Grade Four Picnic

To celebrate the end of a fantastic year in grade four, today we had a special picnic at the beach.

We walked to the local beach park at 11.30am and enjoyed some games and activities in the park and on the sand. The students enjoyed making sand castles and playing cricket, soccer and football on the sand. The playground was also popular.

Students brought their lunch and enjoyed eating and socialising in the picturesque environment. Barwon Heads is a beautiful part of the country and we are very lucky to have the beach so close to our school!

Check out the photos below of the grade four students enjoying their special outing.


What did you enjoy about the grade four picnic?

6 thoughts on “Grade Four Picnic

  1. Dear 4A and 4B,
    The grade 4 picnic was so fun! I hope everyone els found it awesome to. I enjoyed playing footy and on the playground.
    I was sharing a bag with Alana and Emma D. We took Alana’s bag. I liked the walk and my mum even came for a bit.
    I had a great day!
    Chat soon
    Jazzy S

    • Hi Jaz,
      I know! The picnic was terrific. I didn’t play any footy, but I enjoyed having a sancastle comp and watching the smooth waves. I enjoyed having fun with my friends. A big thanks to the teachers for organising the excursion! 🙂

      Over and out,
      Daisy 🙂 😉 😀

  2. Dear 4A and 4B,

    I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break and are looking forward to your learning adventures in Year 5. I’m sorry my busy schedule in the second half of the year didn’t allow me more time for visiting your blog.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. Dear 4a and 4b
    I really enjoyed going to the park even though I made myself sick. The wizzy dizzy was the best part of the excursion until it was banned. I did feel sorry for the people that fell off (that was how it was banned.

    Thanks for being such a great grade and thank you to the teachers for being such good teachers.
    From Romdog.

  4. Dear 4B,
    Yesterday Tim Silverwood came to our school he talked about Take thee to keep our beaches clean. If we keep the beaches clean it makes it safe for the sea creatures. He came all the away from Sydney it would take Tim about four to five hours to get to Barwon heads to come to talk to us . He spoke to grades two to six we were all in the Multi Function Centre. Tim showed us photos and two videos is was very interesting. Mr Budess and Mr Harris had organised the day so Tim could come to Barwon Heads Primary School.
    I spoke to my mum and dad about Take 3 now I think we will always take our rubbish home and take 3 as we leave.
    Now I think everybody should take three when they leave the beach.
    This is Alex Signing off from Take Three.

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