Recapping Our Writing From Last Week

Good writers can create a picture in their readers’ minds.

They can do this by:

  • using interesting vocabulary
  • elaborating on details
  • showing, rather than telling, some of the details
  • describing all five senses (what can be seen, heard, tasted, felt and smelt)
  • using lots of adjectives (describing words)
  • using metaphors or similes to compare two things
  • using synonyms (words with similar meanings) to make interesting word choices.


During our writing sessions last week, students wrote entries in their Writer’s Notebooks. Our lessons included:

  • Writing “free choice” entries from the Ideas Page in the Writer’s Notebooks
  • Using sensory details in writing
  • Writing from a photo
  • Using the “show me, don’t tell me” technique to enhance writing.

We also linked our reading and writing lessons. Our reading strategy was, “Tune into interesting words”. We focussed on expanding our vocabulary and discussed how identifying interesting vocabulary in our reading means we can use those words in our writing.


Below are a few examples of the students’ entries from last week. Enjoy!

* To see a larger view, use the “full screen” button.


What did you think of the entries?

What writing techniques did you use in writing last week?

What do you like to write about?

9 thoughts on “Recapping Our Writing From Last Week

  1. Dear Maddie,
    Writing is my favourite subject! I love writing stories and personal narratives. I have a book of stories and writing pieces at my house so if I want to write any thing I just pull it out.
    Please write back!
    From Jarrah

  2. Hi 4B,
    I could not look at the entries but otherwise I would. I like to write about things that have happened to me, but I like to choose my own topic.

  3. Hi 4B,
    The writing technique I used last week was to always have good vocabulary and use interesting words from books or dictionaries.
    I also like to write about new experiences I have had in any time of my life.

  4. Dear Jayla,

    I think that some people are really creative with there writing and that is a very good thing.
    . I think that is a really good opportunity to express there feelings in their writing. It is absolutely amazing what people can create in there writing.
    I think that we should do more writing because it exercises your brain and it makes people more creative not only in there mind but in real life as well.

    From a good mate Harriet.

  5. Hi 4B
    Great job on all of your writing entries. They were so descriptive and entertaining. Now that I can read these on your blog, I’ll never need to borrow books from the library again!

  6. Dear 4B,
    I really enjoyed reading your entries and think that you have done a brilliant job of “showing not telling”. I hope you don’t mind if I share them with my class when we next do writing?
    Mrs Kebbell (3A)

    • Dear Mrs Kebbell,

      We think it is fantastic that you visited our blog to read some of our Writer’s Notebook entries! It is great to share the work we do at BHPS, so we hope your students enjoy the entries too! We are looking forward to submitting comments on your blog this year. 🙂

      Your friend down the corridor,
      Miss Jordan

  7. Hi Miss Jordan and 4B,

    Today in class we read some of your writing that you wrote on Google slides. Fantastic!

    We are also working on writing ‘show, don’t tell sentences’ and using sensory imaging to create excellent descriptions.

    You may like to check out some of our writing here that we wrote as a comment on this blog post:

    Keep up the great writing!

    Miss Beavis and 5/6J

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