Fractions Fun!

We have been learning about fractions in Maths.

We know that a fraction is an equal part of a whole.

Our learning has focussed on:

  • Understanding numerators and denominators
  • Using and understanding a fraction wall
  • Identifying and naming a variety of fractions
  • Putting fractions on a number line
  • Comparing fractions and identifying fractions that are greater than/less than other fractions
  • Recognising equivalent fractions
  • Understanding mixed fractions
  • Identifying fractions in a collection of objects
  • Using fractions in problem solving


We have completed some great learning tasks in our fractions unit so far. Check out the slideshow below to see the 4B students in action!


This week, all students completed a homework task which involved them taking photos of fractions they see in everyday life at home. Everyone did a fantastic job! The slideshow below features some of their work!


We are looking forward to continuing our fractions knowledge as we relate fractions to decimals and percentages!


What have you learnt about fractions during our maths lessons?

How has your fractions knowledge improved?

Do you have a fractions tip for other students?

When do you use or see fractions in every day life?

22 thoughts on “Fractions Fun!

    • Dear Alex,
      These weeks I have really been open to learning fractions and I especially liked our pizzas.
      What have you enjoyed most on these weeks of fractions?

  1. Dear 4B,

    Your knowledge about fractions is awesome! Your fraction pizzas make me feel hungry!
    I’m having tacos for dinner. I will look for fractions ideas now.


    Mrs H.

    • Dear mrs Hillbrick,
      Thanks a lot for commenting on our blog.
      You can say they make me feel hungry again. The fractions were made by paper ingredients and we had to stick on for example, we stuck on 3/4 pieces of tomatoe or 9/12 pieces of cheese.

      Thank you for checking out our blog.

  2. Hi Miss Jordan and 4B
    When I was young I didn’t think fractions were fun but your blog would have changed my mind! Even though Jarrah was sick we had fun as she was getting better working on fractions at home. As I grew up I started to enjoy maths and I hope to pass this on to my girl. Fractions really can be fun when you understand them.

  3. Well done everyone with your great fraction homework! I loved looking at your photos and the different ways that you chose to present them.

  4. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I have loved learning about fractions over the past week or two and I especially like the way we made the fraction pizzas, lucky it was before lunch we finished, it made me hungry the way that the ingredients really look like a pizza. Only I would not like to eat mushrooms and you do not know how much I really hate mushrooms. They are so mushy and the taste just isn’t for me. The fractions look so cool on that piece of string, like I said, shame I work right under them because every 5 minutes I get hungry.
    I also really thought that it was amazing we had to find some things in every day life and send them to you via email and the pictures were very well done.

    I have learnt a lot about fractions because in grade two to three I struggled with my fractions because I always forgot them, it’s as if now though I can answer anyone’s question about a fractions.

    Thanks for teaching me about fractions.

  5. By the way…… I am seeing fractions EVERYWHERE at our house!!!
    I’m distracted by fractions!! I might have to make a big cake just to divide it into fractions. What type would you like Rocker??

  6. Really great work 4B. I like all of your photos. There certainly are lots of pizzas, it makes me hungry!

    **Maths joke**
    Why was 6 afraid of 7?
    Because 789

  7. Hi Katie

    Feel free to make your neighbour a fractions cake!! (he he).

    I was going to say to 4B that I use fractions every time I cook. Ginger often helps me with my cooking. The recipes often ask for 1/3’s, 1/4’s and 1/2’s.

    Your fractions blog is fantastic Ms. Jordan! Everyone learns differently and its great to use so many different ways to explain fractions.

    See you 4B!


  8. Dear Alex,

    What a fantastic way to learn fractions. It is something that I use everyday in clinic. I have to work out 1/5 of your head measurements to place the sponges on.

    I learnt fractions at Aberfeldie Primary School with Mr Wilkinson. I enjoyed his maths classes as he made them into a game like Miss Jordan does.

    Alex, what are you learning about fractions?

    Cassie and Jacqui

  9. hi miss Jordan. its me James P I don’t no if you remember me. but I sure remember you.
    its been a long time since I have had said anything. I hope you are having a great time at the new school Barwon heads. keep having fun and do what u do best teaching 🙂 . anyway have a good mothers day 😉


  10. rockers auntie mandy here in England. fractions come into everyday life,more than you realise. especially when dividing a pizza into equal slices for all or even segments of an orange. maths is cool! !☺

  11. wow, it looks like you’ve learned a lot of important things about fractions in a fun way!!

    Great pictures 🙂

    (Special shout out to Rocker)


  12. Hi Miss Jordan and 4B!
    Looks like you’ve done some great work on fractions which are very important! Keep up the good work 🙂
    From Niamh, Rockers big cousin in England!

  13. Hey Danni and Ginger,

    Maybe we should ‘share’ the neighbourhood cake making. You guys contribute 1/2 the ingredients and we contribute the other 1/2!

    But…… if we ask the Hutton’s and the Edis’ to join in , what fraction of the cake sharing would each family contribute?


  14. Hello miss Jordan, Rockers grandma here in England, fractions!!!! I always found them quite hard to understand. If only I had had a teacher like you who could make them so easy to understand.
    Rocker and Banjo have introduced me to Andy Griffiths I’ll bet he’s got some fantastic ideas to understand fractions. Keep up the good work.

  15. When I was young, I was super greedy and I ate a whole cake (4/4) to myself one day. Then my friend gave me another quarter (1/4) of his! I know, I was greedy!

    So I’m wondering, how much cake did I eat? A whole cake (4/4) plus another quarter (1/4)?

    4/4 + 1/4 = ?

  16. Hi Miss Jordan,
    Loving your blog on fascinating fractions
    I wonder which of these fractions of their favourite pizza the children would choose.
    1/4 of it or 6/24 of it ?
    That’s magic.
    From Rocker’s grand dad Ken.
    Have a nice day.

    • Hi Grandad,

      You are trying to trick us. Naughty Grandad. 1/4 and 6/24 are the same fraction but i would probably like the pizza cut into quarters and i would have one of them for convenience so i wouldn’t have to keep picking up slices of pizza.

      From Rocker,

  17. Well done Miss Jordans class great work on the fractions well Rocker did you enjoy the cakes and using your factions to help mummy share them out at Banjo party, from Grandma Sheila in the uk

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