Our Pastel Portraits

Recently, the students in 4A and 4B showed off their artistic skills by creating pastel portraits of themselves.

Pastels are a great medium to use and the students experimented with different techniques in their portraits. The rich colours that pastels produce can make your artwork vibrant and really eye-catching.


photo credit: Cat Sidh via photopin cc

The aim of the task was for students to completely cover their piece of paper in colour and to create a portrait that represented themselves.

Here are 4B’s pastel portraits!


What do you think of our pastel portraits?

What art activities do you enjoy?

15 thoughts on “Our Pastel Portraits

  1. Hi 4ab,

    I’m Ané, if you don’t know me, I was a student in Miss Curtains class last year. I was involved with the blog as well. I remember going on it almost everyday with the class. It’s really great getting involved with the blog. I’d say you’re going to love it. There’s lots of activities and other things to do with classes all over the world!

    I rember doing these pastel pictures with Miss Campell last year. These look fantastic! I can almost see who drew the pictures just be looking at them. They all look like so realist!

    Well, I have to go but good luck this year! You’ve all got terrific teachers, Miss Jordan and Miss Curtain. Have fun,

    • Hi Ane
      My name is ebony and I am in miss Jordans class and I really like her and I got your comment. I think I’m really happy that miss Jordan showed us the blog.

      From ebony

  2. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I love everyone’s pastel portraits! They were fun to do and look great. They were also really hard. It took ages to get it finished, but I think I did quite well, considering pastels are hard to draw with

    My favourite art activities must be drawing and painting, because it’s so fun! I love doodling on my drawing pads with a grey lead. I very rarely colour in the pictures because I think black and white pictures look really good.

    Miss Jordan, what art activities do you enjoy?
    What is your favourite thing to draw?
    Your student,

    • Hi Jema,

      How are you going

      I am going very well me I like doing a project
      Behind the news

      I well see you at A5 in swimming groups

      From ginger

      • Hi ginger

        I liked the idea of the pastel porters
        Because it was so much fun.

        Have you had a good fist weeks.

        I have and see you at school bye

        • Hi ebony,

          Some with me I like all the patrol porters
          They are cool

          Are you having fun?
          How was your holiday

          See you tomorrow
          do you love swimming lesson?
          I love it because May Nanna is a swimmer so I am

          See you in class

      • Hi Ginger,
        I’m doing well. I liked doing the project behind the news to. It was fun making up a speech to say and then filming it.

        Isn’t it awesome that we’re in the same swimming group? I think it is.

        What’s your favourite stroke?
        Your friend,

    • Hi Jema

      I know that the pastel portraits where really cool
      And I liked them to hanging up on the wall it
      Looked really cool.

      Also did you like swimming? I did it was so much fun

      See you at school today bye

      • Hi Ebony,
        Thanks for your comment! I do like swimming because I love doing freestyle.

        The pastel portraits really look amazing. They really made the wall look spectacular! I think they look just right there.

        You can see how much time and effort was put into them.
        From your friend,

  3. I LOVE these portraits!! I can imagine them as a series of postcard or greetings cards. They really make you smile when you look at them all. Beautiful.
    Katie, Rocker’s Mum.

  4. To Miss Jordan,

    I think the pastel portrait’s looked amazing!
    They were also fun to create and I think
    mine looked good.

    From Dalton

  5. To miss Jordan,

    I really think we did a good job on the pastel portraits

    Things mine good but I did somthing rong with my head it was ment to go out a little

  6. Hi Miss Jordan,
    The pastel portraits look great and look really good hanging up in the classroom. Everyone did a fantastic job. I really liked doing them they were so fun.


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