Soccer Clinic

Today, 4B participated in a soccer clinic.

During the 40 minute session, students participated in several games of soccer to practise their techniques. It was great to see everyone get involved and demonstrate excellent sportsmanship.

Check out the photos of the 4B students enjoying their soccer experience!


What was your highlight of the soccer clinic?

What are your soccer strengths?

Do you play a sport?

13 thoughts on “Soccer Clinic

  1. Hi there 4B

    As the junior soccer coordinator for Barwon Heads (and a passionate soccer player myself) I really enjoyed seeing you all enjoying the sport today. It looked a lot of fun.
    I do however know of one of your class who wasn’t there today who might have been a bit disappointed to miss out. I wonder if you can guess you that was???

    I really love following your blog too.

    Keep up the great learning and sports!
    James (dad of ?)

    • Hi James,

      It’s great to see you blogging, I always love reply to adults that are keen to try out 4B blog. I especially thank you for being one of those people. Ok getting back to my idea for replying to you, soccer, soccer, soccer that’s what the topic was about wasn’t it? What a pity it is soccer, because my mind is always channeled to golf. Hmm! Ok, back to soccer. I really loved training and upgrading my rusty skills to new ones with Foddy. I didn’t get any back of the nets but that’s fine with me, at least I had fun.
      I have one question for you: Did you organise this soccer clinic?
      If you did give yourself a pat on the back because 50% of my friends are eager to sign up.

      See you,
      Val ⚽️

    • Hi there James,

      I think I might know who that mystery student is. I think it might be Rocker because he is a very keen soccer player himself and he wasn’t there so it might be him?

      From Rocker

  2. Hi grade 4B

    There are so many wonderful benefits of living and learning in Barwon Heads – and having such a fantastic resource at our disposal is just another example of this. It was great that you enjoyed this extra curricula activity and wonderful that we can so readily access the expertise to enjoy such activities.
    I’m sure you all had a great time and learnt a lot as well.

    Mr Roskosch

  3. Dear 4B
    How are you? I really enjoyed the sport! Didn’t you!
    You all played really well!
    I hope we get do that more often. I had a wonderful time playing soccer.
    from Jarrah.

  4. Hi Miss Jordan,

    Its me Molly.

    I am now in grade six at Leopold and off to high school next year.

    I love playing soccer.
    I do karate out side of school and I’m now a red belt.

    From your old student,

    • Dear Molly,

      It’s so lovely to hear from you! I hope you’re having a great year in grade six. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I taught you in grade two and Mrs Morris had you next door to me in grade four!

      I’m sure you enjoy your weekly karate lessons and I’m sure you have learnt lots of skills.

      Thanks for visiting our class blog, hope to hear from you again!

      Your former teacher,
      Miss Jordan

  5. Dear 4B,

    I had a fun time playing in the soccer clinic. I liked how we had fair teams and there was no fighting that was great. I was really sad I had to go to the other team. I liked my team, but at least I had a fun time and I’m sure other people did.

    I love playing the sport especially soccer, footy and basketball. If they weren’t invented I wouldn’t know what to do in life, but lucky they were invented.

    When I did the soccer clinic I was surprised to meet Foddy again. I know him because I did soccer for the past 4 years, I really miss doing soccer but at least I’m getting into it and getting ready for next year.

    I have learnt many skills. I think I have truly improved on them over past the 4 years. Back then, my highlight about the clinic was probably seeing Foddy again and playing with all the boys in my class. I really loved how the boys and girls played they played really well and they learnt heaps of skills.

    From Kody

  6. Hi 4B,
    Unfortunately I wasn’t at school on Thursday and missed out on the soocer clinic. I heard that everyone had a great time.

    The sport I play are basketball and netball. I have played netball for 3 years and I just started basketball this year.

    What is your favourite sport?
    What sport do you play?

    From Charlotte!

  7. Hi 4B,

    I also had the best time at the soccer clinic. I liked how if the ball went out of bounds he would throw the ball the opposite way to where you were. I also used to play soccer but the sports I play now is basketball, cricket and football.

    What was your favourite thing at the soccer clinic?

    From Will

  8. Hi Miss Jordan and 4B,

    The soccer clinic looked fun!! When 4A did the soccer clinic the colours where red and white, and the girls where orange and fluro yellow. I’m going to try and make this comment quite long.
    The red team won which was the team I was in. At first when I got the ball I kicked it so high that Will headed the ball into the goals. I’ve watched the video wich gave me the whole idea.


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