Melbourne Museum Excursion

As part of our First Contacts unit of work, the grade four students and teachers visited the Melbourne Museum.

We had an early start, and it was a very cold and frosty morning. In fact, it was the coldest Melbourne day of 2015 so far!

Melbourne Museum route

Highlights of our day included:


As students explored the exhibitions, many took photos of the displays, models, artefacts and information plaques to capture and document their experience. It was fantastic to see the students’ enthusiasm and excitement as they travelled through the museum, taking in the sights and discussing their observations with each other.

Here are some photos from our day!


Thank you to Tracey, Susie, Tony and Mrs Shiels for joining us and helping out for the day!


What was your highlight of the day?

What was your favourite exhibition?

What did you learn?

Have you ever been to a museum or IMAX theatre before?

20 thoughts on “Melbourne Museum Excursion

  1. Dear Alex,

    What an amazing day you have had! I used to love going to IMAX and the museum when I was at school. We used to also go to the IMAX theatre with my family and friends. We used to eat pizza before going and go for a walk in the park.

    When I travel, I love going to museums and learning the history of different countries. One of my favourite museums was in Berlin, Germany.

    Cassie and Jacqui

    • Dear cassie
      My favourite thing at the museum is looking at the dinosaurs.and putting my head in the dinosaurs mouth.
      Lucky it wasn’t alive
      Mrs Shiels took a photograph of me and my friends.
      I want to go to Europe one day.
      What was your favourite museum in Germany?
      from Alex

      • Hi Alex,

        My favourite museum in Berlin, Germany is for the victims of World War II. It was very educational but extremely sad to see what occurred.

        Where in Europe would you like to go?


    • Dear Cassie,

      the museum is a fabulous day out. When the kids were little they enjoyed the spacious play area with all the interactive activities.

      From Chris, Flynns mum.

  2. Dear Miss Jordan,

    My favourite thing at the museum was the dinosaurs, they were the best thing that I liked at the museum.

    What was your favourite thing in the museum?

    From your student Charlie

  3. To 4B,

    My favourite exhibition was the Melbourne story exhibition.
    I also liked the IMAX movie Australia land before time. In the Melbourne story exhibition I liked looking at the old houses.
    I have been to the Melboune Museum and IMAx once with my Nanna and Pa.

    What was your favourite exhibition?
    Did you enjoy the IMAX movie?

    From Dalton

    • Hi Dalton,

      My favourite exhibition was Melbourne story exhibition. My favourite it of the Melbourne story exhibition was going inside the old house.

      I was amazed to see it what the IMAX movie was because it was about an animals. I thought it was about first contacts.

      From your friend

  4. Dear 4B,
    My favourite thing at the museum was the animals. There were millions of stuffed animals in display cases. The lion looked very menacing and the kangaroos were cute. Some of the animals had plaques stating that that type of animal was endangered. Most of the animals were in poses, such as the lion baring its teeth and the koala chewing eucalyptus leaves.

    The spiders were a popular exhibition, too. They looked stuffed, but I don’t think they are. One of the spiders had a leg raised up so it was touching the glass! There was also buttons that you pressed to hear a spiders sound. The whistling spider sounded like a whip, not a whistle. The spiders were black/brown and extremely furry, with eight legs and some of them had fangs.

    I have never been to an IMAX before. My parents had, and my mum really wanted to go but she had patients at work. The time if getting up was very early. 7:50 is to early for me!


  5. Wow 4b, photos look great! I remember visiting phar lap at the museum when I was in primary school!

    Looks like you all had a great day!

    Danni (Gingers mum).

  6. Dear 4B,

    It sounded like a fun and fact filled day at the Museum. When Emma and Georgia lived inMelbourne as toddlers we went to the Museum every week. I wonder how much they remember from those visits?

    We often meet friends or family at the Museum when we go to Melbourne, and even as an adult I learn something new every time.

    What a great excursion.
    From Anita

  7. Dear 4B

    I am so pleased to read about your great day at the Museum. I loved hearing about Pharlap, an amazing race horse and such a sad story.

    Well done Grade 4 teachers on organising such an inspiring excursion. Jeremy had such a great day.

    From Sarah

  8. Dear Miss Jordan’s class
    Your pictures are amazing.The excursion looks very interesting. What was your favourite part of the excursion?
    From Nikolaos and Louis 😉

  9. Dear Miss Kelly,

    What did you learn? Once, we visited Melbourne Museum and it was so fun! All the insects and dinosaurs were amazing. It looks like you had a lot of fun at the museum. What did you do on the bus trip there?

    Harriet and Luca

  10. Dear Browon head’s primary school My name is Harris and Raif we liked your viedos and photos and we liked how you cared about the Anzaces that went to war

  11. Hi 4B,
    Great to see the pictures of your excursion to the museum. Tom has a friend Taylor who is Aboriginal and can play the digeridoo. Taylor learns traditional dance through Wathaurong Co-operative. I’m very excited to see that you are studying the first contacts. It’s important to embrace our indigenous people past and present.
    Can’t wait to see more,
    Emma , Tom’s mum

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