Instructional Videos: Vertical Addition

Last week, our maths focus was solving vertical addition equations.

We improved our addition skills earlier in the year by focussing on a range of mental strategies. Sometimes, vertical addition is a useful method to use, particularly if you are working with larger numbers or decimals.


Earlier in the week, students practised adding two, three and four digit numbers together using the vertical addition strategy. Once students were confident with this addition method, they could begin making a short instructional video to demonstrate their knowledge. This task involved:

1. Choosing an addition problem involving two, three or four digit numbers.

2. Deciding what resources and materials to use to model the problem.

3. Solving the problem aloud using the correct mathematical language.

4. Writing a script and rehearsing with a partner.

5. Filming the video using an iPad.

Here are some of our instructional videos.


This was our first attempt to make instructional videos. We learnt a lot of skills from this experience, including:

  • The importance of using the correct mathematical language
  • Speaking clearly and loudly
  • Using equipment successfully
  • Holding the iPad steady while filming.

We plan to make more videos with our iPads to demonstrate other mathematical concepts later in the year.


What did you think of our videos?

When would you use the vertical addition strategy?

What else could we make an instructional video about?

24 thoughts on “Instructional Videos: Vertical Addition

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I think the videos of how to do vertical addition are really good! They look marvelous!

    I haven’t done mine yet but I am hoping I will do a good job on Monday when I do do it.

    Kennedy 😉

    • Hi Kennedy,
      All of the videos look really good! It looks like everyone has put in a lot of effort, don’t you agree?

      What did you use to present your equation of Vertical Addition? I used MAB and a few mini whiteboards.
      Daisy 🙂

      • Hi Daisy,

        I do agree that all of the videos were well filmed. I espesically like Harry and Caitlen’s. Don’t you. I really liked how it looked like Caitlen was talking to Harry!

        I didn’t get to do mine but I would have used a whiteboard.

        Kennedy =)

  2. Dear Miss super J,
    Thank you very much for putting my vertical addition video on the blog!
    they are all very creative and detailed .

    Answers to the questions…
    Q.A I though that they were so instering that they explain all the steps.

    Q.B i would use the vertical addition strangey doing place value.

    Q.C I would do anther video about how to do a procedure about some sort of cooking. Or how to do a personal narrative.

    Chat soon Summmer have a great long Weekend

  3. Hello 4B , 4A and Miss Jordan,

    Thank u so much for putting my video on the blog!
    They are all so good and I bet the others that did not get put on the blog that they were great to.

    Answers to the questions…
    Q. What do you think of our videos?
    A. I thought that they were amazing!

    Q. When would you ues the vertical Addition strategy?
    A. I would ues it when it when I am dealing with money.

    Q. What else could we make an instrutical video?
    A. We could do one on how to write a information report.

    Have a great long weekend,
    From Nelly:)

    • Hi Nelly,
      I thought that your video looked awesome! All of the others did too.

      Who was your partner? Did you and your partner use the same equipment and equation?
      Chat Soon,
      Daisy 😉

      • Hay Daisy,
        Thanks for replying to me:)

        Awnsers to your questions…
        Q. Who was your partner?
        A. My partner was Summer.

        Q. Did you and your partner ues the same equipment and equation?
        A. We used the same equipment but had a different equation.


        • Hi Nelly,
          Thank you for the answers. 🙂

          I like how you presented it really clearly with a great big smile. 🙂


          • Hi daisy,

            Here are some questio-ns for you:

            What did you ues for your video?
            Who was your partner?

            Nelly= )

          • Hello Daisy,

            Vertiical addition was really fun, but I found it hard to explain how to rename.

            I thought the videos were really good and I learnt a lot about vertical addition. All of the students had clear voices and were really good at getting the answers really fluently and quickly.

            I hope we get to learn about vertical addition soon!

            Your friend,

        • Hi Nelly,
          I’m just starting the comment back up here because there was no ‘reply’ button.

          Answers to your questions
          My partner was Ella. I used MAB and a few whiteboards to model my equation.
          Chat Soon,
          Daisy 😉

      • Dear Daisy,

        I really liked yours and Nelly’s! It sounded like you practiced a lot!

        My partner was Emily. Who was yours?

        Eevie 😉

        • Hi Eevie,
          Answer to your question
          My partner was Ella.

          I really like how Nelly presented hers. It looked like she had practiced a lot!
          Daisy 😉

    • Dear Nelly,

      I really enjoy doing vertical addition ! Did you like doing the vertical addition in maths?

      I really liked your video ! It covered most of the things that you need to know about vertical addition. It was a great video! 🙂

      I also thought the videos where… AMAZING! It looked like everyone put a lot of work in their videos.

      I think it is great that you would use vertical addition for money. I will try it. I would most likely use vertical addiction for really hard equations that I would not know the answer to. Would you?

      I thought that you could make an instructional video on lots of things but I said you could do it on how to make or cook something. You could also do it on how to make something like a loom bracelet.

      Eevie 😉

  4. Hi Miss Jordan,

    Great post on vertical addition! It seems like you have been enjoying you’re new grade at Barwon Heads. We all miss you at Leopold and hope to have you back one day. And if i haven’t mention, its Paris by the way.

    I have been having a look through you and you’re grades blog and it is magnificent, so is this post. Addition will always be one of my favourite maths tasks.

    Have a great rest of the year, and long weekend! 🙂

    Got to Gallop,
    Paris 🙂

    • Hi Paris,

      My name is Nelly and I am in Miss Jordan’s class.

      Thank you for leaving a great quality comment!

      Here are some questions for you:
      What were some posts you had on the blog last year?
      What are some tasks you are working on at your school?

      Nice chatting to you,
      Nelly 🙂

      • Hi Nelly,

        Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it and to answer some questions some of my posts were about:
        .Horses and Ponies- outside of school
        . Maths
        . Literacy
        . Inquiry
        . And lots more.

        Go on this link:

        Do you have a blog?
        What is your favourite subject?
        Do you ride horses?
        Do you play any sports outside of school?

        Staying to the subject:

        Do you enjoy addition?
        What is your favourite maths tasks to do?

        Say hi to Miss Jordan for me!

        Got to Gallop,
        Paris 🙂

    • Hi Paris,
      I’m from Miss Jordan’s class.

      We all have enjoyed working with Miss Jordan. She is a great teacher/person and we are very lucky to have her as a our teacher. I bet you loved her teaching you as well.

      It’s awesome that you love addition as it is one of your favourite activities in maths. Vertical addition is a quick and easy way of working out equations and once you know how to rename numbers in the tens you will be able to rename hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands. Do you prefer writing the equation vertically or horizontally?

      Here are some other questions for you to answer:
      Q#1: What inquiry topics did you learn about when you were in Miss Jordan’s grade?
      Q#2: When do you use the strategy vertical addition strategy?
      Q#3: Do you have any ideas about what we could make another video about in maths?

      Got to go work out some addition,

      • Hi Ella,

        I think I will get straight to answering some questions.

        We learn’t about the First Fleet for a while and the First Australians and thats really all I can remember – I will have a look on my blog ( and see what I posted about.

        This year we have done a little bit of vertical addition and tried to make up some problems we had to solve. – that is about as far as I got. Mainly just multiplication we worked on.

        You guys could make a video about anything in maths- it looks like you are great quick learners… Looking at those drumming skills…

        Do you do any sports outside of school?

        Got to Gallop,
        Paris 🙂

  5. Dear 4A and 4B,

    What an awesome post! I love doing vertical addition in maths. I think it is really fun and enjoyable ! Do you?


    Q. What did you think of our viedos?

    A. I think the videos are AWESOME! They are so detailed, so if I was a person who did not know a thing about vertical addition and I watched these viedos, I would know what to do straight away!

    Q. When would you use the vertical addition strategy?

    A. I would use the vertical addition strategy when doing a hard sum and did not know the answer.

    Q. What else could we make an instructional video about?

    A. Well, you could an instructional video about lots of things! You could do it on different types of texts or how to cook something.

    See you tomorrow ,
    Eevie 😉

  6. Dear Miss Jordan,

    Those videos look amazing! I’m positive anyone trying to learn how to do vertical addition should head to 4A/B!

    As always, you have some amazing questions that need to be answered.

    1. I thought your videos showed how much everyone could do with vertical addition!

    2. I use vertical addition at the shop when mum or dad goes blank or takes to long to count the money.

    3. I think a video of our new topic vertical subtraction would give everyone a shock because how good we’ve gotten so quickly.

    Got to go,

  7. Hello 4A and 4B,
    All of the videos put together were fantastic. I liked how in Mollies video she explained what renaming is and how you do it. It added in a nice touch.

    Answers to the Questions
    1. I thought that all of the videos were terrific!
    2. I would also use the vertical addition strategy with money.
    3. We could also make an instructional video about vertical subtraction.

    Chat Soon,
    Daisy 😉

  8. Hi readers,
    I loved doing the vertical addition video project, it was fun and we all learnt a lot doing it.

    1-I think the videos were amasing but I really liked Daisy’s because of the way she made it so easy to see how to line it up and add it together.

    2- One place where I use vertical addition is when I’m doing Mathletices because sometimes to equations are to hard to mentally so I write them down and make sure I get the right answer.

    3- I think we should do a infomation video on how to grow plants, or to make compost.

    See you soon

  9. To everyone,

    It is very nice to see so many people knowing and enjoying how to do vertical addition. Those videos are great! I learnt what renaming is. I knew how to do vertical addition but I didn’t know why we did it.


    I have already mentioned what I think of the videos so there is no reason why I should mention it again.

    Q: When would you use the vertical addition strategy?

    A: I usually use the vertical addition strategy when I am doing assessment tasks and I have to add up big sums.

    Q: What else could we make a instructional video about?

    A: I have 2 ideas about what we should do an instructional video about: vertical multiplication and inferring.

    It was so much fun leaving this comment,

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