Perimeter and Area

In maths, we have been learning about perimeter and area.

Perimeter is the distance around the outside of a shape.

Area is the amount of space a flat surface takes up.


Can you guess the perimeter and area of one of our classroom tables?



Here is a problem solving task from the nrich website. Can you solve it? There is more than one answer!

nrich can they be equal


When might you need to know the perimeter and area of something?

Can you measure the perimeter and/or area of something and record it in your blog comment?

10 thoughts on “Perimeter and Area

  1. Dear miss Jordan

    Once I had to find out the perimeter of my house with my brother for his homework task I can’t remember what it was but it was huge

    You might need to find out the perimeter of your house and all the rooms to know how much space is in it and how much things you can fit in it.

    I hope you liked my comment

    From Indi

  2. Hi miss Jordan

    For our homework I measured our bathroom it was 2 metres width and 5 meteres length. Then I added the. To get her to give me 7m total. And the area was 5×2=10.

    Okay gotta go

    Chat soon


  3. Dear everyone,

    I really enjoyed measuring the perimetre and area of lots of objects. The homework our class did was to measure 2 rooms in the house and draw on a sheet, the length x width. I did my little sisters room and our massive playroom which was very hard to measure.

    I think nearly everyone in our grade has finished their worksheet.


    • Hi Mollie,

      I measured my massive lounge room and massive playroom. But it only took about 4 minutes in total.

      I think that measuring the perimeter and area was fun as well! What do you like more: perimeter or area? I prefer adding up the perimeter instead of area.

      Kennedy (; (: ((:

    • Hi Mollie,

      Well i had to mesure my toilet. Wich i dident want to do mum said it would be easier so i just did it anyway.

      The next room was our play room too!
      How surprising.

      I am pretty sure everyone would have finished by now.

      Got to hop


  4. Dear miss Jordan,
    I have had fun learning about perimeter and area with you!
    I think you have gave us a few challenges but they were fun.
    Gotta go

    • Hello Emily,
      Yes, I agree. Some of them were challenges but that is good because if we get them wrong the teachers can help us do it properly.

      When my family’s house was getting built there was lots of measuring going on.

      Daisy 🙂 😉 😀

  5. Dear Class 4A and 4B,
    I can hardly believe it is already the last day of August. What a busy month your class has had. I have enjoyed the art exhibition that you were all involved in and the book week parade, which was fabulous. You all performed brilliantly at the Athletics Day at Landy field and I was particularly impressed with everyone’s good sportsmanship,enthusiasm and efforts to do their best in every event. Having attended many of these sports days over the years, I think that this was definitely one of the best and the weather was fortunately very kind to us (for a change).
    Finally, I was very pleased to see how you garden boxes are flourishing, when I dropped in to the Open Garden on Friday after school. There are many very healthy vegetable and herb plants thriving under your diligent care.
    Congratulations on all you have achieved over the past month and I wish you all well as we enter into September.
    Kind regards,
    Leanne (Emma G’s Mum)

  6. Hi Class 4A and 4B,
    I am a Year 3/4 teacher at Our Holy Redeemer. I was looking at your blog and I am most impressed. This term my class are going to start a new blog and we will be looking at yours to help us. Congratulations
    Mrs Canty

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