Take 3

Today, co-founder of Take 3, Tim Silverwood, visited our school. He spoke to the grade two – six students about the Take 3 initiatives.

Take 3

Take 3 is a not-for-profit organisation that encourages people to keep marine areas clean. They encourage visitors to beaches, waterways or other marine regions to “take 3” pieces of rubbish with them when they leave. Take 3’s other significant message is that we need to try hard to use less plastic.

Tim shared some facts and images which clearly showed the impact that marine debris, particularly plastic, can have on marine life.


We watched a video titled “The Majestic Plastic Bag” which highlights how plastic bags end up in our oceans.


In 2013, Take 3 was featured on the Behind the News program. You can watch the story below.


What did you learn from Tim’s presentation?

How can you help to protect our local marine areas?

15 thoughts on “Take 3

  1. Hi miss Jordan

    I loved the moves

    I felt sorry for the animals in the sea I thought they were going to be extinct maybe one day they we’ll be extinct

    What did you feel sorry about?

    From ginger

  2. I have had an amazing first few weeks at school
    The thing I am most excited about is starting the garden.
    Also who came up with the idea was it to start the gardens?
    From Ella

  3. Dear miss Jordan

    I think tims message really got through,now I feel I should do more to stop the plastic getting into the ocean.
    I also felt sorry for the por animals
    I think I’ll make a poster at home to put up in the street to help

    From Tara

  4. Hi ginger,

    I feel the same way about the animals. I think it is disgusting and I wouldn’t like to live in that ferral sea. I feel sorry for the poor sea animals that have to live I. The in feasted sea.

    And I also feel sorry for the boys who were actually swimming in the river. I think so thing has to be done so I think that tim did a good deed In starting the campaign.

    Fromm your good friend Harriet.

  5. Hey miss Jordan,
    Flynn H &I thought we might do something on Google at home like a website or a blog ,my dad is quite good at making websites because that’s part of his job .we thought it would be interesting as well ,it’s going to be about our slogan take 8 & leave some space see you,

    • Hi Val,
      I think we should make a new website that you and Flynn are taking about,but what is our website page
      going to be called?

      • Hey Ted,
        Take eight will be our website name , I am so looking forward to it. Flynn is with us as well for our take eight program as well. See you Eco Warrior .
        From Val

  6. To miss jorden,

    I thingk every one in the school should clean up the rubbish we are making animals die I dont whant animals to die.

    So am thinking that every one should pick up three peace of rubbish every day.

    To help the animals and the one that leave in the sea.? Pls answer

    From charlie

  7. Hi 4B,

    I really enjoyed it when Tim Silverwood came in on Thursday!

    It is really important that we throw away our rubbish. When you think about it if you just throw a plastic bag on the ground you could kill a turtle and maybe even a couple of fish, so it is really important you throw away your rubbish.

    Some things I found out froms Tim’s presentation where:
    • How some things can and can’t biodegrade
    • The big island of rubbish
    • Hows much rubbish goes into the ocean every 15 seconds.

    Some ways that we could protect our marine are:
    • Take 3 pieces of rubbish from the river, beach or other places
    • Make sure you put you rubbish in a bin.

    Today the grade 5’s went down to the Barwon Heads foreshore. We split up into groups of 3 or 4 and got some really big bags to pick up rubbish. It was really interesting when we saw somw of the things that people throw away. Miss Holden even found an earring and it had a sapphire on it!

    It was really disappointing when we found over 1,000 cigarette butts altogether. We also found loads of glass bottles, cans, gum ( ewwww! 🙁 ) foil and lots of little bits of furry things and lots of tiny bits of ripped up paper.

    Eevie 😉

  8. Dear students,

    Thank you for the comments!

    I’m glad you enjoyed Tim’s presentation and it seemed like you got a lot out of it. It is so important to look after our environment and the “Take 3” message is a great concept.

    I always feel sad when I see photos of helpless animals who have been affected by rubbish.

    Let’s be “Eco Warriors” like Tim suggested! 🙂

    Your teacher,
    Miss Jordan

  9. Dear Class
    The talk that Tim Silverwood did was really interesting. I enjoyed seeing him go out to the Great Pacific Gabbage Patch. We need to stop our rubbish going out to the Great Pacific Gabbage Patch.

    Shops should use less plastic bags. It was good when the Barwon Heads supermarket started using re-usable bags. My dad’s shop has always used paper bags which are recyclable.

    Perhaps we should all ask our parents to use re-usable bags instead of plastic!
    From TOBY

  10. To Miss Jordan,

    I asked Kody if he wanted to mark a poster so I think every one should make a poster?

    And we can put them all over the school.

    From Charlie.

  11. Dear everybody
    I learned that plastic bags can affect the planet.
    instead of using plastic bags I could use cotton bags.

  12. To Miss Jordan,

    I think putting rubbish on our school grounds is disgusting!

    When I come back from Movie World I want the school to be so clean!

    Please reply?

    From Charlie.

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