Our Anglesea Adventure!

We have just had a fantastic three days at our

Grade four camp

On Monday 3rd November, we boarded the bus, full of excitement about what was ahead. We soon arrived at Camp Wilkin in Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road.



Anglesea is a coastal town, with a population of about 3500. It is a very popular tourist destination, particularly in summer as there are beaches and other outdoor recreational activities to be enjoyed.

Here is the route we took from Barwon Heads to Anglesea.

BHPS to Camp Wilkin

Everyone enjoyed staying in the camp cabins and meal times in the dining hall was lots of fun. There were many on-site activities at camp which provided fun and memorable experiences for all students.




We had eight fun and challenging rotations to complete:

  • Rock climbing wall
  • Initiatives
  • Leap of Faith
  • Bike riding
  • Archery
  • Flying Fox
  • Low Ropes Course
  • Orienteering.

Some of our other group activities included:

  • Night walk
  • Disco
  • Beach walk and a team challenges
  • Basketball, volleyball and soccer games
  • Free time on the playground, trampoline and chess board.

Here is a selection of photos from our camp. Enjoy!


We had a wonderful time on camp and enjoyed all of the new experiences!

A very BIG thank you to our terrific helpers, Miss Campbell, Mr Watene, Mr Smith and Steve.

What did you enjoy most about our Anglesea camp?

What was your favourite rotation activity?

Have you ever been on a school camp before?

If you could go on a school camp somewhere, where would you like to go?

30 thoughts on “Our Anglesea Adventure!

  1. Dear 4A and 4B,

    I had so much fun coming on camp with you all! I can’t believe how much action and adventure we managed to pack into two nights and three days!

    I thought everyone did so well, and I was so proud of everyone for having a go at everything (but also knowing their limits)!

    My favourite rotation was probably Initiatives! I really enjoyed watching you all work together and support each other to solve problems.

    The disco was also a highlight! What a bunch of groovers you are!

    Hope you all had a big nights sleep on Wednesday and were well rested for the rest of the school week!

    See you soon!
    Miss Campbell 🙂

    • Hi Miss Cambell,

      I too had so much fun at Camp Wilkin! The whole camp was action packed, fun and more.

      In group 2 everyone did the jump even if they didn’t touch the platform. I’m so proud of everyone! Did you do the Leap of Faith? How did you feel after you had done it?

      Like you I liked Initiatives. The activities showed how well we worked together and more. I found out on the activity were you had to get from one side of a plank to the other, that if you put your feet on the wooden lying down pole and held on to the wooden plank people could step over you. Did you think of a strategy?

      The disco was definitely a highlight by far! Everyone had very grooooovy moves! Some people could even do the worm, amid by the worm I don’t mean like just turning into a wiggly worm but the dance move!

      I had a good night sleep on Wednesday but not as good as last nights sleep! I had a 13 hour nap!

      Have you been on any other school camps?

      Ella 🙂 😉

    • Hello Miss Campbell!

      Grade for Camp Wilkin was the best camp I have been to so far, and if I could go back for more exciting adventures, I would!

      I enjoyed all of the activities, but my favourite activity would have to be the Leap Of Faith. I didn’t the bouy, but it was great to have a go!

      The thing I enjoyed most at camp Wilkin (apart from the activities), would have to be going on the trampoline and doing or watching tricks.

      I have been to a school camp before, and that was last year. We went to a different place in Anglesea, called Camp Forrest Lodge. Some of their activities included yabby catching and archery.

      I also had a camp in grade two, but we only got to stay for a night. There was also a low ropes course, and it was awesome!

      I hope I get to go camping soon!

      Chat later,

  2. Dear everyone,
    I had so much fun at camp even though I got quite home sick!
    My favourite rotation activities would have to have been
    Leap of Faith, Flying fox and Initiatives.

    My favourite part about the camp would have to be the disco and the activities.

    Yes I have been on a school camp before and actually it was last year at Coastal Forrest Lodge. ( I liked Camp Wilkin better though.)

    I would like to thank everyone who helped out with the camp and especially Miss Curtain who organised it.


    • Hi Emily,
      I thought camp was amazing with all the fun activities.

      As you may know, I enjoyed every activity, but I especially enjoyed the leap of faith and the awesome archery!

      I enjoyed going on the trampoline, did you?

      I hope grade five camp is just as fun!

      Best wishes,

    • Hi Emily,
      Looks like you had fun at camp, and it is great that you are feeling better. It is ok if you get home sick and everyone understands.

      You look like you had so much fun on the Leap of faith, I on the other hand didn’t because I couldn’t make it to the platform so I had to let go of the pegs and pretend I am flying.

  3. Dear 4A and 4B,
    I loved camp my favourite part was the leep of faith and the flying fox.
    Sometimes I wish we were still there.
    for my opinion camp Wilkin was the best camp ever it was amazing.
    What was your favourite activity at camp Wilkin?
    Did you do the leep of faith?

    By Ava

  4. Dear Everyone,

    I hope everyone in grade 4 (including student teachers and normal teachers) had a whole lot of fun at Camp Wilkin!

    My favourite activity (and probably yours too!) was the Leap Of Faith. The Leap Of Faith was where you went up onto an 8 metre high platform, and jump off with a harness connected to you. You had to try and jump off the platform and reach for a floating buoy. If you didn’t reach it, that wouldn’t matter. But if you were able to touch it you did a good job.

    The cabin I was in was with Kennedy D, Ava J, Molly B and I. The girls lodge was called ‘Lewis Lodge’, and the boys lodge was called ‘Locket Lodge’. The cabin code I was in was room 2C.

    See you all soon,

  5. Hi everyone
    I had so much fun going to Camp Wilkin , there was so much to do there and so much to learn.

    I enjoyed the disco, the songs were fantastic and all the dance moves were incredible, but when I was trying to get to sleep I heard the music still going and cabin doors were opening.

    My favourite activity was the flying fox group 3 leader for that was Amy, I liked it because they had a nice comfrey chair to sit in and the best bit was hitting the tyre and going up and then back down.

    I have been to a school camp before in grade 3 it was called Coastel Forest there were fun activities there but no as fun as this one, I shared a cabin with Alex H,Eevie W and Grace C.

    When my Dad when to school he had a few camps and one of them was going to Uluru that had to sit in the bus for hours and hours.
    I would like to go somewhere out of Victoria because I find it more fun.

    Got to go,

  6. Hi everyone
    I loved camp it was so much fun.
    Some of my favourite things that we did were low rope course, flying fox and Initiatives.
    The leap of faith was really scary! I was terrified when I was climbing up the ladder.
    When group 4 went on the bike ride we saw an echidna it was so cute but I didn’t want to cuddle it!
    Chat soon

    • Hi Alana,
      I thought that the leap of faith was scary too! So that’s why I was shaking for still about ten minutes afterwards! I only slid down, I got soo freaked out! At least I can proudly say…
      “I did the leap of faith!”
      I liked the climbing wall and initiatives too! Though I like flying fox and archery.
      Chat soon,
      Daisy 😎 🙂 😉 😀

      • Hi Daisy,

        My favourite activity was the leap of faith and anititives. Though I jumped off, I didn’t hit the bouy but I was really close to touching it.

        Did you touch one of the toy animals at the top of the rock climbing board?

        Did your arrow hit the target?

        Catch you later,
        BEBE. 😎 🙂 😉

  7. Hi 4a and 4b. I had a fantastic time at camp! It was so much fun!My favourite activity was probably the flying fox or archery. My favourite thing we did at camp Wilkin was the disco!

    It was so much fun and it was a great idea to have a disco. Camp Wilkin rules!

    Warm regards,

  8. Hi 4A and 4B
    School camp was epic my favourite rotation was leap of faith because it had excitement and adrenalin.
    The thing I liked to most was at the camp was the disco
    It was great.
    I have been on a school camp before. It was grade 3 camp but I can’t remember we’re it was but it did have a low ropes course and archery

    See you soon

  9. Hi 4A and 4B,
    The thing I enjoyed most about camp Wilkin was probably the trampolines because they were bouncy and you could do a lot of tricks on them.

    My favorite rotation was the low ropes course it was fun to do and have people to catch you if you fell.

    Yes I have been to a school camp before but camp wilkin was way more fun and some activities that we did last year we did this year like the low ropes course,archery and orienteering

    If I could go on a school camp I would still choose camp wilkin because it was great fun and had lots of things to do.

    From Indi

  10. Dear 4a and 4b,

    I really enjoyed this camp. It was probably my favourite! There were so many different activities to keep you entertained!

    The number one highlight of Camp Wilkin was probably once I jumped off the leap of faith and hit the ball. I liked feeling of myself achieving something because I can sometimes get a bit scared of heights.

    My favourite rotations were the flying fox, leap of faith and initiatives. I liked the bit on the flying fox when you hit the tier and go flying up, and down. I liked watching everone doing the leap of faith and giving it a go even if it was only a little jump, it was still being brave. In initiatives, I liked working together as a group, and figuring out ways to complete the challenges.

    I have been to a school camp before also ing Torquay, and that camp was Costal forest lodge. I also went to grade two sleepover, but that was just a night so it wasn’t really a camp.

    Toddle loo

  11. Hi everybody I had a great time at camp

    My favourite rotations were Leap Of Faith and the Climbing Wall. The Leap Of Faith because when I got up to the top adrenaline surged through me. The climbing wall because there was a lot of thinking involved in where you put your feet.

    The disco was so good it was the best part of the camp unlike grade two’s 20 minute disco with bad music, this one was great. It had good music and good amount of time

    By guys

  12. Dear 4A and 4B,

    WOW! What a great camp we had. I had loads of fun.

    I enjoyed all of it. The food, rotations, disco, free time, games room, beach games, night walk were really fun.

    All of the rotations we did were really good. My favourite rotation would have to be LEAP OF FAITH! It was really scary climbing up the ladder and jumping but I had loads of fun doing it. I also really liked Orienteering, Flying fox and Rock climbing.

    I have been on three school camps. Grade 2 camp at Cottage by the sea, Costal forest lodge in grade 3 and this year at Camp Wilkin.

    For a school camp I would like to go to Bondi. I would like to do this because apparently it has very good views. I would also like to go to Moulden. I would like to go to Moulden because I have heard of the place and it sounds fun!

    I had a great school camp this year and can’t wait until next years school camp!


  13. Hi everyone,
    I thought that camp Wilkin was great did you?
    The part that I loved the most and I think a lot of other people loved too was the leap of faith, it was a little bit scary up there but I stilled jumped.
    I think that camp Wilkin is the best camp I’ve been too is it yours?
    Did you like the leap of faith?
    Wich camp do you like better camp Wilkin or Costal forest lodge?

  14. Dear 4a & 4b

    I thought camp Wilkin was terrific. it is probably the best camp I’ve been on. I thought the activites were really amazing and the food.

    my favourite activity was the leap of faith and the disco because after I had a adrenaline and I’m felt really pumped and. The disco was maginificent and awesome I liked the songs

    What was your favourite activity?

    Did you like the disco?

    Chat soon

  15. Hello everyone,
    WOW what an amazing camp, I had such a good time! Hanging with my friends.

    I really enjoyed doing alll of the rotashions, my faviourte activity was the leap of faith. I was a little bit scared at the start but as I climbed up it was amazing my legs felt like jelly when I reached the top. I just hit the ball at the end.

    I have been on an other camp before we went to coastal forest lodge in angle see and that was a good camp as well. I really enjoyed the low ropes course and doing the yabbing. I also went to grade two sleep over witch was at cottage by the sea. My faviourte actively there was the sand castle compotishan.

    If I could go on a school camp I would like to go on an airplane to anywhere in the world for a week.

    Thank you very much miss curtain and miss Jordan for all the help for everything.

    How did you enjoy camp?

    What was your faviourte activey?

    Kind regards Summer

  16. Dear 4A and 4B,
    I had a great time at camp! It was so much fun.
    My favourite was the leap of faith. Luckily, my group got to have two goes each. I also loved the orienteering, disco, rock climbing and archery.
    The first night, the meal was awesome! I loved it so much. I was on breakfast duty the first morning, and then lunch on Wednesday.
    See you soon,

  17. Dear 4A and 4B,

    I would’ve enjoyed going to camp with my mates but sadly I went to Robe for 7 days.

    The good news is that I had fun and caught more than ten fish. My first fish I caught I was very proud of myself.The photos of camp look really fun and I liked the look of the archery the most.

    Hope you all had fun.
    from Billy.

  18. Hi Everyone.

    Camp Wilkin was so fun, wasn’t it!

    My favourite activities were:
    • The Leap of Faith because of the shock and emotions you get once you’re about to do it or once you’ve done it.
    • Inititives because you had to work as a team and figure out strategies.
    • Orienteering because I like finding things.

    Last year, we went to Coastal Forest Lodge. The camp had lots of fun activities that included:
    • Yabbying
    • Low Ropes
    • Orienteering as a group
    • Archery
    • Eagles nest walk
    • Bush walks
    • Petting Paddock which is where you get to pet and feed the horses, cows, goats and sheep.
    • Mini Golf
    • Inititives
    Last year my favourite activity was yabbying with Mr Harris. Although it wasn’t the correct season for it we still had a lot of fun!!

    This year I was in a cabin with Emily and Tilly, so there was the three of us. Four cabins shared one house but only three cabins were used in House 2. The people I shared a house with were:
    • Nelly
    • Georgie
    • Ane
    • Molly.B
    • Mollie.C
    • Ava
    • Kennedy

    Do you remember what your favourite activity was last year?

    What was your favourite activity at Camp Wilkin?

    Who were you in a cabin with?

    Who were you in a house with?

    Bye, 🙂
    Ella 🙂 😉

  19. Hi everyone,
    I really enjoyed going on camp and if I had the chance to do it again I defenitly would go.

    I was in a cabin with george, spencer, Will D and me. We had lots of laghs and lots of fun.

    My favourite thing that I did on camp was probably the leap of faith. But ai enjoyed all the other activites to.

    The food there was great and I loved the a dessert.

    We also had a massive game of soccer on the to basketball courts.

    We were really lucky because on camp one of the perants who came had a birthday so we sang happy birthday and had some cake.

    See you later,

  20. Hi Everyone,

    I hope you all had an awesome time at camp, I know I sure did.

    My favourite event had to be the disco with DJ Kelvin Harris, I thought it was fantastic! Will D, James and I were usually dancing in a group. Although I have to admit I was very exhausted the next morning.
    I almost fell asleep on the ride back to school!

    I liked when my group was doing dinner duty because we got to have seconds of dessert.

    Talk again soon

  21. The camp sounds amazing! I love all the photos, it lets me see what the Leap of Faith actually looks like. SCARY!!!!
    It looks like you all had a great time and got to celebrate our friend Steve’s birthday with him!
    I was so very glad to have my Eli back home!

  22. Dear 4A and 4B,

    Just loved seeing the photos from your camp. It certainly looked like a lot of fun. You were so lucky too have good weather too.
    Harry said that his favourite activity was leap of faith. What was yours?
    I am looking forward to cooking with you all at some stage. Is there something in the garden that we can harvest and cook? Let me know.

  23. Dear 4a and 4b

    I herd camp was really good. But I was not there because I was in Queensland and it was really warm every day. I wish I was there so I could do the leap of thath and do lots of other awesome stuff you did.

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