Inquiry Class Presentations

Earlier this week, the students in 4B presented class talks based on our inquiry topic.

This term, our inquiry topic is First Contacts. Our focus questions during this unit of work are:

  • What was life like for Aboriginal people before the arrival of the Europeans?
  • What was life like in Britain in the eighteenth century?
  • Why did the Europeans settle in Australia?
  • What were the early interactions like between the Aboriginal people and the European settlers?


The presentations were prepared at home as a homework task. Students chose a specific topic related to the unit of work to study. They completed research at home and created a slideshow on their iPads to complement their presentation. A variety of topics were chosen, including:

  • Life for the first australians
  • Indigenous food
  • Indigenous art
  • Dreamtime stories
  • Life in 18th Century Britain
  • James Cook
  • Convicts
  • The First Fleet
  • European settlement in Australia.


We discussed the important elements of a quality presentation.

All students worked hard at:

  • Speaking clearly and loudly
  • Making eye contact with the audience
  • Elaborating on information when necessary
  • Engaging the audience with a smile!

Here are some photos from our presentations.



Everyone did a fabulous job presenting their projects to their classmates. The quality of the iPad presentations (created in Keynote or Slides) was excellent and all students tried very hard to speak clearly and confidently.

After each presentation, students were provided with quality feedback from the class. Presenting in front of an audience, which is called public speaking, is not an easy task, but it can be very rewarding. Miss Jordan is so proud of all of the students in 4B for doing such a wonderful job with their presentations!


What did you think about the homework task?

What did you learn about First Contacts from watching the presentations?

How do you feel about public speaking?

15 thoughts on “Inquiry Class Presentations

  1. Dear Miss Jordan
    Flynn and I have enjoyed talking about the maths day last week. I particularly liked the 3 in a row game.
    From Chris, flynn’s mum.

  2. Hello, Rockers grandma, here in England. We live only 20 minutes from where Captain Cook ,one of my all time heroes ,set forth to Australia, in fact when Rockers Grandad was a little boy, he stayed for the weekend in the house James Cook lived in in Whitby, when he was learning to be a sailor, and befor he set off on his many adventures.
    The topics you have covered must have been so interesting.
    Well done to all

  3. Hello Maggie( mum!!)
    Next time you go through to Whitby, could you take a photograph of Captain Cooks house and lodgings and send it to the Blog? I remember the doorway and house very well up a steep little cobbled street. Rocker, we will take you went we visit the UK in August. Lucky boy.
    From Katie – Rockers Mum and Maggies Daughter!!

    • Hello Katie (Mum),
      Maybe instead of grandma doing all that hard work we could go to Whitby when we are at Grandmas and take a picture ourselves? And yes I am pretty lucky!

      From Rocker – Katie’s son and Grandmas grandson

  4. Hi 4b

    Oh my its nearly the end of May and I haven’t blogged for a while! Ginger chose to do her topic on Convicts for her presentation. One thing she mentioned was that as the Convicts were being transported by sailing ship from the UK to Australia, many of the convicts suffered from Scurvy. Does anyone know what this is? It is an illness whereby the convicts were severely lacking Vitamin C in their diet. Many of the convicts with scurvy suffered from bleeding gums, pain in the joints and nausea and eventually death.

    Thats it from me for now.


  5. Dear miss Jordan,

    Flynn has been really enjoying the information reports. I hope other kids have aswell

  6. Hi Alex,

    What a coincidence; I also did a presentation on indigenous art when I was grade 5! Unlike you though, I don’t like public speaking.

    My family came out to Australia to find gold. My great great grandfather found gold and bought five houses in Daylesford! When did your family come out to Australia?


  7. Hi Maggie (Rockers Grandma),

    You’re so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place, surrounded by so much history. Rocker you are also lucky to have the opportunity to see Captain Cooks house first hand, as well as your lovely Grandparents. How good is that? Your Grandparents are a wealth of information with the many interesting places they’ve travelled to.

    Lesley (Ginger’s Nana)

  8. Hi 4B
    With such a varried selection of topics within the unit of work First Contacts, I had an idea that perhaps as a class you could make a fabulous digital book by combining your homework presentations?
    Oops, more work!!!!
    Rockers Mama

  9. Dear 4B,
    I think the homework task was a great way to learn more about ‘First Contacts’. The hardest thing about public speaking is(I find it the hardest, do you?) eye contact. I always want to look down, just reading off my cards and not glancing up. When I did my presentation, I think I could use more eye contact.

    I learnt who Joseph Banks is. He accompanied Captain Cook on the journey to Australia. Everyone’s presentation’s were jam-packed full of information. I almost think from watching the presentations, we have learnt everything there is to learn about First Contacts!


  10. Hi 4B,

    It was great to see the effort you all put into the presentations, great work. Harriet was pretty insistent that we add something to the blog in May, but I didn’t manage to do that, sorry Harriet, but here is something and it is only the 1st of June!

    Best regards,

    Nick – Harriet’s dad

  11. Hi 4B,
    The photos of your presentations look great and very interesting. Congratulations for putting so much effort into your topics. Maddie & I enjoyed talking about the information researched.

    • To Diane
      I enjoyed the class presentation and
      I have learnt a lot about my topic.
      The whole class did a wonderful job and I would love to do a nother presentation.They all had nice ways of presenting There presentation.
      They were all great.


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