Writing Fictional Narratives

We have been studying fictional narratives in class.

A fictional narrative is a made up story. Last term we wrote personal narratives, which are about real-life memories. Although our fictional narratives are generally not based on real experiences, students are able to adopt some of the same writing strategies in both forms of narrative writing.


We spent the first week of this term “immersing” ourselves in fictional narratives to investigate the key elements of a well written narrative.

We focussed on:

  • The structure of a fictional narrative
  • Developing ideas to form a quality narrative
  • Character development

Narratives can be structured in different ways, but we identified the typical organisation of a fictional narrative:

  • Beginning (introduce the main character/s, describe the setting)
  • Middle – part one (complication)
  • Middle – part two (series of events that occur as a result of the complication)
  • Ending (complication is resolved).


We read a variety of picture story books which are good examples of narratives. These included Stellaluna by Jannel Cannon, A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon and My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia Polacco.

You can listen to these stories below.




What is your fictional narrative about?

What kinds of narratives do you like to write?

What kinds of narratives do you like to read?

How have your fictional narrative writing skills improved?

12 thoughts on “Writing Fictional Narratives

    • Hi Alex,
      My fictional narritve is about a boy that was around about 15-14 years old and very adventures but he had a big problem when he was rushing to get to work on time he ran into the wrong door.

      What’s yours about?

      • Hi Ted,
        My personal narrative is about a girl called Melissa who is in grade 6 and is one of three smartest kids in the school, the complication is that the bridge connecting the two towns gets broken so they have to fix it.

        From Emma

      • Hi Ted,
        My fictional narrative is about a big wobbly bridge with a crocodile and sharks underneath.
        That is funny that the boy in your story ran in the wrong door.
        Your story is very interesting.
        From Alex

    • Hi Alex,

      My fictional narrative is about a king who wants Bob to build a palace in 1 day.

      I need to improve on having more ideas and put more descriptive language in my writing.

      What’s your fictional narrative about?
      What do you need to improve in your fictional narrative?

      From 4B’s pupil

  1. Dear 4B,
    Today I learnt the time in maths and I did Indonesian.
    In art we are painting on mugs for Mother’s Day.
    What are you doing today?
    From Liv

    • Dear Liv,
      Today we are getting our new words. Yesterday we had our spelling test and I got them all right.

      In maths this week we are learning all about fractions. My favourite thing in maths is money.

      The first thing we did in the morning was reading and after reading we typed our fictional narratives.

      What is your favourite subject?

      From Charlotte

    • Dear Liv
      On Monday I did P.E and music in the afternoon and art in art I am making tree clay plates
      What are you doing today?
      from Alex

      • Hi Alex,

        I am doing writers workshop,readers workshop, maths, and some blogging, then it is assembly.

        I can’t wait for the holidays. I have got a lot of sports on the the holidays.

        From Ginger

        • Hi Ginger & 4B,

          It’s interesting to read your blogs and hearing what your fictional narratives are about.

          I look forward to reading more in the coming weeks.

          Lesley (Ginger’s Nana)

        • Hi Ginger,

          I went to work today which involved a lot of meetings and emails!

          I too can’t wait for the holidays but I suspect you’ll be doing more sports on yours.

          From uncle Lee

          • Dear Lee

            I am doing a lot of sports on the weekend. I love sports.

            From Ginger

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