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Recently, we posted about our Writer’s Workshop sessions.

For the past couple of weeks, our Writer’s Workshop sessions have been devoted to working on our personal narrative drafts. A personal narrative is a text written about a personal experience. All students chose an entry from their Writer’s Notebooks as inspiration for their personal narrative. Students then worked through the writing process to draft, revise, edit and publish their work.

Drafting personal narratives

Drafting personal narratives

Publishing personal narratives on iPads

Publishing personal narratives on iPads

During this process, we spent time learning about the Six (+1) Traits of Writing. Learning about these traits helped the students to build their writing skills and focus on crafting their writing.

The Six Traits of Writing are:

  • Ideas
  • Organisation
  • Voice
  • Word Choice
  • Sentence Fluency
  • Conventions

The +1 trait is:

  • Presentation


Throughout the writing process, Miss Jordan conferenced with students to give them feedback on their work. All of the 4B students did a terrific job and worked very hard on their personal narratives. Miss Jordan is very proud of the students’ finished products!

Some of our personal narratives are presented below. Enjoy!


To celebrate this writing cycle, 4B interacted with Miss Campbell’s grade, 1B, and the students shared their writing with each other. It was wonderful to read the personal narratives written by the grade ones, and it was great to see the students giving each other feedback about their work.

 Here are some photos from our sharing session.


What did you think of the personal narratives?

How does writing and drafting improve your writing?

Can you explain one of the Six (+1) Traits of Writing?

Did you enjoy sharing your work with the grade one students?

16 thoughts on “Personal Narratives

  1. Hi 4B,

    My buddies were Charlie and Finn, their stories were great. I couldn’t believe how well they went. We were all lucky enough to read the grade ones’ stories.

    Charlie wrote about riding his motorbike and getting lots of air.

    From Toby

    • Hi Toby,

      My buddy was Fergus and Dalton, but only for half the session because I had to go take some photos for the blog in Miss Campbell’s room. Some photos made me laugh. Do you think that the grade ones pieces were good?


  2. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I think the personal narratives are great! There are so many and they are all top quality. We spent so much time on them, but hey, our hard work and effort payed off! The published pieces of work are very neat and tidy, compared to our draft books! As you can see, mine is in there. It took a long time, and we devoted hundreds of writing lessons to them.

    Writing and drafting does improve my writing. If I didn’t draft, my writing wouldn’t be as good as it is. If I didn’t revise, my writing wouldn’t be changing and developing, which means it would be boring-snoring.

    One of the 6 {+1} traits of writing is Ideas. Ideas is choosing a small moment, not a long moment. Use a seed idea and stretch it out. My seed idea was seeing the Gnome House, on the way to Mt Buller. Not very long. But I stretched it out to 4 PAGES in my draft book.

    It was awesome sharing our writing with the grade ones! They were so brave to be sharing with the “big people.” They are much younger than us, and their writing is top quality! My buddy had a very, extremely amazing piece of writing. It was the best grade 1 piece of writing I have ever heard!

    Did Miss Campbell set this up?
    Gotta go,

  3. To 4B,

    The personal narratives were amazing and they were also very fun to do. Mine was about the space bowl – a water slide at the Waurn Ponds Lesiurelink.
    But I’m not going to talk about because I don’t want to spoil it.
    I think I could have added some more interesting words and and also I think it was a recount in some places.

    From Dalton

    • Hi Dalton,

      I think our personal narratives were great and exiting at the same time. It was very interesting what people came up with and their experiences in the past.

      To the grade ones, some of their pieces were fantastic. I think they really put some effort into it.

      How do you think how the grade ones went?


  4. Hi 4B,

    Writing my personal narrative was great and I loved it my personal narrative it was my favorite activity so far.

    Mine was about my first time dropping in the bowl.

    My buddy was Sadie my sister and Donny Sadies was about my brother skating down the bluff hill and Donnys was about his first under thirteens game.

    From Rex

    • Hi Rex

      I liked sharing our writing with the cute grade one.s I remember when I was one of them.

      Charlie wrote about his first motorbike ride.
      Finn wrote about his friend coming around.

      I liked Charlie and Finn’s writing a lot.

      What about you?

      From Toby

    • Hi Rex,

      I was paired up with Bowen. He had a magnificent personal narrative based on his time at the air show, he had a pretty funny ending to his saying “don’t forget to bring your head phones”.

      I think he enjoyed listening to my personal narrative.

      I think drafting and publishing is very helpful with my sentence fluency.

      Did you have a fun time with your partner?

      From Tom

  5. To Miss Jordan,

    I loved sharing my writing with the grade ones.
    Their writing is so different to ours.
    I loved reading the personal narratives on our blog and hope to see more on there.
    I think we did a great job and used HEAPS of descriptive words.

    I think the hardest part to write was the mighty middle.
    It was quite a challenge!
    Editing helps your writing because if you make a mistake, you can skim over it and then fix it up.

    Can’t wait to start writing the Sideways Stories from BHPS,

  6. Dear 4B,

    It was great sharing our personal narratives with the grade ones. My buddy was Jemima, who was your buddy/buddies?
    They did so well with their personal narratives, especially their bold beginning and excellent endings.

    From Flynn S

  7. Hi 4B,

    I hope you have been loving writing your personal narratives because I sure have been. I have looked at some of yours and I’m pretty jealous of your amazing talent. I love the descriptions.

    Some of you are pretty out there with crazy words that even I don’t know. I have questions and I would be happy if you attempted to answer one of them,
    Do you like your personal narrative/how did you go?
    Where or how did you get such writing talent?

    Ok, see you next time,

  8. Hello 4B,

    I really enjoyed sharing our personal narratives with the cute grades ones. I for one think they did really well considering the fact that they are only in grade one. My partner was Elizabeth or Beth for short, she had an awesome idea for her writing!

    I think the personal narratives are awesome, especially Jema’s. She captures that little moment really well. Keep up the great work, Jem.

    From Emma.

  9. Dear Miss Jordan, 4B and 1B, how thrilled I am to read your personal narratives, comments, and to see your pictures. You are flourishing as young writers, and it is evident in your writing that you see the value in revising your writing. . . . I hear your voices loud and clear. It is so important that you have an audience for your works, so delighted in the photos of those happy share times. You need to seek put more audiences for your writing, it deserves to be heard.
    I am asking your permission to share your writing with other students in neighboring schools who are also working on personal narratives, and learning about the traits.
    Sincere thanks for sharing your exciting work, and I look forward to hearing lots lots more.
    Happy writing, Ms Julie

  10. Hi Miss Jordan,

    I am having a really fun good time writing up our narratives. I liked how we did the revising, it really helped me a lot more than when I wasn’t doing it, I also liked how we typed ours on our notes. It’s always good for a change.

    What is your favourite thing when you write a narratives?

    From Will

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