Addition Strategies

This week we focussed on addition strategies in our maths lessons.

We use addition in every day life all the time, so it is important to improve our skills in this area of maths. Here are some effective addition strategies that we used in class this week:

  • The addition tens and twenties facts
  • Doubles and near doubles addition facts
  • Double doubles (for example, 8+8=16 and 16+16=32)
  • The Jump Strategy to add hundreds, then tens, then ones by jumping on a number line
  • The Split Strategy  to split the hundreds, tens and ones and add them separately
  • The Compensation Strategy when a number we are adding is close to a “round” number we can add or take to the nearest 10
  • 100 facts (addition equations that equal 100)
  • Adding to the nearest 10 when solving two (or more) digit addition problems
  • Adding hundreds, tens and ones when solving three digit problems
  • Using a range of efficient addition strategies during problem solving tasks.

In our classroom we use a variety of hands on and interactive games, strategy-based tasks, real life problems and websites/apps to develop our mathematical skills.




We used a range of resources and materials in our maths lessons this week, including:

  • Dice
  • Number boards
  • iPads
  • Games on the interactive whiteboard
  • Our “Boom” cards
  • Number fans
  • Calculators (to check our answers)



What addition strategies do you enjoy using?

When do you use addition in everyday life?

Do you have a favourite addition website or app?

10 thoughts on “Addition Strategies

  1. Hi Grade 4B,
    I thought it would be easiest to answer each of questions one at a time.

    1. What addition strategies do you enjoy using?
    I know it’s not on the list…..but I think the calculator function on my iPhone is my most used strategy. I call it a ‘Cheat Strategy.’

    2. When do you use addition in everyday life?
    Counting the days to holidays definitely! I’ve stopped counting birthdays though.

    3. Do you have a favourite addition website or app?
    Hmmmm – good question. I am coming into a time where the AFL app will become my favourite. Otherwise I use the App called ‘Willy Weather’ It tells me what the tides, wind and swell are doing – which is very important when you live near the ocean.

    Mr Roskosch

  2. Hi 4B,

    I’ve really been enjoing learning all my jucy addition strategies and the
    Nerve wracking game BOOM! I have experienced some very dramatic
    Boomers. My maths partner Jayla was firing out great numbers,
    I on the other hand,was struggling to keep up. I lost all my rounds but finally at the last secod I won an extraordinary round. My confidence was boosted after that and I live to add up another day! See you tomorrow, ready to learn another maths strategy .

    From Val × ÷ + –

  3. Hi Mr Roskosch,

    My favourite addition strategy would have to be the split srategy.
    It is quite easy when you learn how to do it.

    I use maths mostly getting ready for school, timing my running and more. I love maths!

    My favourite maths app is probly a choice between Mathletics and Guess my Number. I love Mathletics because there are lots of choices of what to do. I love Guess my Number because there are a lot of different questions your opponent asks you.


  4. Hi 4b and miss Jordan

    I have to say (like Rachel) I like the split strategy the most it’s an easy way to work out addition problems.My favourite addition strategy website is definitely wish ball.
    I love your blog

  5. Hi 4B,
    My favourite strategy is adding to the nearest 10. I like it because it is easy and really fun.

    I use maths everyday. Getting ready for school, being on times for sports after school and lots more.

    In maths I really like playing guess my number. My favourite game on the iPads is 2048 or mathletics.

    What is your favourite maths game?

    From Charlotte!

  6. Hi 4B,

    I have found these addition strategeys really helpful during maths.
    I really want to do multiplication.

    From Tom,

  7. Hi 4B,

    I have been enjoying Miss Jordan’s math strategies.
    My favourite math strategy is probably the split strategy.
    What is your favourite strategy?

    From will

  8. Hi 4B,
    I’ve had an awesome week so far in maths.
    My favourite addition strategies are the split strategy and the jump strategy.
    In every day life, I use addition strategies by counting the days till my birthday. I also use addition strategies when I want to buy something.
    I love using the random number generator.
    What’s your favourite thing you’ve done so far in maths?
    From Finn M.

  9. Hi 4B,

    I loveed that week of my maths, our group did addition strategies which were jump strategy, counting on, bridging to 10, near doubles, doubles and compensation strategy.

    My favorite is probably the bridging to 10. It was all about bridging to the nearest ten so it is easier to add.

    What did you do and what was your favorite strategy?

    From Rex

  10. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I enjoy using the compensation strategy. It is simple and an easy way to solve problems, addition or subtraction. I also { like Rachel and Tara } like using the split strategy.

    Addition in everyday life? You got it! Counting birthdays, until The end of term, waiting for Christmas holidays, counting my money, the list goes on and on. We use it everyday, even though some people don’t know it. For example, parents go to the shop and have to count their money to pay. Kids count down the minutes until recess and lunch.

    My favourite maths app is Mathletics and Random Number Generator. They improve your maths and they are fun to use. Mathletics is a good one for teachers because they can set tasks for you.


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