thought my presentation went quite well. It was on The First Fleet.

      I also loved Caitlin’s presentation! She was the only one in the class to do a poster, but still had a fantastic presentation!

      I hope you and your classes presentations went well!

      Eevie 😉

  5. Dear 4B,
    I liked all of the first contacts story’s
    eg, spencer was the only one who used pages,
    Most peaple used keynote or power point.

    I would get nervis if I had to speack infront of the school
    Would you?

    Best wishes

  6. Dear 4A and 4B,
    I think that doing presentations is an awesome way to build confidence! To be honest I actually really enjoyed doing my presentation! Reading from cue cards is a great way to improve your speaking skills.

    I really enjoyed Billy’s because it showed me heaps of great new facts about the First Fleet. I also loved how Nelly didn’t look at her cue cards too often. The First Australians was a really popular one to talk about and so was the First Fleet.

    I wanted to do a poster for mine because I thought not many people would do it. I was originally going to do a poster with little flags around the border but I decided to do a big flag instead.

    See you tomorrow.

  7. Dear Miss Jordan and 4B,

    What a great blog post! My presentation was on ‘ life in the 18th century’ and I presented it on the app Keynote. I think I did well but I think if I had practised more I would be able to speak in a clearer voice, and would be able to look up at the audience more, and my presentation would be lots better.

    I think that public speaking is fantastic because it improves your confidence skills and for the audience it improves their listening and respectful skills.

    In my class [4A] I thought that we all did an amazing job and you could tell that they had practised lots and lots.

    I love public speaking and I look forward to doing more!

    Chat soon

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