Fractional Me

As part of Education Week, the grade four students have been working on a special maths task that integrates art.

Education Week

Students each created a “Fractional Me” self-portrait using small coloured squares of paper.

To complete the task:

1. Students planned their “Fractional Me” by deciding what their self portrait would look like and what colours would be used.

2. They cut up squares of paper. Each square had to be the same size. We used the folding technique to ensure the squares were of equal size.

3. Students laid out their squares and glued them to black card.

4. They then calculated and recorded the fraction of each colour that was used on their self-portrait. The total number of squares used was the denominator. Each amount of colour present became the numerator.


We discussed that some students may be able to find equivalent fractions in their self-portraits. For example:

Equivalent fractions


It was fantastic to see the students use their creativity in maths and the results are excellent! The self portraits are quite life like and very effective. Check out the photo slideshow below to see each of the “Fractional Me” posters.


The other classes at our school are all completing art based maths tasks this week too. They will all be displayed in our school gym on Friday. We look forward to seeing what the other creative students in our school produce!


What do you think of our “Fractional Me” posters?

How else can art and maths be integrated?

Can you record some equivalent fractions in your comment?

23 thoughts on “Fractional Me

  1. What an excellent idea! I wonder if you all used the same number of squares? Did you have to find equivalent fractions, too? For example, if you used 50/100 blue squares, did you have to say that you had used 1/2 blue squares? We are studying the Romans at the moment and in the next few weeks we are making mosaics in Art… and this has given me a great idea for how to link it to Maths! Thank you for sharing
    Mrs Monaghan
    A Room with a View

    • Hi Mrs Monaghan,

      To answer your great questions, we didn’t use the same amount of squares, personally I found no equivalent fractions but if we did find 50/100 I think that people would have put 1/2 down instead (we are clever like that). I wish I was studying the Romans but we are studying Australia’s First Contacts so that’s pretty interesting. We just we to the Melbourne museum but I was sick so I couldn’t go!
      Hopefully you can make something like that in your class.

      From Miss Jordan’s student Rocker.

      • Hi Rocker,

        I reckon the fractional me posters look amazing I like all of them I think mine was alright but not as good as others.

        Do you think all of them are BOSS?

        From Kodes

        From Kody

  2. I LOVE these maths/art works. You could rename this style of creativity: MARTS
    What a fun way of reinforcing your fractions knowledge.
    They’re a bit like Mosaics.

    How else can Maths and Art be integrated?
    I cheated and looked on Pintrest! Wow, there is a world of amazing art/maths lessons there. Look at “Math & Art Connection Art lesson’.

    • Dear Katie,

      I’m really looking foward to the open classroom at 12.30pm tomorrow. We are doing lots of fun activities like scattergories. Scattergories is were you pick a letter and a list of questions and you have to answer the question with that letter.

      Are you coming? If you are it would be great. I only heard about it today so I’ll have ask my mum to come

      From Flynn s

    • Hi Katie,
      thank you for your quality comment! I love the idea renaming it MART it is so creative! Once again thank you for your quality comment.

      Kind regards,

    • Hi Katie,

      I love your new word MARTS for art/maths. I really loved doing my mart , the problem with my mart was that I was wearing very unusual clothes i was shining like a rainbow with all my multi coloured non mixing clothes.

      By from Val

      • Hi Val,
        I also like Katie’s word MARTS on our blog. If you wouldn’t mind fine lad, can you define that word for me? that would be marvellous! Anyway, what were your numbers from the fractional me poster If you can’t that’s fine.

  3. Hi Alex,

    What a great poster!! Miss Jordan, what a fantastic idea. I also liked the finding fractions in everyday life assignment also.


    • Dear Cassie,
      Miss Jordan sent us out on a mission when ever the blog has a shortage of comments. Anyway, back to the fractional me posters, the number of how many squares I used was 149. The biggest colour was the orange which had about 60 little squares. The little label on the side tells people what fraction we used for each colour.

  4. Hi 4B,
    The fractional me look great. It was so much fun making them. I think they will look fantastic in the gym. It was cool how we used the tiny little squares. Everyone did a great job on the fractional me.

    I know heaps of equivalent fractions 25/100= 1/4, 50/100= 1/2, 10/100= 1/10.

    From Charlotte!

  5. Hi 4b,

    The fractional me’s look great everyone did a great job on them, they look great in the gym.

    I know heaps of equivalent fractions 50/100 =1/2 25/100 = 1/4, it was really difficult to make yourself just in tiny squares I just finished mine in time I think that mine was pretty good.

    From Kody

  6. Hello class and Miss Jordan

    That was great fun doing the fractional me poster. I think they are going to look great in the gym. The time test was fun to I loved it.

    How are you guys going in the class?

    From Ebony

  7. Dear 4B,

    I think that the Fractional Me posters are brilliant, it is a great idea to mix art with maths.

    I can’t really think of any other ways you can mix art and maths together, but I think I will have a look on Pintrest. I hope we can do more things like this,

    From Jeremy

  8. Hi 4B

    I really liked doing the fractonal me. They’re all awesome and look very different which is good.

    I hope everyone had fun doing them.

    Who liked it?

    From Toby

  9. Dear miss Jordan and class,

    I think all the fractional me posters look great. It was also a great idea by Miss Jordan too. I wish that the fractional me’s was our every day maths.

    From Donovan

  10. To 4B,

    I had fun making my fractonal me. They all looked fantastic when they were finished. I hope we get to do a fun activity similar to it agian one time. I can’t wait until education week because we get to play fun games like scategories.

    From Dalton

  11. Dear 4B,
    Everyone’s ‘Fractional Me’ looked great! I missed an hour, so I only had half the time the others did, but it was easy to catch up! They are very affective, the way it looks like a mosaic. The paper squares are so miniature!

    Yes, I can record some equivalent fractions! Right here: 1/2 = 3/6 4/8 = 1/2 2/8 = 1/4 and there are heaps more in the world!


  12. Dear 4B

    Your poster look awesome. You have demonstrated an excellent understanding of fractions.

    I love mathematics art!

    Keep up the great work.


    Mrs H

  13. Hi Alex,

    Did you like doing the education week program with your mum or dad?
    What was you’re favourite activity? I really loved doing the land grab activity I won that game. My other favourite would have to be scattegories it was pretty tricky but we survived.

    Ok see you Alex ,
    From Val

  14. What a wonderful way to make maths fun. I’m sure there must be so many more fun learning activities in your classroom and I’d love to hear about them.

    Have a great weekend 4B.

    Tegan 🙂

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