Indonesian Day

Today the students in our school participated in our annual

Indonesian Day

Indonesian is one of our specialist subjects, and all classes have a one hour session with our Indonesian teacher, Bu Wall, every week. Learning a second language is a valuable experience and it is great to see the students’ Indonesian skills improve each term.

To celebrate our Indonesian program, today’s special day involved students rotating around a variety of cultural activities. These included:

  • Making masks
  • Creating puppets
  • Participating in Indonesian dancing
  • Learning about Indonesian music and using an iPad app to create a musical sequence.
  • Playing the games Congklak and Main Karet
  • Exploring the Batik art form
  • Sampling traditional Indonesian fruits
  • Tasting Mie Goreng

Check out the slideshow featuring the 4A and 4B students enjoying Indonesian day!

It was wonderful to see the students enjoying the cultural experiences and having fun in their multi-aged groups!


 Terima kasih Bu Wall untuk mengatur Hari Indonesia!

What did you enjoy about our Indonesian Day?

Can you write a sentence in Indonesian in your comment?

18 thoughts on “Indonesian Day

  1. Dear 4a & 4b

    Did you like lote day, well I did. I liked doing all of the the activitys and participating in eating the foods.

    I have to go now

    • Hi Will,

      I enjoyed Indonesin day to and I’m really looking forward to next year.

      What was your favrouite activity?
      Mine was tasting the noodles they were really good. I was expecting the noodles to be alright but I was really suprised when I took my first bite. It was just like stirfrie but way better, there was an amazing taste to it. that is why it was my favrouite activity.

      See you soon

  2. Hi bloggers!,

    L.O.T.E day was fantastic 🙂 .

    My favorite activity was the hot food (noddles). Bu Walls (indoision teacher) mum it such a good cook! What do you think?

    Bye blogging buddies,
    Nellstar 😉

    What was your favorite activity?

    • Hello Nelly,

      Same here. The noodles were delicious! Thankyou Miss Jordan and Miss Curtain for serving the noodles. Bu Walls mum IS a really good cook. Here is my Indonesian sentence. Terima kasih Nona Jordan dan Miss Tirai untuk melayani mie delicious!

      Banyak terima kasih kepada Bu Wall untuk mengatur hari!
      🙂 😉 😀

    • Hi Nellstar,

      Indonesian day was very fun to participate in! My favorourite activity to do was the games section. We got to play 15 minutes each on a game of congclak ( pronounced as choncklak) and main karet.

      A sentence I can think of in Indonesian is “ Apa Kabar” this means “ How are you feeling”.

      Tasting the Mie Goreng was very interesting to eat, but was really nice ( from my opinion) !


  3. Hi 4A and 4B,
    I at Leopold Primary School we do Indonesian as well. At the moment we are making a book about us and the whole class is doing it.

    Slamet pagi

  4. Hi,
    I am Sophie from Leopold Primary School and we do Indonesian there as well.

    I hope you enjoyed your Indonesian day at your school.
    Sophie 5AH 🙂

  5. Dear 4A and 4B,

    Indonesian day was great!

    My favourite activitys were the hot and cold food tasting. Even though the food was really different from what we eat, it was really yummy! For the cold food tasting, we ate fruit. My favourite fruit was the mangosteen but it looked really gross.

    In the hot food tasting we ate noodles. I think they were really yummy and delouse. Bu Walls mum did a great job for cooking so many noodles!

    Selamat Pagi! Saya tinngal de mana? (Sorry if there are any words spelt wrong 🙂 )

    What was your favourite fruit that you tasted?

    Eevie 😉

  6. Hi 4A and 4B

    I thought Indonesian day was great, I loved the mei goreng and the fruit sampling.

    My personal favourite was Mango mentah, Mango mentah is Mango that is not ripe yet, I think it just tasted like sour Mango.

    Hope you all enjoyed the food,
    Terima kasi

  7. Dear 4A and 4B,

    I really enjoyed Indonesian day and I can’t wait to next year!

    I liked all the activitys but my all time favourite was the Mie gorang. My rating was 10/10 and a five star rating.


  8. Hi everyone,

    The photo slideshow was great and the music eas very catchy! Shupada shupada shupada bi yup a ba ba baba ba! 🙂

    I enjoyed all of the activites but I especailly liked the noodles.(Mie Goreng) They tasted delicous and I just wanted more. Yummy Yummy! 🙂

    This is my sentence in Indonesian…
    Halo nama saya Ella. Apa Kabar? Aku pergi ke sekolah di Barwon Heads. Guru saya adalah Miss Jordan. Sumpaih Jumpa.

    Hello my name is Ella. How are you? I go to school in Barwon Heads. My teacher is Miss Jordan. Good bye.

    Hope you liked my couple of sentences and maybe if someone replied you could answer to Apa Kabar.


  9. Hi Sophie,

    Thanks for commenting on our blog!

    So you do Indonesian as well. What are some words you know?

    Slalamt pagi,
    Nelly 🙂 😉

    did Miss Jordan ever teach you?

  10. Hi Everyone,

    L.O.T.E Day was amazing! I think that Bu Wall did a great job with the activities and games! Everyone espesicially liked the noodles Bu Walls mum made! (:

    My favourite activite was decorating the masks. I made a really cool rainbow mask with black in between on the head piece bit. It looked so good when I finished it! I also saw a few other really good masks too.

    What was your favourite activity?

    See you soon,
    Kennedy (;

  11. Hello everyone,
    Mmmmmm, noodles, I could dream about them all day! It was the best food I had on Indonesian day. What was your favorite food?

    Umur sayer pergi ker kumer kecil. This means could I please go to the toilet, ( sorry, I wasn’t sure how to spell it

  12. Hi 4A and 4B,
    I really liked the new post about Indonesian day.
    My favorite activity was tasting the mie goreng.
    Cooper and I did every activity together

    From : EDDIE

  13. Hello bloggers,

    I really enjoyed Indonesian Day! My favourite activity was the fruit sampling. I suka (liked) mangosteen the best. Did you know that mangosteen is used to cure some types of cancer and if you eat lots of it you will become very healthy. But I tidak suka (don’t like) durian. It looks like chicken.

    I will do a Indonesian conversation and then translate it for you:
    Selamat pagi. Selamat pagi. Siapa nama kamu? Nama saya Tilly. Apar kapar? Saya hebat. Berapa umur kamu? Umur saya sembilan tahun. Kamu tinggal di mana? Saya tinggal di Geelong. Sampai jumpa. Sampai jumpa.
    Good morning. Good morning. What is your name? My name is Tilly. How are you? I’m awesome. How old are you? I am 9 years old. Where do you live? I live in Geelong. Goodbye. Goodbye.

    Toodle pip,

  14. Dear miss Jorden

    I enjoyed Indonesan day my favorite activity was eating the yummy noodles bu walls mum made and the masks I thought the masks were fun to make

    Peace out from Indigo

  15. It certainly seems that LOTE day was very special and the food…….particularly the noodles were a smash hit!! Yum, I would have liked trying them too. What a surprise to see both of my children in a photo on this blog. Thank you to whom ever made the slide show that included the photo with Lachie and Caitlin. Love it! Terima kasih.

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