Poetry Study

This week we have started a poetry study in our writing lessons.

Our poetry study will feature two areas of learning:

  • First, students will participate in “poetry immersion”. In class we are currently reading lots of poems and analysing how they are written. Students are observing the mood of different poems and the writing craft that is used.
  • Next, students will begin drafting their own poems to publish.

We discussed what we sometimes see in poems. Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Humour
  • Emotions or feelings
  • Rhyming
  • Rhythm
  • Repeated words or phrases
  • Descriptive language
  • Similes
  • Metaphors
  • “Show me, don’t tell me”
  • A message or moral
  • A twist

We also brainstormed types of poems we already know:

  • Haiku
  • Cinquain
  • Limerick
  • Rhyming
  • Colour
  • Concrete/Shape
  • Acrostic

The Australian Children’s Poetry website is a great resource. It contains an extensive collection of poems written by Australian poets.

Australian Children's Poetry website

Here is a short, humourous cartoon about a boy who wrote a poem.


Challenge – in your comment, write a poem titled “Cold”.

It can be any kind of poem you like!


Do you have a favourite poem?

What sort of poems do you like writing?

What are your favourite poetry themes or topics?

What have you been observing in the poems we are studying in class?

16 thoughts on “Poetry Study

  1. Hi everyone,

    I love writing poems, even though they can be quite a challenge!

    I love rhyming poems, because they are quite different from other poems. They were the first types of poems I ever wrote. Before we studied poems, I thought that they were the only types of poems.

    My favourite poetry themes are humour and entertaining because they make me want to read more of that poet’s poems.

    My favourite poet so far has been Kenn Nespitt, because the poems I have read from him have been very interesting and funny.

    Chat soon,
    Georgie 😉

    • Hi Georgie,

      I also love writing poems and they really can be challenging! You could be writing a poem for hours just trying to find the write words.

      I wouldn’t say that rhyming poems are my favourite poems. I like jist normal poems and tongue twisters the best. I knew other poems because we did them with Mr Harris and I remember him doing one about sheep…. I think it was because he loves them so much.

      I also think that those are my favourite types of poems as well. They just keep me reading poems.

      My favourite was also Kenn Nespitt because they are so funny and make a lot of people smile. 🙂

      What kinds of things would you write about in your poems?

      This poetry study has been really fun!

      Chat soon,
      Eevie 😉

  2. Dear 4A and 4B,
    Here is my poem…

    It’s cold here tonight
    Wind howling, raindrops falling
    It’s really cold here
    Written By Caitlin

    What sort of poem did I write? Can you guess?

    From Caitlin

    • Hi Caitlin, It’s Jemma here. I really love your poem. Witing poems sounds like really good fun.

      It’s really cold here as well. Dads got the fire going to keep us warm.

      Hope to talk to you soon,
      Lots of love,
      Your friend and pen pal, Jemma

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I really like learning about different poems and knowing the difference between two poems.

    My favourite poem is one of the ones on the Australians Children’s Poetry website. The poet it Kathryn Apel and it’s called Big Blue whale. It’s written in the picture of a whale. The poem rhymes and it’s about not keeping a whale as a pet. The link to the poem’s below…


    I like writing haiku poems because you can write them in different ways. I also like the idea that it originated in Japan and is a Japanese tradition. Mostly haiku poems are about seasons and nature but really they can be about anything you like. Here’s the link to a great website that tells you about haiku poems and how to write one…


    Can’t wait to learn more about poems,
    Ella 🙂

  4. Hi Everyone,
    This topic was good for me because I’m not very good at poetry, so I hope I can learn lots from this.

    I don’t really have a favourite peom but I do like rhyming poems a bit. Last year we did we did a rhyming poem and it wasn’t easy. First I thought of a topic, then I thought of a word to discribe my topic, next I thought of rhyming words to go with the dicriptive word, thats the way I wrote mine.

    My favourite topics for poems are colours, sport and weathers.

    I’m learning a bit of new infomation and hope I learn more.


  5. Hello everyone,

    I’ve really enjoyed learning about poetry. I can’t wait to write my own poem.

    My faviourte poem is dolphin dance, this is a link that you can read my poem http://thedolphinplace.com/poetry.html I really enjoy it because it rhymes and I love poems that rhyme.

    I really like to write rhyming poems and haiku poems. What poems do you like writing?

    Have a great day

  6. Hello everyone,
    Here is a short poem I made.

    It feels like icicles
    Are growing on my arms.
    And it feels as if I
    Take another step,
    Then my foot’ll have frozen,
    Like ice just pulled
    Out of the freezer.
    The icy white wind pushes through a gap
    In the window.
    Mum tells me to put on my jacket,
    She doesn’t want me to get a…
    Do you think you could write a poem about the cold that rhymes?

    My favourite type of poem is a haiku poem, and also a limerick. What are yours?

    My favourite themes in poems are one about nature, or ones that are humourous. What are yours? (Again)!

    I’ve found that most poems are to do with a very small topic, not a big one, like school subjects.

    🙂 😉 😀

    • Hi Daisy

      I really like your poem on the cold.

      Before this poetry study I really only knew how to write Haiku and Colour poems. Now I like writing long poems about feelings and the environment. Do you have a favourite topic to write about to do with the environment, and could you write a poem about it?

      Here’s mine…


      One and only,
      Yes you
      With your branches ,
      And your trunk swaying.

      One of many
      Yes you
      With your friends and family,
      The birds and fellow trees

      One and only,
      One of many
      Never alone

      By Ella

      Bye for now,

  7. Hi everyone,

    My fav poem is disobedience by A. A. Milne.
    I like it because a boy that’s 3 tells is mother to never go down to the end of the town if you don’t go down with me. Then the mother completely disobeys!

    I really like writing haiku poems.
    They are Jappenesse poems that have 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line and 5 syllables in the last line.

    See you,

  8. Dear 4a and 4b,

    I’ve loved doing poems so far! There’s so much to write about and you can just put all you’re ideas on the page!

    Summer seemed warm, but I was cold.
    The heater was going, but I was cold
    Standing in the sun, I was cold.
    In my Mums arms, I was warm.

    My favourite poem to write is a acrostic poem and a rhyming poem because i like the way the rhyming poem flow, and how acrostic poems explain a word.

    See you soon,

  9. Hi everyone,
    I love poems don’t you! I think that my faviroute type of poem is a limerick .

    once I was in the cold
    I was very old
    I started to sweat
    I began to fret
    Oh, it was just a bit of Mold


    • Hello Hero,
      I like limerick poems too!

      Your poem about the cold sounds very unique and original. I like it!

      I like poems that are about nature or ones that are humourous.

      I’ve found that in most poems they don’t rhyme. I like writing ones that don’t rhyme, because otherwise you have to spend too much time thinking about a word that rhymes with one of the other words! 🙁

      Over and Out,
      Daisy 🙂 😉 😀

    • Hello Hero,
      I like limerick poems too!

      Your poem about the cold sounds very unique and original. I like it!

      I like poems that are about nature or ones that are humourous.

      I’ve found that in most poems they don’t rhyme. I like writing ones that don’t rhyme, because otherwise you have to spend too much time thinking about a word that rhymes with one of the other words! 🙁

      Over and Out,
      Daisy 🙂 😉 😀

  10. Hi everyone

    My favourite poem is the haiku poem is because they are easy

    The poem I like to writing is a poem

    Summer is coming
    Summer is not here today
    Summer is here now


  11. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I am loving our study on poems and learning a lot. Such as, what poems have in them, what makes a poem, emotions shared in a poem and why we write poems.

    Here is my poem about the cold :
    chills run down my back
    a box of arctic blows onto my face
    a field of white snow
    nothing but frozen trees
    dad lights a flame on wood
    ice melts
    water floding the ground

    I hoped you enjoyed my poem : )

    Do you like writing poems and why ?
    To be enjoyed for you what would be in a poem ?

    See you on Monday

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