Term Three Begins!

Today is the first day of term three.

After two weeks of holidays, the students in 4A and 4B returned to school today. We have a great term three ahead of us, with plenty of learning and fun to be had!

Some of our learning will focus on:

  • Time
  • Problem solving
  • Sustainability
  • Joined handwriting
  • Writing information reports and narratives


At the end of last term, the students were taught how to write haiku poems. This form of poetry is traditionally written about the seasons, nature or the environment, however you can really write them about anything you like!

Haiku poems are a Japanese form of poetry, and they do not rhyme. They have three lines and each line has a specific number of syllables. The structure of a haiku poem is:

Line 1: Five syllables

Line 2: Seven syllables

Line 3: Five syllables

Read our haiku poems below.


What are you looking forward to this term?

What do you think of our haiku poems?

Can you write a haiku poem in your comment? You could write a haiku poem about your holidays!

10 thoughts on “Term Three Begins!

  1. Hello 4A and 4B,

    I am a 4th year university student about to write a full term literacy plan for a Year Four class.

    I came across your blog and I think it is fantastic. I am very interested to know about the types of things you put on your blog and how it helps you with literacy learning.

    I love ICT learning in the classroom and I wonder what your thoughts are on it. I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

    Thanks for reading my post
    Mrs Wiseman

    • Dear Mrs Wiseman,

      Thank you so much for commenting on our blog. It is such a coincidence that you are learning about grade four at your University. I wonder what your university is called?

      Thank you also for saying our blog is great I also think it is. It must be hard writing a whole literacy plan for a grade four class. We don’t really use the laptops anymore, because we have iPads. We gave the laptops to the grade threes.

      Thanks for commenting,
      Mollie 4A

      • Hi Mollie and 4A,
        My university is called Curtin University. It is located in Perth, Western Australia. Perhaps you have been to Perth. All of my university study is done online, I never have to go to the actual university at all. Everything I need is on the computer.

        The literacy plan is coming along nicely although I did change it to Grade Two. I have a Haiku poem for you:

        Computers are great
        Ipads are even better
        4A are lucky

        • Dear Mrs Wiseman,

          Thanks for replying to me. The name of your university, is the same as our teachers name, Miss Curtain. The only thing is that curtain is spelt differently.

          I was also wondering if working on the computer for everything would hurt your eyes. OUCH!

          It’s good to know that the literacy plan for a whole term is coming along nicely. Thanks for the poem.


  2. Dear 4A and 4B,

    Even know there has only been one day to the new term, I think we have all had a great start to the term and it has been really fun.

    This term I am really looking forward to start writing in joined writing. I am looking forward to this because I find joined hand writing fun because it is different to the normal writing we do and some times it is a bit challenging .

    This term I am also looking forward to taking care of the plants in our garden beds. Over the holidays the plants in our garden beds grew a lot , and this term some of the plants will be ready to take home.

    I love the haiku peoms! They are great. I loved making them , and I really liked figuring out the words with the right number of syllables.

    Here is my haiku peom…


    Red, blue and yellow
    These colours make a rainbow
    So many colours

    I hope you like my peom. It was hard to think of because I didnt plan it like we did the ones at school.

    What is your favourite style of writing?

    Eevie 😉

  3. Dear 4A and 4B,

    Welcome back for Term 3. My local school has also just returned after their two week holiday. In a way, I have also returned for the new term because I am back helping our Parents and Citizens group working to support the school.

    I have always enjoyed the Haiku form of poetry and, after reading your collection, I see you have mastered the style. Well done, everyone. 🙂


    Haiku, Japan’s verse
    Syllables five, seven, five
    Words making pictures

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • Dear Ross Mannell,

      Thank you for commenting on the blog.

      I really like your Haiku poem about Haiku poems. Its very interesting how you can make something about what you’re doing. Its very clever. 😉

      This is my haiku poem…


      The leaves are falling
      Bright golden and brown colours
      My feet crunch the leaves

      Whats a parents and citizens group?

      I hope you enjoyed my haiku.

      Kind Regards,
      Ella! 🙂

    • Hello Ella,

      Autumn is a wonderful time of golden and brown leaves if you have deciduous trees* in your area. For me, there is a Japanese maple in my yard. Your Haiku made me think of it as its leaves fell.

      Did I like your Haiku? YES! 🙂

      Most N.S.W. public schools have a group known as the “Parents and Citizens Association”. It is made up of people, both parents and interested others, who volunteer to help raise money for the school by running activities. The money raised goes to buy equipment for the school.

      At present, I am president of my local school’s association. This means I run monthly P&C meetings and volunteer to help in fund-raising and other activities if needed when I can. It’s my way of still being a part of the last school where I was a teacher.

      Ross Mannell
      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

      *Deciduous trees – the ones that lose their leaves in autumn

  4. Dear 4a, 4b and anyone else,

    My holidays were awesome and I hope yours was to.

    I am looking forward to lots of things this year but one thing I am really looking forward to, is starting our new inquiry topic. So far it’s been really fun learning lots of of new facts on sustainability wit mr wateae. (Sorry if I spelt his name wrong).

    I think all of the hiku poems are really intresting. I think it’s really hard to believe that they came up with it in less than an hour. I really like the the way that Kennedy presented her’s.

    This is my hiku poem:

    Puppies are fluffy
    They give you lots of cuddles
    They are really small

    Hope you liked it,

  5. Hello Miss Jordan and class!

    Your class might not know me, but I’m Princess! I used to be in Miss Jordan’s class when I was in Grade 4. I had soo much fun with her and I hope you guys do too, she really is a great and awesome Teacher!
    Now I am in Grade 5 which I am really enjoying too!

    I remember last year when we were learning about apostrophes too! I really helped me improve, but now I’m still not perfect at it though! I’ll get it someday, just have to keep practicing!

    Grad 5 is a bit trickier, but it’s still super fun learning about new things, like, space! That’s our topic for Inquiry this year, and to be honest, I don’t know that much about space, in fact I know nothing! So this would be a bit interesting for me!

    PLEASE answer these questions for me because I would really want to know:

    What have you been learning about in the past 7 months?

    What have you been enjoying this year?

    What’s your name?

    Thank you I would love to say more things about me but I have to go, sadly ;(

    Princess (Miss Jordan’s old student at school she used to work at!)

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