Learning About Apostrophes

In 4B, we have been learning about apostrophes.

An apostrophe is a type of punctuation and it fits in with the “Conventions” writing trait.



Apostrophes can be confusing. Here are some tips that might help.


After a big discussion about apostrophes where students brainstormed sentences that did and did not require apostrophes, they demonstrated their learning in a creative way on their iPads. Students made comics and had to feature apostrophes correctly. You can view some of the students’ comics below.


A lot of people think any word that ends with an s needs an apostrophe. Remember, unless there is ownership in a sentence, plurals do not need an apostrophe.

What is wrong with this picture?

Image: ‘Sofia’s Pizza’s Calzoni’s Kebab’s Burger’s Pakora’s’
Found on flickrcc.net


Did our tips help you learn about apostrophes?

What is wrong with the picture above? Have you ever seen apostrophes used incorrectly before?

Can you make up a sentence that has an apostrophe before an s, after an s and in a contraction?

7 thoughts on “Learning About Apostrophes

  1. Hi 4b

    With regards to the above picture, the apostrophe is placed incorrectly because the words are plural (meaning more than one). So, there is no apostrophe.

    (4B, if you take note, you will often see grammatical mistakes (including spelling) even in newspaper articles. Perhaps another good idea is to search for these mistakes from newspapers and magazines. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find!)



    • Hi Danni,
      This morning in our class there was a very important announcement! That very important was… that Ginger and you won the family blogging month! You won many prizes that I am sure that Ginger will be busting to tell you!

      From Elliot


    Dear Miss Jordan and student’s,

    I am writing a comment, and it has some error’s in it. I wonder who can copy my comment and fix the error’s?

    Here are some sentence’s with and without error’s:

    1. Miss Jordans’ students are fabulous learner’s.

    2. My dog’s toy’s are kept in a box.

    3. The mother bears cub’s have brown fur.

    4. Californias state bird is the quail, but Americas national bird is the bald eagle.

    5. The kittens’ mother was tired of chasing them around.

    Have fun with my error’s!

    Your grammar-loving pal,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. To 4B,

    It was fun making the apostrophe comic and the homophone comic. I hope we will get to use the comic maker app agian because I like it a lot.

    In the apostrophe lesson I learnt things about apostrophes I didn’t know. Like that you need an apostrophe when your something belongs to someone like this is the man’s house.

    From Dalton

  4. Hi 4B and Miss Jordan

    I liked doing the comic maker activity because it was fun and helped us learn how to use apostrophes correctly.

    Some of them are really funny and creative.

    From Toby


    Dear Miss Yollis and all class students,

    I am fixing up your deliberate mistakes and here are the proper answers,
    1. Miss Jordan’s students are fabulous learners.
    2. My dog’s toys are kept in a box.
    3. The mother bear’s cubs have brown fur.
    4. California’s state bird is the quail, but America’s national bird is the bald eagle.
    5. The kittens’ mother was tired of chasing them around.

    Thank you heaps for the awesome task that you sent us.
    From a fixeruperer,
    Harriet and 4B.

  6. Hi Miss Jordan and 4B

    Those comic’s I mean comics look great I liked all the funny sentences I don’t know if any of them where wrong.

    You can be so creative with writing comic’s I mean comics it’s so easy to get mixed up with apostrophes. As I was saying you can be so creative with using apostrophes.

    From your class mate Rex

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