Monster Global Project

We have just completed a fun global project with Mrs Yollis’s third grade class in Los Angeles, California.

This is how the project worked:

    1. Students in 4A and 4B were matched up with a partner in Mrs Yollis’s class.
    2. All students drew a picture of a monster.
    3. Next, the students wrote a detailed description of their own monster.
    4. The two classes switched their writing (but didn’t swap their pictures).
    5. The students had to draw their partner’s monster using the details in the written description.
    6. We compared the original drawing to the drawing our partner made of the monster!

The results:

The results of the project were so interesting! Here is the writing that 4A and 4B students prepared along with their picture and the picture that their partner in Mrs Yollis’s class prepared.



We learnt:

  • Writing needs to be very clear and detailed for someone to generate the same mental image that you started with.
  • Writing is an excellent way to help people create a mental image when it is done well.
  • When you leave details out of your writing, people can’t read your mind to imagine what you were thinking.
  • Good readers create mental images when they’re reading.
  • Working together with other classes is fun!

Be sure to check out the post on Mrs Yollis’ blog to see the results of our students drawing the directions from her students!


What did you enjoy about this project?

After reading our descriptions, did our monsters look the way you imagined?

Have you got any tips for writing good descriptions?

11 thoughts on “Monster Global Project

  1. Dear 4A and 4B,

    I had so much fun in your class this week. I wish I could be there again today!

    After seeing you work on your monster project I couldn’t wait to check out the results. I was amazed at how similar some of the monsters looked to your originals! This is proof that your descriptive writing skills are very good.

    Would you like to do another global project with your blogging buddies overseas?

    Best wishes,
    Mrs Morris

    • Hello Mrs Morris,
      I would really like to do another project with our blogging buddies. It was a great experience to remember.

      I enjoyed wondering what the other picture would be like, and making little images in my head. I also enjoyed using teamwork to make the picture, for it went really well.

      I’m so glad that you are interested in our activities. Giving up your time to look at our blog is very pleasing.

      I thought that our monsters looked almost the same, but not fully, which is still great.

      My tip for writing a good description is to explain the colour and shape the best as you can.

      Kind Regards,

      • Hi Daisy,

        Thanks for your lovely reply. That’s a great tip; it’s important to include the shapes and colours in your description.

        I loved seeing all the 4A and 4B students work so co-cooperatively on the project.

        See you again soon,
        Mrs Morris

        • Hello Mrs Morris, (Again!)
          I’m glad that you like my tip because sometimes people don’t listen to what you have to say, which can be quite annoying.

          Everybody worked cooperatively, (I agree), and that is really important skill.

          P.S. You’re a really quick replier! And that’s a good thing. 😉

    • Hi Mrs Morris,

      I loved doing the monster project with Mrs Yollis’ class! I really hope we can do another project like this!

      I think the number one thing that I liked about the monster project was checking the results at the end. I liked seeing how Mrs Yollis’ class did with our instructions.

      I would absolutely love to do another project with a class overseas! It would be really fun.

      Did you like watching us drawing the other class’s monsters?

      Eevie 😉

      • Hi Eevie,

        Great to hear from you. I knew you would enjoy the monster project. I have done this project before with my students and they loved it! I agree, the best part of the project is comparing the drawings at the end.

        I certainly did enjoy watching you draw the monsters. It made me very happy to see partners cooperating so well.

        See you soon,
        Mrs Morris

  2. Dear 4A and 4B,

    What a fabulous writing project! Although it was primarily about writing, we learned so much about measurement too! My students learned about the metric system last year when they were in second grade, but I had not reviewed it this year. This project gave everyone a chance to use measurement in a meaningful and fun way.

    Daisy, I agree with you. Color/colour and shape were keys to success. When I look at the images side-by-side, I look for things that worked. Monsters with measurable shapes, like a square that measures 8 centimeters on each side, were easier to draw. Some irregular shapes required an interpretation. Sometimes the monsters looked alike, sometimes the blogger had a different interpretation.

    Mrs. Morris, it was fun to see your avatar pop up in the slide show! I’ve enjoyed a long and successful collaborative relationship with you and Miss Jordan. I’m so happy that Miss Curtain is interested in blogging and global projects. The more, the merrier!

    Boys and girls, what should we plan next?

    It is now 9:15 P.M. on Wednesday night, so I am going to log off the computer. How many hours ahead are you? We are in the Pacific Standard Time Zone (PST)

    Please stop by our blog and drop us a comment! We’d love to connect!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis
    Los Angeles, California

    • Dear Mrs Yollis,
      I had great fun doing the monster project with your class.

      Sandy and I really enjoyed writing intructions and colouring in the monster. Ours was PokerDot. We were teamed up with Tabitha. We really like the idea of ssssssnake eye will ssssstrike.

      An idea of another project we could do together is…. Getting two animals and putting them together to make a new animal. We could make intructions like we did with the monster projects.

      I don’t know what the difference is with our time and your time, but if I get some imformation I will be shore to find out.

      What part of the monster project was your favourite?
      Mine was seeing the drawings on the blogs at the very end!

      I will be shore to write a quality blog comment on your blog and see what you have been up to with your class.

      Yours sincerely,

  3. Dear 4A & 4B

    I had a great time doing our monster project

    I would love to give a shout out to my buddy and to others for joining us with our monster projects. I think everyone did a fantastic job with designing the monsters and drawing Mrs Yollis kids’ monsters. I forgot to do some details into my instructions.

    Hopefully everyone had a great time.

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi everyone,

    I loved doing this activity it was really fun.

    Can’t wait to do another activity with Miss yollis students again

    Chat soon Mitchell

  5. Dear 4A and 4B,
    I had a great time doing the monsters. They were lots of fun.
    My partner was Kennedy. Our monster was called “Bob Slob”.
    I can’t wait to do another activity like this again.
    Best wishes,

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