End of Term Three – Happy Holidays!

Today is the last day of term three.

It has been an action packed 10 weeks in 4A and 4B. All of the students have worked very hard and learnt a lot this term.

We have had a number of highlights this term, including:


To celebrate the end of term and to raise money for our two fundraising organisations, The Guide Dogs Association and the Royal Children’s Hospital, today was Footy Colours Day. Students and teachers dressed up in their footy (or other sport) gear for a gold coin donation.

Check out the slideshow below to see the students supporting their favourite sporting team!


We will return to school for our final term on Monday 6th October.


What did you enjoy about term three?

What are you looking forward to next term?

Do you have any learning goals for term four?

Who is your favourite football or sporting team?

5 thoughts on “End of Term Three – Happy Holidays!

  1. Hi Miss Jordan,
    I enjoyed going to division with you on Monday 15 of September you epted me company because I had to wait intill 1:30 then relay started.I also liked doing the maths project, my favourite bit was furnishing!

    Next term I would like to achieve on … well manly everything, maybe my hand writing and my times table. That would be great, and maybe write some more comments on the blog.

    I barrack for Geelong like Miss Curtain, but I still go for the other teams and some football players think it’s about winning but it isn’t it is just about having fun and making friends.

    Hope you have a great holiday!

  2. Hi Miss Jordan,
    Sorry I haven’t visited your blog in a while. I really miss you as a teacher! You were awesome and your 2014 class are really lucky to have you!

    Sorry I have to go but I will try and comment more often! 🙂

    Got to Gallop 😉 ,
    You old student Ava

    • Hi Ava,
      I’m Sienna and I am not from Miss Jordan’s class I am in 4A with Miss Curtain.
      You must of been a great student when you were in Miss Jordan’s class, Miss Jordan is a wonderful teacher and she really misses you guys.

      Over and out,

    • Dear Ava,

      Thank you so much for comment, it’s great to hear from you! I hope you’re enjoying the holidays! 🙂

      Your former teacher,
      Miss Jordan

      • Dear Sienna and Miss Jordan,

        Haha thanks, Sienna and yeah wee all miss you too Miss Jordan.
        Thanks and yeah the holidays were really fun and I hope everyone enjoyed there’s!

        Got to Gallop,
        Ava :mrgreen:

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