A Question For Parents, Families And Friends: What Was Your Favourite Subject At School?

Today our school is hosting a special event for Education Week.

Parents and family members are invited into the classrooms to participate in some fun activities with the students.

Education Week

One of the activities in 4B involves the parents/family members submitting a quality comment on this blog post!

We are asking our visitors to answer the following question in their blog comment…


We look forward to finding out what school subjects the 4B parents and family members enjoyed when they were at school!

20 thoughts on “A Question For Parents, Families And Friends: What Was Your Favourite Subject At School?

  1. Dear Miss Jordan,
    Congratulations in making up the maths task for the after noon. All the activities were fun for the parents, family friends, aunties, uncles,grand parents and students in 4B. My favourite task was race to $1.00.
    From Alex

    • Hi Alex,

      I thought that the maths activities were great, my favourite was 3 in a row but I still liked race to $1.00.
      I thought that the maths activities were great for all the mums dads and other family members to.

      From Jeremy

    • Dear Alex it was great having some parents in our classroom. I had my mum in but she only stayed for 20mins. Then I went with Rocker, and played scattergories. Scattergories was my favourite activite.

      I also really enjoyed playing race to $1.00 before the afternoon. You won. how did you go with all of your games and activities

      From your friend Flynn s.

  2. To 4B,

    When I was in primary school (which was this primary school) my favourite subject was reading. I loved to read. I always had a book in my bag and more likely in my hand. I still love to read.

    From Rennae (Dalton’s Mum)

    • To Rennae,
      I love, love, LOVE reading! You can see me always with my head buried in my book, immersed in the printer’s letters and fantasy. I have just discovered the ‘Inkheart’ trilogy and it is so good. I am reading the second book, and with the third sitting on top of my night table. The only one I haven’t got is the first book and I hope I can find it soon. Enid Blyton is my favourite author. What is your favourite author?

      I also like writing, where I can type/form words and make it a fantasy of characters, plots, resolutions and ‘happily ever afters’. Before grade four I just wrote down my piece of writing, edited it, occasionally typed it up, but never ever revised. Revising is also my one weakness. Everything seems perfect so I can’t make up my mind to changed it, or leave it just the way it is. My favourite thing to write is a narrative. After reading aloud my ‘Found’ story, and have everyone crack up at the funny parts, made me just want to write more and more.

      Do you like writing?
      What is your favourite thing to write?(e.g narrative, information report etc.)

      From … (Dramatic flourish)

      • To Jema,

        Thank you for your questions. I love that you use such descriptive words in your comment. I can see the writer shining in you already.
        I too love Enid Blyton. We have quite the collection at home. I often read them aloud to my boys, which they both enjoy. My favourite would have to be, The naughtiest school girl is a monitor. We recently finished The folk of the faraway tree. I think the perfect place to read these books, is laying on the grass under a huge tree.
        I have not read the Inkheart books, but you have inspired me to look them up.
        The babysitters club was a very popular series when I was your age and read by lots of school friends.
        I have always enjoyed more classic stories the most. Little women and The secret garden are among my favourites.
        I think of myself as a bit of a closet writer. Personal narrative would have to be my favourite style and my Nan would have to be my favourite subject. She was my best friend and passed away when I was sixteen. Writing about her helps in keeping her memory alive. The way she always wore a Madonna pendant around her neck. The textures and soft lines of her face. Her scent and the way it can stop me in my tracks. The way she whispers in my ear when I need to hear her voice.
        Keep up your writing Jema, I can see you would make a fabulous author in the near future. I would gladly line up to buy your first book,
        All the best,

  3. Hello 4 B, I am Dalton’s Nanna. My favourite school subject was English. I enjoyed spelling and reading. I still enjoy reading, I love receiving books for my birthday or at Christmas time. It is good being able to borrow books from the Library to read. A friend and myself often swap our books then we talk about the books together.

  4. Dear val,
    I know you like playing golf which course do you like best?
    Do you like putting on the green or teeing off better. I like chipping.
    When I was in Melbourne I played at St. Valleys golf club. I like to play at the Barwon Heads golf club,I play with my grand parents and my mum. May be we could go and play a game of golf together.
    From Alex

  5. Hi Miss Jordan,

    My favourite activity today was three in a row. I played with Toby I won twice in a row. I also injoyed scatergories which I played with Rex and Toby.

    My favourite subject at school is Writng I like doing persuasive writing and information reports.

    From Donovan

  6. Hello 4b, I am Dalton’s Pa. My favourite subject at school was Geography because I had thoughts of travelling in the future.

  7. Hi Ginger & 4B,

    My love of reading whilst at school continues today.

    My daughter recently bought me a Kindle for my birthday, which I love to load up with new books and take on holidays.

    However I still like to browse the shelves of my local library.

    Lesley (Ginger’s Nana)

  8. Hi 4B,

    In primary school my favourite subjects were reading and spelling. I like to read and I relish being read to by a talented reader. I had a primary school teacher called Miss Pollock who spent an entire year reading the work of Roald Dahl to us. Funny, that for all his classic stories of imaginitive genius; ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, ‘James and the Giant Peach’, T’he BFG’, so many stories and poems it is Dahl’s ‘Danny Champion of the World’ that made an everlasting impression on me. The story of a boy and his Dad, living in a gypsy caravan and refining the art of pheasant poaching and living well, remains to this day a favourite book of mine. Miss Pollock was determined to immerse us in Dahl and I am forever grateful to her for that. And when she finished a chapter, she picked up her guitar and led us in a song. We sang everyday before lunchtime and I am sure I wasn’t the only one who sang all through lunchtime as well. I guess I should add singing to the list of favourite subjects…

  9. Hi 4B I am Rex,s Nanna,I preferred Arithmetic,which is all about numbers and you call it maths,and also geography as it was interesting learning about different places and countries hoping one day i would see them, which i have done lots of travelling. And Pop says he liked Maths,Geography,woodwork, and sport. GO CATS…..Rex,s Nan and pop Kaye and Brian

  10. Hi 4 B i am rex,s aunty Jodee My favourite subject was Art. On with the Art Smock and choose my colours,mix them together, brush in hand trying to create a masterpiece. And nanny Mauz,s Favourite subject was English, writing stories, and composition eg imaginary stories and some real ones. AUNTY JODEE AND NANNA MAUZ Jodee and Maureen Lardner

  11. Hello 4B,
    A special hello to Rex. It was so nice to see what the class and especially Rex is up to. We live 4 hours away so don’t see him often enough so this is great for us.
    Well done and keep up the good work 4B.

    • Oh and I forgot to say my favorite subject at school was Maths actually I liked all of the subjects (Di) and Corey’s was Maths as well.

  12. Hi Di and Corey

    Great to see you writing comments on the blog.

    Our grade loves to blog it’s a great way to chat but learn things as well and communicate to people all over the world.

    My favourite subject at school is maths and all of the different types.

    From someone called Rex

  13. Hi 4B

    I’m in 2B
    My favourite subject
    Is science because I love
    experiments. They are AWESOME!

    From Miller

    • Hi Miller,

      Do you know want my favourite subject is?
      Well my is science too. But another one is maths, reading, writing(information report),P.E, sport and the iPad time when we get do it.

      Since you are mathematical I well give you a sum
      The sum is 4×9= can you work it out.

      One more question I fort you were going to say P.E and sport for a favourite subject.

      But I do think you are pretty funny for a little kid.

      We’ll always give you a challenge at home be careful MILLER!

      From your best sister ever,

  14. Hi Ginger & 4B,

    I’m surprised Miller and Ginger didn’t mention drawing. They both seem to do a lot of it at home.

    Lesley (Ginger’s Nana)

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