Disco Fun!

Last Friday, it was our first whole school


4B students, Ella and Bebe, came up with the idea for a school disco. They put a proposal forward to our principal, Mr Roskosch, and he loved the idea! Since then, they have been working hard to organise the event.

The doors opened at 6.00pm and before long, the school gym was full of excited and energetic students. As the disco was held on Friday 13th June, students could wear “spooky” attire or their best disco gear.

A professional DJ kept the music flowing and the spectacular lights created a true disco environment. There was plenty of dancing, fun prizes to be won and a game of corners to keep the students entertained.

Here are some photos of the 4A and 4B disco-goers!


What was your highlight of the disco?

Do you have a favourite disco song?

What kinds of costumes do you like to dress up in?

20 thoughts on “Disco Fun!

  1. Hi 4A & 4B,
    What a fantastic idea to run a disco for you whole school. Congratulations on seeing your idea through and seeing it come to life! Friday the 13th was a great choice to hold the disco too – I wish we dressed up at school to celebrate the date and the fact it was a full moon too! Very creepy.
    I am curious to know what your favourite disco song was! Hope to hear some replies soon.
    Your blog is a fabulous showcase of your learning and I love checking the new posts when they arrive in my email inbox. Keep up the great work!
    From your friend Miss Fraser 🙂

    • Hi Miss Fraser,

      Thanks for the complement on the idea of the disco on the date Friday the 13th of June. It definitely was a great idea to have a whole school disco in our own sports gym. Have you ever had a school disco before?


      • Hi Ella,
        At our school, we had a Christmas disco in our gym last year. We have also had some discos during the day at school to show off our dance moves that we learnt at Footsteps. Footsteps is a dance program run in schools – it’s a lot of fun but the students will always tell you that they don’t like the partner dances (even though they secretly do!)
        Keep up the great work.
        From Miss Fraser 🙂

    • Dear Miss Fraser,

      The disco was a fantastic idea! I think it would have taken a long time for Ella and Bebe to think of it.

      It would have been great for Ella and Bebe’s idea to come to life! It was a great idea to have it on a full moon, and to dress in a spooky costume.

      I didn’t really have a favourite song, but i liked when they played happy.

      I really like are class blog! I look at it at least once or twice a day to see if there is a new blog post, of a new comment.

      Have a great day tommorrow ,
      Eevie 😉

      • Hi Eevie,
        I have to admit, I wish I had’ve thought of the idea myself! Have you had any ideas about things you’d love to create or learn about? We are doing Genius Hour in our class at the moment. Students are allowed to choose something that they’d love to learn and just learn it! They are expected to share their learning at the end of term though.
        My favourite song at a disco would be anything by Lady Gaga!
        That’s great that you keep up-to-date with your class blog. My students are pretty good with checking our one but sometimes need reminding.
        Hope you had a great day today!
        From Miss Fraser 🙂

        • Dear Miss Fraser,

          Thank you for replying to me! I also wish I had thought of the idea. It is a really good idea!

          What are some of the things that your students are learning about? I would love to do something like genius hour! How many times do you do it a year?

          Do you like Lady Gaga songs? My favourite song by Lady Gaga is mabey “I was born this way.

          Eevie 😉

  2. Dear Miss Curtain and Miss Jordan,
    The disco was so much fun I had lots of fun boogying on the dance floor, and playing the awesome games.

    My highlight of the disco was dancing with my friends I also really enjoyed the music.

    My favorite disco so gs are fancy by iggy azalea and move by little mix! But I also like to dance to any songs I fancy.

    I like to dress up as hula girls, disco people and a super crazy person.

    What do you like to dress up as?

    All the photos are great i dressed up as disco person with a super flashing tee-shirt and crazy hair.

    Gotta gallop
    By Summer

  3. Dear 4A and 4B

    I had a great time at the disco I was a liittle bit sick apart from that i did have a great time.

    Now for the QUESTIONS

    Q- what are your highlights of the day
    A- my highlights of the day was wathcing everyone dancying

    Q- Do you have a fovourite disco song
    A- we are the ones

    Q-what kinds of custroms do you like to dress up in
    A- I do not now what to dress up in

    see you tommorow

  4. Dear 4A and 4B,

    The disco was so fun! I really enjoyed playing corners. What was your favourite activity?


    Q. What was your highlight of the disco?

    A. As I said I think the game corners was my highlight of the night.

    Q. Do you have a favourite disco song?

    A. No. I do not have a favourite disco song.

    Q. What kinds of costumes do you like to dress up in?

    A. I don’t really dress up in costumes.

    Did you win a prize? I won a headband with skulls on it.

    Eevie 😉

  5. Hello 4A and 4B,
    The music in the background of the video was really cool and funky! All of the photos turned out really well.

    Answers to the questions
    1. I really liked dancing with my friends.
    2. No, I don’t have a favourite disco song.
    3. I don’t really like dressing up that much.

    Chat Soon,
    Daisy 😉

    • Hi Daisy,

      The disco was a blast! I loved all of the music and playing corners!

      Here are the answers to the questions

      1.Playing corners!
      2. My favourite disco song was Que Sera!
      3. I don’t really know becuase I don’t dress in much costumes!

      I hope we get to have a disco soon!

      Your friend,

      • Hi Georgie,
        Thankyou for repyling to me! I really appreciate it.

        I like the song Que Sera but I don’t get to listen to it that much.

        Chat Soon,
        Daisy 😉

  6. Dear Miss Jordan, 4A and 4B,

    Its me Jess, from Leopold Primary School. I was in 4KJ last year. I have been having a look at your blog and it looks great.
    I really wish we still had a blog. I had a lot of fun 4A and 4B and I think you guys will enjoy having Miss Jordan as a teacher.

    Your school disco sounded like so much fun. I wish we had that at our school. All the costumes looked very good.

    Has there been any other exciting events?

    We went to Sovereign Hill a couple of weeks ago and it is was so much fun.
    Have you ever been Miss Jordan.

    From Jess
    Leopold Primary School.

    • Dear Jess,

      It’s so great to hear from you!

      As you can see, I still love blogging! I am so pleased 4A and 4B have embraced blogging just like you did last year! 🙂

      Our school disco was lots of fun. I enjoyed seeing the student dressed up and dancing to all of the great songs. I’ve never seen a game of Corners that was so big!

      Sovereign Hill is a great place to visit! I have been there a couple of times. I went for an overnight camp when I was in grade five. We dressed up in the olden day clothes and had to attend a day of school. The Sovereign Hill teachers put us in grade levels according to our height. As I was so short, I was put in the lowest grade level! We used quills to write with and played all of the old fashioned games. Visiting the lolly shop and ten pin bowling were other highlights. When I was at university I went to Sovereign Hill as a student teacher for a camp. It was also a really fun experience.

      I hope you keep visiting our blog, it’s nice to keep in touch!

      Your former teacher,
      Miss Jordan

      • Dear Miss Jordan, 4A and 4B,

        Thank you so much for the great comment. I am so happy that you replied.

        When you went to Sovereign Hill it sounded like the best fun ever. I wish we got to dress up but we did have a great day.

        We didn’t get back till 10:30pm. We also saw The Sound And Light Show and it was awesome! It was the best fun ever. I think we all liked the lolly shop to!

        I think we all got Raspberry drops which are so good.

        Are 4A and 4B doing August Is Family Blogging Month?

        It was so much fun and I think you guys will enjoy it very much.

        Do you guys have your own blog?

        We got one last year and we learnt all the skills of blogging. Miss Jordan is a very, very good bloging teacher.

        Has there been any other exciting events or is there any coming up?

        Well I hope you all enjoy doing blogging.

        Thank you again Miss Jordan for the great comment.

        From Jess

        • Hi Miss Jordan,

          I hate to disturb your conversation with Jess but I haven’t seen you in ages! I hope you are having fun at your new school – how did the first semester go?

          I hope I get to see you again soon – miss you heaps by the way!

          Please reply back,
          Paris 🙂

  7. Hi 4A and 4B,

    I had the best time at the disco! I really enjoyed seeing my friends and playing lots of games! It was so AWESOME! 🙂


    Q: What your highlight of the Disco?
    A: My highlight was playing corners!

    Q: Do you have a favourite disco song?
    A: My favourite disco was probably…….. I can’t choose!

    Q: I like to dress-up as famous people!

    I really hope that there is another disco next year. I honestly think that there should be a school disco every year!

    C U Soon,
    Kennedy 😉

  8. Hey Guys,

    Looks like you had some serious fun at that disco! I know I would of like to be there.

    It looks like you all had a fantastic time partying and listening to music. How are you guys enjoying Miss Jordan as a teacher? I loved having her last year in grade four!

    I don’t have a favourite ‘disco’ song but I do like the song ‘Brave’ and my favourite artist is Katy Perry.

    If I could dress up I would be a horse rider – I heard that Miss Jordan had a/some horsey girls/girl in your grade do you? If so, does she or he like showjumping? – Show jumping is my favourite and I have jumped up to 75 cm and plan to go higher this weekend!

    Hopefully one of you, the class or Miss Jordan will reply back to me!

    Got to Gallop,
    Paris 🙂

    • Dear Paris,

      Thank you so much for visiting our blog and commenting. It’s lovely to hear from you!

      The disco was a fantastic night! Most of the students in 4A and 4B attended and it was great to see them dancing, singing and having lots of fun.

      I’m glad to hear you still love horse riding. 75cm is pretty high for showjumping, it sounds like you are working hard to really challenge yourself.

      My first semester at Barwon Heads has been terrific. The students are great and we have a lot of fun with our learning. I hope you are enjoying grade five, Mrs Baird is very lucky to have you! You are a wonderful student, and I still remember your excellent netbook skills and your creative writing.

      Your former teacher,
      Miss Jordan

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