Art Walkabout

Today, our school held its first Art Walkabout.

Our art teacher, Mrs Petersen, has been working busily with all classes to create artwork featuring dogs. Each grade studied a different artist and created a dog in the style of that artist.

Some of the artists studied include Keith Haring, Paul Klee, Romero Britto, Eric Carle, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Gustav Klimt and Banksy. Learning about different artists’ shape, form, colour, line, space and texture can really help students develop their own artistic skills.

Today all 18 grades travelled to each classroom to learn a little about the artists and view the work. It was wonderful to see the different art techniques students used to create their masterpieces.

4A studied George Rodrigue, who is well known for his Blue Dog paintings. The students in 4A created their own interpretation of a blue dog in a setting of their choice. You can view 4A’s work below.


4B focussed on Andy Warhol, who is famous for his pop art. Warhol often created artwork that featured multiple images within the one piece of art. 4B replicated this technique in their dog pictures. Check out their creations below.


Thank you to Mrs Petersen for working hard with all of the students and organising our Art Walkabout. Everyone learnt a lot and we loved viewing the artwork in each classroom. We certainly have many talented artists at Barwon Heads Primary School!


What do you think of our artwork?

What interesting information did you learn during the walkabout?

What are your strengths in art?

What creative activities do you enjoy?

63 thoughts on “Art Walkabout

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I think the Art Walkabout was great!

    I think that my youngest brother did a super super good job considering that he is only in grade 2! It was neat and straghit and was looking very nice on his desk! I think he is getting better and better and art because of ME!

    I have been drawing and painting ever since I was about 2-4 years old and have not stopped! I quess it’s because my Aunty loves art or my cousin and I have leant from them!

    I think that everyone did a fantasic job!

    See you Soon,
    Kennedy 😉 🙂

    • Hi it’s Nellstar here,

      I thought the art walk was amazing. The preps art work was so cute! Well done to every one and a special thanks to the parents and teachers.

      Nellstar out 🙂

    • Hi Kennedy,
      I loved the art walk it was amazing. I loved your grades artist( Andy Warhol),Yours was amazing it blew my mind.
      Yes I love drawing it is my hobby and I do it every day. I have a sketching book were I draw pictures in it. You must be proud of yourself because you are a great drawer.
      Over and Out,

  2. Hi, Miss Jordan

    WOW, I loved the art work It was AMAZING! I loved all the different styles of art my favourite artist was George rodrigue with his awsome blue dog!

    Chat soon

  3. Dear Everyone,
    I like how Eli’s dog looks like it is fluffy!
    I love how Will’s dog looks just like your dog!
    Will did you want your dog to look just like your dog?

    • Dear Spencer
      Yes, I tried to make it look like my dog, Narla, Narla is a husky and can be very cheeky and naughty a lot of the time, I’m guessing your dog was based on Jake from Adventure Time, You did a great job,

      From your friend Will

  4. Dear 4A and 4B,
    I thought it was a great idea that we went to everyones classroom and looked at everyones fabulious artwork.

    I loved the look of everyone elses art and they were all different wich is even better.
    The thing i love best is that they are all dogs.

    We either wached a vidio on the wight board or there was some information maby even both

    Got to hop

    • Hi Jasmine,
      I agree with you. I think the art walk is a brilliant idea. Lots of the pieces of art were very creative and artistic, (in a good way)! 😀

      The idea of the small pieces of information in each room was an amazing feature for each class. Otherwise, we would have no information about the artist, and what their style really was.

      Daisy 😉 B)

  5. Dear 4A and 4B,
    I think everyone’s artwork did a fantastic job. I found a lot if interesting facts, and I noticed that every artiste had a different texture and that was great because it would get a bit boring if they all had the same texture. My strengths in art is probably holding a brush the right way. My favourite creative activities was probably the blue dog because i love how we got to pick our background, I picked Uluru because I always wanted to go there.
    Everyone did a great job!
    Chat soon,

  6. Dear 4A and 4B,
    Today I attended the Art Walkabout at Barwon Heads Primary School. I was very impressed by the fantastic art work that all of the students had produced, which was inspired by various well known artists. I really enjoyed moving to each of the classrooms and learning a little about each of the famous artists, as well as being able to appreciate the beautiful art each class had painted.
    In one classroom I initially thought that I was looking at copies of art work done by the the world renowned artist that the class was studying. It took me a couple of minutes to realise that it was actually art the students had produced themselves in the style of that artist, such was the high standard of their work.
    I toured the school with class 4A, who as usual were extremely well behaved. I felt that the experience was reminiscent of being in a large art gallery and I found it not only a very enjoyable time, but I also learnt a lot about the artists who were featured.
    Thank you to class 4A and their teacher Miss Curtain for allowing me to join them in this memorable activity.
    Warm regards,
    Leanne (Emma G’s Mum)

    • Hi Leanne
      I am glad you enjoyed the artwalk. I thought that all the artwork had lots of detail and were very colourful.
      I too enjoyed learning about the artist and their life.

      Wich was your favourite artist and why?
      Mine was Banksy because I loved how knowone new his identity. This was because most of his work he did was eligel ( incase your wandering he did grafeti ). I also liked how he didn’t want his work to go on sale that’s why he did grafeti.


      • Hi Anna,
        I am also a great fan of Banksy. I love the fact he has no interest in exposing his identity instead he wants his work to speak for itself. We had a “Banksy” piece in one of the lane ways in Melbourne once but unfortunately it was painted over as the powers that be either did not realise its worth or the opposite perhaps?? His work is often viewed as subversive but that is why i love it, it challenges our ideals and makes people think about life in a different way. Graffiti or street art is not not always valued as much as other forms of art. What do the students think about this?

  7. Hello everyone,
    I thoroughly enjoyed the Art Walk today. It was amazing to see so many creative and beautiful pieces of art. A big thank you to Mrs Peterson who has done a fabulous job teaching you about the different artists. Well done everyone.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I also really liked the walk and I would love to have another one!

      I am wondering what thoroughly means?

      The children in your class did a wonderful job but I forgot what your classes artist was?

      What was your favourite artist?
      Mine was banksy.


    • Hi Miss Hewwit,

      It is great to see that you have made a comment. Yes I agree with you that the art walk was fantastic. I think all of the artwork was very creative and has got a lot of texture. Mrs Peterson did a wonderful job with every grade because she orgernized, it but unfortannly she didn’t come on the artwork. It would’ve been nice if Mrs Peterson could join.
      Chat soon

    • Hi Lisa
      Did you enjoy the art walkabout ?
      I did I loved leaning about the different artists.
      What was your favourite artist you saw on the walk.

      Talk soon

    • Hi mum
      I am glad you enjoyed the artwalk. I really liked your grades artist. I thought he was very creative with what he did.
      My favourite artist was Banksy because he didn’t show his identity. He didn’t show his identity because the art he did was eligel ( he did grafeti ). He did grafeti because he didn’t want his work to go on sale, he wanted everyone to see it.
      What was your favourite artist?

      See you soon

  8. Dear 4A and 4B,

    I was very impressed with all the art work 4A and 4B had created. I particularly enjoyed 4B’s Andy Warhol paintings, because they looked very professional, and I thought that all of the blue dog paintings were very creative.

    What amazing paintings 4A and 4B produced. I wish I could have been there to see all of the students’ art work and find out about the artists they studied.

    Kind regards,
    Emma G’s brother, Tom.

    • Hi Tom

      I too think that all of the artwork 4A and 4B produced was fantastic!

      If you were wondering how we got the four prints of the same dogs on one peice of paper this is why… Mrs Peterson started with using four peoples dogs and photo copying them onto a sheet 4 times. Then Miss Campbell figured out how to make 4 copies of one dog by pressing some buttons on the photo copier and well then showed Mrs Peterson how to do do it.

      When walking around the classrooms we all learnt a lot from the information about the artist each class did including Picaso, Mattise and Andy Warhol.

      See ya,

  9. Hi 4a & 4b
    Loved your paintings and all very different. A great way to learn about artists and their styles.
    It’s amazing how some artists become very popular and others not so.
    It’s sometimes about believing your piece is good what ever the style.

    From Lyn

  10. Hi everyone

    I think the artwork is great. All the pieces were very creative, had lots of colour and looked spectacular. I learnt lots of imformation on the art walk. One bit of imformation that stood out to me was banksy. He was an artist that didn’t show his identity because the artwork he did was elligal. He did grafeti because he didn’t want his art to go on sale. I think I am not the best at art. I like to draw portrets. Lately I have been drawing Australian animals. I enjoy lots of creative activitys as long as they’re fun!

    What was your favourite grades style of art?
    Mine a was the grade six’s that did banksy.

    See you all soon

    • Hi Anna,
      It is great to see you commenting on the blog. The artwork was great, it would’ve been nice if Mrs Peterson was there because she came up with the ideas for every class. I loved all the texture on every painting because it wasn’t the same.

      My favourite is the same of yours the banksy.
      Chat soon

      • Hi Sienna
        I really liked your painting with blue dog at Uluru. It was very creative. I agree Mrs Peterson should have been there. She missed out on a lot.

        Just wanting to know why was banksy you favourite artist?

        See you tomorrow

        • Hi Anna,
          Your picture of blue dog was amazing.
          QUESTION: Why is banksy your favourite artist.
          Banksy is my favourite artist because I love how he uses a different imaginations and Bose outside the box.

    • Hi Anna
      I loved your art it was so good. Miss Peterson did such a great job helping us make the art.
      Did you know any of the artists we saw on the art walkabout?

      Chat soon

      • Hi Alana
        Your blue dog was great. Mrs Peterson did such a great job.
        Yes I do know some of the artist. Their names were…
        Banksy ( my favourite )
        Andy Warhol
        George Rogrigue
        Pablo Picasso
        They are the only ones I remember.
        Who was your favourite artist?
        See you soon

    • Hi Anna

      I agree how cool and creative the art walk was.
      Miss Peterson should be very proud of herself!

      Got to hop

  11. Dear 4a and 4b,
    Hello from Daisy’s Nanna. I love hearing about what she is doing at school and what the class is up to. I love your Dog artwork inspired by Andy Warhol. Nothing like Daisy’s dog Oscar.

    See you!
    Eileen, (Daisy’s Nanna)

    • Hi Nanna,
      Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog. Feel free to leave a comment when ever you feel like it!

      I am glad that you have left a comment in the same technique that we use. You have very good netiquette and I love how you’ve set out your comment.

      Daisy 🙂 😉 😀

    • Hi Jemima!

      I really thought that you cube artwork was AMAZING!
      Did you see mine? I don’t think mine was that good but I thought it was ok I guess!

      Which one did you like the most out of the grade 2’s artwork BESIDES your own!

      I hope you had fun on the walk!

      Lily’s Friend,
      Kennedy 😉 🙂

    • Hi Jemima,
      Your artwork was amazing and even you pr big sister Lilly did a great job. I loved the shape of your grades so it made me impressed.
      What was your artist called?
      Chat soon,

  12. Hi class 4A and 4B

    I have been looking at the artwork and I really enjoyed the way you all interpreted the subject. I especially liked your free-flowing style and use of of bright colours.

    Looking forward to see more artwork

  13. Hi nan,

    Thankyou for writing a blog comment about our dogs.
    I agree, that we should do another art walk!

    It was amazing seeing all of the detailed art work.

    See you soon,

  14. Hi 4A and 4B

    I really enjoyed the art work! I loved all of the colours and all of the creative styles. I hope that there will be another art walk soon


  15. Thanks miss jordan for showing some of the artwork on the newsletter. I didn’t go on the walk but was so impressed by what I did see I would love to see all of the work by all of the grades. What a great idea it was as an art project. Applause

    • Hi Marcia,
      It is great to see that you are always commenting,
      Nelly’s artwork was amazing even Aldo’s, but I also think every else did a fantastic job. My favourite one was the banksy and I think Aldo did it. Beside from that my favourite artist was Andy Warhol.
      What was your favourite artist from the top of the page?
      Got to go,

  16. I was so lucky that i was able to pop into school and join the walk for a little while on Friday. What a special event. Fabulous artwork, and lots of great info too. Well done everyone!

  17. Hello 4A and 4B

    Great to see all of the kids involved
    Dogs looked amazing. I could buy them and put them on my wall. :-$

    See you later,

    • Hi Michael
      I thought that the dogs looked great to
      But if you want to buy mine you have to pay $1 million .
      What’s your favourite artist? Mine is Mont and Banksy .
      See ya

  18. Hello everyone,

    It’s is my first time on this blog. I’m from another school in Australia. You’ve got a very good blog and I’m very interested in your art work. You guys are such good artist and definitely better than I am. I learnt that not all artist have good paintings, it’s about if you’re passionate about art. Lots of my friends enjoy art and I guess art should be a fun time to use our mind or our creation. If you think hard, you can maybe have lots of ideas in your mind. Your mind is like a maze where you can explore other things than just things you know. This is my first time on this blog. Maybe I can interact with others and start a good conversation.
    By John

    • Hi John,
      I am in 4A and I love this blog. Bu it is also great to see that you have visited the blog. Yes I love art and when I get home I love drawing pictures. I am sure that you are great artist and even know I don’t know what your work looks like I know it is really good. Sometimes it is good to go into your dreams and draw any creation. I a sure that if you think hard you can find something in your mind and draw it, I can never do that.
      What artist do love and what are your favourite things to draw?
      Chat soon,

    • Hi John
      Thanks for commenting on the class blog.
      I agree with you our mind is like a maze where you can explore things. I also think that with art you have to be passionate about it. I don’t think I am the best at art but I enjoy doing it because you can let your mind run wiled.

      Do you have a blog?
      If you do I would love to see it.

      Hopefully we can see you on our blog again.
      Kind regards Anna

  19. Hi classes 4A and 4B,
    I think the Art Walkabout was creative and a fun way to do art! The art was very clear and looked amazing, the colour suited the artwork and made it look even better!
    I think you have all done a great job and from what I can see, you are all fantastic at drawing! My strengths in art are sketching, painting and drawing photos (taking a photo and trying to copy it).
    From Giulia (loved your blog)

  20. Hello,

    This is a reply to everyone that has commented during August blogging month…

    I would like to thank all of you for getting involed and commenting. There has been lots of family and family friends using up their time to join in. It is great to see.

    Thanks again,
    Nellstar out 🙂

  21. Dear Miss Jordan,
    The artwork looked really cool!
    I really liked the dalmation, it was spot on!!
    Everyone did a really good job!

    Signing off, Jacqui
    (Alex.H’s sister)

  22. Dear Miss Jordan,
    The artwork looked very good,
    I especially liked the spotty dalmation!
    Everyone did really amazing work!
    They should be proud!
    Signing off, Georgia
    (Alex.H’s other sister)

  23. Dear Miss Jordan,
    The artwork looked really cool!
    I really liked the dalmation, it was spot on!!
    Everyone did a really good job!

    Signing off, Jacqui
    (Alex.H’s sister)

  24. dear 4A and 4B,
    i LOVED you’re work. i liked my sisters(lily). i liked looking at 4a and 4b’s art work.
    from sam (lily’s brother)

  25. Dear 4a & 4b

    I enjoyed the art walk a lot . I realised your artist was George Rodriguez and Andy war hole. I hope we have a art walk next year

    Happy blogging,
    Mitch ( wills brother)

  26. Hi
    I’ve loved looking at the artwork on the blog as I was disappointed I couldn’t attend the Art Walkabout. Some great artwork by 4A&4B that could all be framed at home. Well done kids and especially well done to Mrs Petersen.

  27. Just loved seeing all the art work form 4A and 4B. It is a great idea having an Art Walk…perhaps another idea is to have a sculptural walk using the veggie garden as the back drop!!

  28. Hi 4a and 4b,
    I tagged along to the Art walk and enjoyed every minute, 120 of them! Such talented and expressive students you all are, and a wonderful creative effort by Ms Peterson.
    Keep up the great work and comments!

  29. Hi everyone,

    I think your art work is fantastic!
    The ones that cout my eye is Kennedy’s and Abby’s.

    Keep up the great work

  30. Dear 4a and 4b,
    The art works look great! I can’t believe how much effort everyone put in. I wish I could have seen all of the schools artworks, as I was at an exam.
    My strengths in art is dot painting, painting, using clay and making mosaics. I am not very good at cutting very small things.
    Got to go

  31. Wow 4A and 4B. What amazing artists you are! You must all be very proud of the wonderful work you have created. Loved the dog theme. Well done.
    Keep up the great work.

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