We’re Back – Term Two Begins!

Today is the first day of term two.

After a two week Easter break, we are back to start term two at Barwon Heads Primary School. Some 4B students participated in our major school fundraiser fun run, the Sheepwash Classic, on Easter Saturday. The school Easter Fair was also a popular event and some students were lucky enough to go on holidays in different parts of Australia. And of course, everyone enjoyed some yummy chocolate easter eggs over the break too!

Sunrise Sheepwash Classic

Conditions were perfect for running at our Sheepwash Classic event and there was a spectacular sunrise for us to view before the run! Photo courtesy of our principal, Mr Roskosch


This week we will focus on:

  • Reading – inferential comprehension
  • Writing – learning how to construct a good fictional narrative story
  • Maths – mental strategies to solve division problems.


We have a lot to look forward to during our busy eleven week term, including:

  • A new history-based inquiry topic
  • Fictional narratives and information reports in writing
  • Focussing on important reading strategies, including inferring, evaluating, reorganising text and questioning
  • Improving our mathematical knowledge in division, fractions, decimals, money and more
  • An exciting excursion to Melbourne
  • The district Cross Country for selected students
  • Student/Parent/Teacher interviews at the end of the term.


What did you enjoy about your holidays?

What are you looking forward to in term two?

Have you set yourself a learning goal for the term?

24 thoughts on “We’re Back – Term Two Begins!

  1. Dear 4B,
    Did you like your break from term one at Barwon Heads Primary School?
    Did you like your break Miss Jordan and Mrs Shiels?
    What did you do on the holidays Elliot?
    Your sudent at BHPS,

    • Dear Alex,
      This morning I did reading and in the afternoon I did Indonesian and library.
      What did you do today at BHPS?
      From Liv in 3B

      • Hi liv,
        I think that it is really good that you are commenting on our blog.

        I am really enjoying term two so far how is your term going? I think that miss Jordan is a really good teacher.

        Who is your teacher?

        From Harriet.

    • Hi Alex,

      Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! One of my highlights on the holiday was my half brother’s wedding. The best part of the wedding was all the lemonade and games. How many Easter eggs did you get on Easter?

      Your friend,

  2. Hi 4B,

    In the Easter holidays I went to Mt Feathertop and stayed over night at the summit. The wind was so strong that it was just about to make my tent fly away. At night it was -0 degrees. Hope you had fun on the holidays.

    From Flynn

    • Hi Flynn,
      That mt feather top sounds extreme. It certainly would be cold at night. It would be fun staying on the summit though.

      On my holidays I went to widens promentry. There was lots of wombats an kookas.

      From Harriet.

  3. To 4B,

    On the school holidays I enjoyed going to the freckleberry chocolate shop and factory. I also enjoyed the easter fair.

    I am looking foward to the excursion to Melbourne I think it is to science works. I had fun at science works last year so I hope it is.

    From Dalton

    • Hi Dalton,

      I am curious about the place called Freckleberry. I’ve never heard of it, is it in Geelong? What did you get at the lolly shop? Over my holidays I went to a lolly shop and if you go to my holiday post you will find my list of lollies.

      Ok see you,

      • Hi Val,

        Freckleberry is in South Geelong and at freckleberry I got some chocolate letters just like my little brother

        From Dalton

    • Hi Dalton,
      I have never heard of this freckle berry place you have been to, it sounds interesting. I have been to a chocolate mill before and I got to see how the chocolate is made.

      I really enjoyed the Easter fair, it was full of exitment and fun. I went on the whizzer two times and it was better the second time round.

      I am not sure what to think about science works excursion because we don’t get to see any of the normal science stuff. My favourite part of the science works excursion is the girl called Kat. She did a science project on liquid nitrogen.

      From a class mate named Harriet.

  4. To 4B and Miss Jordan,
    I had a great holidays and there was nothing I didn’t do!
    I have set myself a new reading goal and it is, to understand more interesting words. So in my writing, I can use them.

    On my holidays, I enjoyed the easter fair. I didn’t manage to see you
    ( Miss Jordan ) but I had fun anyway. I also did an Easter egg hunt down by my house and then had a little easter brunch. I am also really looking forward to term 2 and can’t wait to use some new topics in our learning.

    What did you do on the holidays?
    Did you get lots of Easter eggs?
    Have you set yourself a new goal?
    Your happy class mate,

    • Hi Rachel,

      It sounds like you had a great break. I didn’t get a lot of Easter eggs but I enjoyed the one and only Easter bunny that I got.

      On the holidays I went to Wilsons Promentry. It was the best of the part of the holidays because we got to see our cousins that live in Bendigo.

      I have set myself a new learning goal and it is to not get distracted as much.

      From Harriet.

  5. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I enjoyed going to Queensland with my sister and grandparents. The weather was delightful and all the theme parks were grand. We went to Wet ‘n’ Wild, Movieworld and SeaWorld. All the rides were great fun, and everyone had a magnificent time!

    I am looking forward to writing a fiction narrative, because they have always been my favourite thing to write. I love making up fake stories to share with my fellow students and teachers.

    I have set myself a learning goal, in maths actually. It is to learn the 7 and 8 times tables, though I doubt I will be able to learn all of them. Anyway, with all the brilliant teachers teaching us, it won’t be long before I have learnt them all! Already Miss Jordan has taught us some in Term 1, and now I have a miniature amount to learn.

    We have had a great start to Term 2, and I hope the rest of it will be as good as the first day!

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Jema,
      It sounds like you had a great time in Queensland. I wish that I was there with you. When I went to Queensland I didn’t go to any theme parks I just stayed with my cousins.

      I think that it is really good that you have already set a learning goal.. Mine is probably trying to not get destracted as much. I don even know if that is a learning goal but I will still use it.

      I am really exited about our sideways stories book I think that it will be great. I also can’t wait to start writing our fiction stories. Mine will be set in a forest and that is all I will tell you.

      I think that we have such great teachers. I think that we will bearly have to go to high school at the rate we are going. I really think that miss Jordan is putting a lot of work and effort into teaching us the things that we need to know.

      From a good friend Harriet.

  6. Hi 4B,

    I have really enjoyed the first day back, it was really fun. I liked having music. In music I like doing the game were you play the base, base, tone and if you do it wrong or take to long you put your drum in the middle.

    Did you like it as well?

    From Toby

  7. Dear 4B,

    Over the holidays I really loved looking up photos on images about America. I am really excited about going to America, the places I’m going to in America are Orlando, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Miaimi and New York.

    I’m surprised how many people are there. When we get there I will be truly amazed of all the theme parks.

    In term 2 I’m looking forward to doing more harder and challenging tests. I’m also looking forward to what’s next for writing. I hope we do some more personal narratives because I love writing them.

    My learning goal is to not get distracted in class, learn more and put my hand up more when I need to because when I’m older I want to know a lot of things.

    From your pupil,

  8. Hi Miss Jordan,

    What I enjoyed doing on my holidays was going to the Beechworth old fashioned lolly shop, three sideway stories of lollies all shapes and sizes. It was like walking into Willie Wonker’s chocolate and lolly factory.
    I bought a big bag of sherbet bombs, milk bottles, boiled lollies, a very old type of lolly, and some aniseed rings, they are my favourite.
    Ok see you next time when my teeth have fallen out,

    From Val.

  9. Hi everyone,
    It’s Emma here, I enjoyed going to Lorne with my Mums side of the family it was awesome, (except for the part when Georgia-my sister-broke her arm). I also enjoyed going to Bright and getting 5 new fish, two Sucker Mouth Catfish and three Zebra Danios, their names are
    Zebra Danios. Sucker mouth catfish.
    * Dart – my fish. * Kevin the cleaner – Angus’s fish.
    * Lightning – Georgia’s fish. * Catty – Arvids fish.
    * Emmett – everyone’s fish.
    Bye from Emma.

  10. Dear 4B,

    I am looking forward to doing drumming. It is so exiting that we have Mr Robbo. I love doing drumming but I don’t think that it is my thing. I like acting more but drumming is still enjoyable.

    I had a great holiday. I went to Wilsons Promentry. It is a national wild life park that you can camp at and I went with my cousins. We went on a long 7.2K walk and my legs were really tired. I didn’t want to do it ever again. It was a nice walk and now that I think about it I actually want to do it again.

    I loved the Easter fair it was very interesting but fun. I went on the Whizzer two times and after I went on it the second time I saw Miss Wheeler and Miss McManus queue up for a go. I thought it was very brave of them to have a go but I bet they thought it was fun. I didn’t do the sheep wash classic but my dad helped at the drink stations.

    What did you like most about your holiday?
    Did you have fun on your holiday?

    From Harriet.

  11. Hi Miss Jordan,

    I am really looking forward to this term with are harder tests.
    I’m really looking forward to this years grade 4 camp in Anglesea.

    It’s going to be fun with Mr Robbo with the drums and the percussion. What are you looking forward to this term?

    From Will

  12. Hi 4B,
    On the holidays I went to Aire River with the Ramages.
    Aire River is in the Great Otway national park west of Apollo Bay.
    We went to the beach and the waves were about six foot high.
    The waves were extremely rough.

    I also did a tennis tournament in Colac and I came second.
    It was a one our drive to get there.

    This term I can’t wait to learn more about our inquiry topic first contact.

    My goals for this term are improving on my division skills and inference.

    From Finn M 4A.

  13. Hello 4B,
    I have been in hospital in the kids ward for most of this week with a very nasty infection in my kidney. I had to have lots of blood tests, needles and two drips to give me fluid and medicine to make me better. I came home on Thursday afternoon and have to have lots of rest, drink lots of water and have medicine to keep killing the nasty bug that made me so sick. I missed everyone in 4B and can’t wait to see you all next week.
    From Sarah

    • Dear Sarah,

      I’m so glad that you are feeling better now, I was worried about you when I heard you had been admitted to hospital. Luckily we have access to very helpful medicines that make us feel better when we are unwell.

      We are looking forward to seeing you back at school soon! 🙂

      From Miss Jordan

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