Reading Strategies

Reading is a big part of our day.

We use the CAFE model in our Literacy Block every day. Each week we focus on a different CAFE reading strategy in class. CAFE is an acronym for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expand vocabulary. All of these areas of reading are extremely important and good readers know they need to read regularly to improve their skills.

We have a CAFE Menu in our classroom. At the end of each week we put a strategy card on the menu.

At the beginning of the year this is what our CAFE Menu looks like.

CAFE Menu 2

By the end of the year, it will look more like this!



Last week, our reading strategy was Check for Understanding.


This week, our strategy is Make a Picture in your Mind.


These two comprehension strategies help readers to understand their texts, and we will continue to build on our comprehension as the year progresses.

After working on our reading strategies collectively as a class each morning, the students then participate in 15 – 20 minutes of independent reading. During this time, they practise the strategy independently while reading “good fit” books.




What reading strategies do you use?

What areas of reading do you want to work on this year?

What books do you like to read?

28 thoughts on “Reading Strategies

  1. Dear Mrs Jordon,
    I like to read adventure novels by Enid Blyton and non fiction books about animals. I just started reading Captain Underpants and found out I really liked it. Thea Stilton is also one of my favourites.

    I want to work on visualising thic year, aka making a picture in my mind. I also want to learn bigger words like manouevre.

    We have only just started reading so we haven’t done many reading strategies. We have only done Check For Understanding and we are doing Make A Picture In My Mind this week. I think I am doing really good in reading.

    What is your favourite area in reading?(comprehension, accuracy, fluency or expand vocabulary)
    Who is your favourite author?
    From your surprising student,

    • Hay jema

      Hope you have a grat term with miss Jordan and the class.

      I am having a lovely term with you and class hope you are to.
      See you at school bye ebony

  2. Dear Miss Jordan,
    Today is our library day! I got an Enid Blyton book, a Jim Benton book and a Big Nate book. In independent reading I finished my book so I had to get another book. Luckily, we had just had library, so I had another book to read.

    At home I have a small bookshelve apsaloutly bursting with books! 2 rows of Enid Blyton, halve a row of Morris Gleitsman, and lots of Dr Zeuss. My sister has a bigger bookshelve, but not as much books as me.

    How many bookshelves do you have?
    What is your favourite author?
    From your admiring student,

    • Hi Jema,

      I have three book shelves and maddie has two.
      My favourite author is jackie French and Maddies is Enid Blyton.

      We think Enid Blyton is a really good author. We think that she dose a really good job of writing creatively. We really wish that we could Write as well as she can. We both think that you are a really amazing writer.

      If I had to have a blog it would be about books and writing Maddies would be about horses and animals.
      We love miss jordans blog. we think that she dose a good job at keeping it so organised. We think that she Dose a tremendously exelent job at teaching.

      From two good freinds Maddie and Hatty.

  3. Hi Miss Jordan and class,

    The books that I enjoy reading are Andy Griffiths, Morris Gleitzman and Geronimo Stilton. At the moment I am reading Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman.

    • Hi Rocker

      I like to read Andy Griffiths and Geronimo Stilton as well

      I’m reading cavemice the stone of fire it is really good so fare . My favourite bit so fare is when his autosurus gets a traffic ticket.

      How is your book ?

      From Toby

    • Hey Rocker and class,

      I also love reading anoy Griffith books and also love reading Geronimo Stilton and Thea stilton,
      Right now is the stinky cheese vacation bye Geronimo Stilton and also Yhea Stilton and the secret of the old castle bye Thea stilton.

      See you tomorow From Flynn

  4. hi miss jordon

    i am loving the weeks of the term.and i am trying to read at home and at school and I am have A grat time at bowon heads with you are the class.

  5. Hi miss Jordan

    It’s gr to be in your class
    I have found a way to communicate to you when I go away
    For 7 weeks by blogging i realy like the blog

    From maddie

  6. Hello class,
    I Cant wait to see the the board all filled up, it will really help my reading stratagies for reading and will help me improve my reading goals that I set for myself.
    I read a horror book called ” the candle man”.


  7. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I like to read Tom gates, Thea Stilton, Sport books and animal books. In class I’m reading one of the Thea Stilton and I am really enjoying it.

    This year I want to work on check for understanding and I think I’m doing really good on making a picture in my mind.

    What is your favourite book?
    From Charlotte!

  8. Hello Miss Jordan,
    I love to read the Alice Miranda Series and my favovorite book is just another ordinary day.
    I love how the author makes it so interesting to read.
    From Rachel

    • Hay Rachel
      Nice to be together in class with you guys

      And hope you are having a good new Year in this term
      See you latter

      Bff ebony

      • Hi M and H,
        I love reading soooooooooo much!
        My favourite picture story book
        auther is probably pammaler Allen.
        She is very talented.
        My favourite novel auther is probably, Lois Sacher.
        They are all very talented.

        I have 3 book shelves at home.
        If I was in charge of writing a post, it would be about Dolphins.
        I know lotss about them.

        What strategy do you use the most for reading?
        Your good friend,

  9. Hey 4B,
    I read a really inspiring proverb in the book Zen pencils, I’ll share it with you;’the more you sweat in training the less you’ll bleed in battle.’ So i think that means the more you practice reading,the more joy you’ll get from books.
    Sorry i have to continue reading now.

    ciao, :]

    • Hi Val

      I am reading inspiring book called Geronimo Stilton
      The hunt for the golden book. It is about Geronimo making a book.

      From Flynn.H

    • Hi Val
      How are you?
      I like drawing to (I think that’s what your talking about).
      Anyway, in drawing my interest is Graham base
      I like how he is so creative.
      Do you like drawing?
      If you do who do you like?

      • Hey Ted,
        You asked me some questions I,m happy to answer them for you ,Ok do i like drawing ,o’ I love drawing especially mythical pictures and comical drawings as well.(Is this what you mean about how are you)…I’m awesome I’m just right. What book are you reading now? Ciao!

  10. Dear Miss Jorndan and class,
    I am loving the CAFE reading stradge. My favourite part of CAFE is going back to our tables and doing and indent reading.

    • Hello Elliot ,
      I just want to say that I love independent reading as well im reading lord of the Rings two towers .
      It’s so action packed,I would recommend to you ,be in mind it’s long .
      Sampi jumper!Val

  11. Hi 4B

    I am looking forward to the new reading strategy

    I’m reading Geronimo Stilton it has a lot of cool words it is named shipwreck on the pirate island

    From Rex

  12. Hello miss Jordan

    What is your favourite subject?

    I am looking forward whats our new subject at school
    I am loving maths a lot I really like time tables


  13. Dear 4B students,

    Wow, there are some great comments on this post!

    I enjoyed reading your comments to find out what you enjoy reading. It’s good to see there is a wide variety of interests regarding your reading material.

    When I was a student, I loved finding a good series to read. Enid Blyton books were popular back when I was young, so it’s pretty amazing that they are still commonly read! I have always been an avid reader and I try to read every night before going to sleep.

    I try to vary the books I read. I like to read a combination of fiction and non-fiction books. I also do a lot of reading for school.

    I love teaching the different CAFE reading strategies. I find it to be an excellent method to improve my students’ comprehension, accuracy, fluency and vocabularies. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

    Keep up the great reading, 4B! 🙂

    Your teacher,
    Miss Jordan

    • To ebbs,
      How are you going?
      I am going great!
      What is your favourite subject?
      Who is your favourite auther?
      Are you having a good time in class?
      See you,
      Your BFF, Rachel!

  14. Hi
    My books that i like are Geronimo,dairy of the wimpy kid, magic tree house. My strategies are spelling words and using evidence and background knowledge.
    From Daniel

  15. Hi guys
    I like to read lots of fantastic books i like Geronimo,Diary of a wimpy kid the hobbit and of course harry potter.

    In our class we are reading the one and only ivan we would really recommend it to you.
    We also have a reading with we have three areas witch are backround knowledge where you know something and there is evidence where you read the text in the book and the last one is infer where you figure is out.

    Thank charlie

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