Tune Into Interesting Words

This week our reading strategy is Tune Into Interesting Words.

This strategy is part of the expand vocabulary area of reading. Good readers have a great vocabulary, which means they know and understand the meaning of lots of different words.

Tune into interesting words means you stop and think about words that are new, different or unusual while you read.

Knowing what these words mean helps you in all areas of literacy, as it improves your comprehension while reading and you can use the interesting words in your writing. Understanding interesting words also helps you with your speaking and listening.

In class, we have been recording interesting words from our class novel, picture story books and independent reading texts. Our challenge is to remember these words to use them in the future!

Miss Jordan looked through some books on her bookshelf at home and found lots of interesting words. She used Tagxedo to create a word cloud to share the words.


What interesting words do you know?

Can you write a blog comment including lots of interesting vocabulary? Ensure it makes sense!

14 thoughts on “Tune Into Interesting Words

  1. Dear miss Jordan,

    The collage looks really good, if only we could do it on iPads.
    I think the colours really stand out and makes it look fabulous.

    The words are quite interesting.


  2. Hi everyone,
    I know quite a lot of interesting words but I am not going to list them all.

    It is fantabulous when we do our reading strategy on notic or tune into interesting vocabulary. I love doing this strategy because learn new words to improvise your talking vocabulary and writing down the interesting words in your reading.

  3. Dear Miss Jordon,
    I know words like charred, leered, discipline, arithmetic, and lots of other Types of vocabulary. I’m not good at words like Manouvre, intriguing, sneeringly, ministering and Monsieur. Reading groups today was an inspiring and intriguing lesson of knowledge. For example, I improved my typing skills, my reading skills and my inferring skills. I have no idea of more preposterous vocabulary to put into this average blog comment.

    What vocabulary do you find deceiving?
    From your unique student,

    • Hi Jema

      I’ve never known a student that understands the many words! Wow

      The words I find deceiving are words with some silent letter like Prix or long words like subsequently and figuratively or ambivalent.

      See ya soon
      Your x classmate

  4. Hi 4B,
    I know an interesting word in Swedish its ” oldedomeshem” it means nursing home.
    Where do you find most of your interesting words if you find them in a book what genre is the book and is it fiction or nonfiction?

    From a student Emma. He, he ( good bye in Danish)

  5. Dear class,
    I think that the the words on the collage looks great.
    I struggle with some words such as empathy and hospitality.
    I think I know a lot of words though.


  6. Hi Miss Jordan,

    I so wish we could do tagxedo on the iPads because it looks great with all the different colour, sizes and positioning. But yours looks amazing, I think that I have done one before in grade 2 but I am not sure.

    From Rocker

  7. Hi 4B,
    I think our school should have a clean up during eating time.
    That presentation really made me think what could I do to help the environment. It was interesting what plastic can do to the environment
    and what’s it’s made of.

  8. Dear miss Jordan
    I have found a remarkable word for you: diprotodontids
    Isent it strange?
    I think it was a cined of dinosaur.
    Please write

  9. Dear 4B students,

    Thank you to everyone who submitted comments on this post! I really enjoyed focussing on interesting words last week. You all did a wonderful job identifying interesting words in our class novel, picture story books and in your own independent reading texts.

    One word I like to use is “penultimate”. I wonder if anyone knows the meaning of this word?

    I also learnt the word “antepenultimate” recently. Can anyone define that word?

    Keep tuning into interesting vocabulary to improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills! 🙂

    Your proud teacher,
    Miss Jordan

  10. Hi 4B

    I came across two interesting words while reading Harry Potter.
    Indistinctly which means not clear or sharply defined.
    Dishevelled which means a persons appearance is untidy.
    From your student Flynn.

  11. hello evrybody
    I think that trespassing is a interesting word because you don’t hear it very often. It means to enter someone’s property of land without them giving you permission.
    from Megan

  12. Hi class,

    Welcome to a new term everyone. I was really enjoying my holidays with my family. For Easter I got thousands of easter eggs on easter day.

    I was really sad the holidays ended. But it was good coming back to school with a smiley face.

    From Ebony

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