Whole School Sports Day

Yesterday we had our annual whole school athletics day.

All students participated in a variety of fun track, field and indoor activities. The senior events included:

  • 75 metres
  • 3 leg egg and spoon race
  • High jump
  • Ball fetch
  • Hurdles
  • Basketball shot

There were also some distance runs and relays to finish the day.

The winning house was…Neptune!

Here are some photos of the 4A and 4B students enjoying the events!


Well done to all students for their fantastic enthusiasm and efforts!

A huge thank you to our P.E teacher, Mrs Sing, for organising the day!


What was your favourite event and why?

17 thoughts on “Whole School Sports Day

  1. Dear 4A and 4B,

    Everyone did such a great job! In the Distance run I came second. My favourite event was Hurdles, and Maeve and me got the third record with 4.66 seconds.

    Cya Later,

  2. Hi everyone,
    Sports day was great! I’m glad that everyone participated, and tried their best. Well done!

    What’s your favourite sport to do out of yesterday’s sport? Mine was the high jump. I got a B on it. What did you get?

    The photos are great, (good job Miss Jordan!), and showed the happiness or yesterday and enjoyment.

    Well done to Neptune for winning the sports day for the forth year in a row! Looking forward to another year of fun and another sports day, even though it’s ages away! 😉

    I thought that walking with yours and someone else’s leg tied together was hard. Even though we had a pattern going, it was still difficult. Do you think it was hard?

    Catch you later!
    Daisy 🙂 😉 😀 :p

  3. Hi everyone,
    Sports day was filled with excitement and activities. I think it has been the best sports day since prep!

    My favourite activitiy I did was high jump, because it was so fun to see everyone improving their efforts, and also mine.

    I also loved the three legged race as well, because it contained teamwork and good sportsmanship to complete.

    I loved seeing the adults doing the relay, because it was done so quickly and swiftly. The only bad thing about it was that a few people fell and hurt themselves pretty badly.

    My team was Saturn, and we came third altogether. I think that everyone tried their best and gave a good shot.

    I look forward to an excellent sports day next year!

    Best wishes,
    Georgie 🙂 😉

  4. Hello everyone!

    I had a great time at sports day yesterday didn’t you? Sadly I am in Jupiter and They came last but we gave it our all and we know that one year we will win.

    Athletics and sports day are some of my favourite parts of the year! but I also enjoy other times.

    Peace to all,

  5. Dear 4A and 4B,

    Sports day was fantastic!

    Great job Mrs Sing for organising the sports day! It was a great day filled with lots and lots of different types of sports!

    Also great video Miss Jordan! The photos are great!

    My favourite event was probabaly the distance run at the end. I liked it becuase I’m a good long distance runner and I love running.

    Great job for everyone who participated in the sports day! Great job to Neptune for winning for the the 4th year in a row!

    Eevie 😉

  6. Dear 4A and 4B,

    I really enjoyed watching the adults do the race. I think it wild hurt when Belinder, will’s mum fell over! Is she alright Will?! My favourite event was doing high jump. What was yours. Anyway, I loved the feeling when I got A in my events because then I felt really proud.

    Got to go,


  7. Hi everyone,

    I loved Participating in the school sports day!

    My favourite sports avent was the 75m run because I thought I did pretty well.

    I also enjoyed high jump because I found that so much fun!


  8. Hello everyone it’s Nelly & Kennedy,

    We very much enjoyed sports day! It was fun and exciting.

    My (Nelly) favorite event was the 75 meter sprint because I got to race my friends and Miss Jordan.

    My (Kennedy) favorite event was high jump because I enjoyed jumping over the line and landing on the soft mat.

    We are very proud of the people who joined in and tried there hardest in all events! (;

    Kennedy and Nelly (; (:

    (P.S Well done to Miss Jordan for taking all of the photos and posting this amazing blog post!)

  9. Hi Miss Jordan and class mates,
    What a great sports day! I really enjoyed it and had loads of fun running around, doing high jump, hurdles, three leg and spoon race, basketball shoot and ball fetch.

    THANK YOU TO MISS SING, who made the day happen.

    I had lots of favourite activitys but the best event for me would be the big running race at the end because I tried my hardest and because I love running. I came 5th with Chloe, Anè, Eevie and Summer in front of me.


    Did you like all of the events?
    Do you like running! I do.

    I can’t wait till next years sports day!


  10. Dear Everyone,

    Wow! We made it through the year and finished with a great Sports Day. Iti might be my last Blog comment of 2014! Shez Kebab its gone quick!

  11. To 4a & 4b

    I thought sports day was fantastic I thought it was ran very well I would like to thank mrs sing for running the day.

    *what was your favourite event?
    *do you like to play sport?

    Kind regards

  12. Hello everyone,
    I like how I am in allot of photos!
    My favorite avent was the three leged egg and spoon race or any of the sprints in sports day because they are fun and I am good at the sprints. Sports day was a fun exiting day!


  13. Hi Miss Jordan and 4A 4B,
    This might be my last time commenting on this post an blog but I would definitely keep track of your next blog, so It might take a while to read.
    My favourite event was 75 metre sprint because I love riding and it is so fun running with your friends, also I like to say to myself it’s not about coming first or winning a huge pile of gold. It’s about having fun with your friends and family and helping others.

    Well done to all the students participating in Sports events and trying their best, all the houses: Neptune,Jupiter,Saturn and Mercury did a really good job but unfortunately their was only one winner: Neptune.

    What a fun year I had this year in grade 4 with Miss Jordan and Miss Curtian, I had an interesting year and fun,but a least I got to spend time with the teachers.

    I am going to Miss our grade and teachers, and also miss doing sports day in Grade 4!

    From Sienna 4A

  14. Dare miss Jordan,
    My favorite event was the high jump I got a B on it but I almost got an A but I just hit it and I really liked the slushy machine they were delicious.

    Gotta go
    From Indi

  15. Dear Miss Jordan and Miss Curtain,

    I had a blast of a day rotating to all the different fun activities.

    My favourite events were the 75m sprint and the last long distance run. I was very happy because I came first for the long distance, I also enjoyed watching everyone run there Little harts out, and seeing there happy face as they crossed the finish line.

    Well done to NEPTUNE for winning the 2014 sports day.

    A big thank you to all the teachers and parents for helping on the day.

    The highlight of the day was watching Mr Roskosch and Mr Cover run at the end!

    Keep smiling from Summer

  16. Dear Miss Jordan, 4A and 4B,
    This might be my last blog comment which is sad but I will still go to this blog or a new blog that Miss Jordan uses. I will still comment on it as well.

    I loved sports day it was so fun and probably one of the best sports days I have ever participated in.

    My favourite activity was the 3 leg egg and spoon race because it was a challenge but a very fun one!

    Well done to Neptune!

    What a great year this year has been! I have loved every second of it. I have enjoyed the challenges and the activites it couldn’t have had so much fun without my great class mates and teachers!

    I will miss Miss Curtain and Miss Jordan!
    See you

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