Family Blogging Month Winner Announced!

During May, the students in 4B have been trying to get their families and friends involved in our class blog.

We had a competition called May is Family Blogging Month where we used a chart to record how many comments we were receiving from the students’ families and friends.

It was fantastic that we had lots of mums, dads, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and family friends comment on our blog!

May is now over so the winner was announced. Congratulations…


Ginger won a Dymocks book voucher and three card games she can play with her family.


Ginger has also won a guest post on our class blog! It will be interesting to see what she decides to post about.


We had around 300 comments on our blog during May and many of these comments were from family members and family friends. Thank you to everyone who got involved!

Now that the competition is over, we still hope that many friends and families of the students in 4B will continue to visit our blog regularly!


What did you think about our “May is Family Blogging Month” challenge?

What is your favourite blog post so far this year?

20 thoughts on “Family Blogging Month Winner Announced!

  1. Hello class,
    I just saw the recent posts and realised this recent post, reading family blogging month winner announced and The winner is, drumroll please! Ginger!
    – Tom

    • Hi Tom,
      Miss Jordan was on the ball to get this post up so quickly. Ps I like the “drum roll please,” !


    • Hi Katie,
      I really think that ginger’s family really deserve the prize for all those wonderful comments! So many.

      Regards Elliot

    • Hello Katie,
      I know, it is fantastic that Ginger won the blog commenting competition! I can’t believe that we had approximately 300 comments this month. I hope you look and summit a comment on our school blog!

    • Hi Alex,
      I know, it’s fantastic that Ginger won the prize. I couldn’t believe that she got a thirty dollar gift voucher for Dymocks! Miss Jordan is really quite nice.

  2. Dear Ginger,
    Well done wining the family blogging month award! you and your family are going to have a lot of fun. Have you played or used any of the things yet? Again well done from your friend JARRAH!

    • Hi Jarrah,

      Thank for that comment well when I got back from home I should them my prize and great want happened once my broythers sore uno they. Said can we play und and I am like oh no hear we go agin but great what Aston gept on winning and I am like no I not going to play if he gets winning that is so unfair I won’t to win the game Aston my brother is cheeky or maybe he cheats

      See you at school,
      Your frind,

  3. Hi 4B and Miss Jordan,
    Congratulations Ginger for winning May is family blogging month. It is a great way to get family members on our class blog. Everyone did a great job.My favourite blog post was Fractional Me.

    From Charlotte!

  4. Hey 4B and Miss Jordan,

    I really liked the post “May is family blogging month” it was great to see people getting envolved with leaving quality blog comments. Well done Ginger on winning the comment comp.

    Everyone did an amazing job, my favourite post was The apostrophe one it was so cool.

    From kody

  5. Well done Ginger, it’s so good families,get involved ,and show interest in school projects .
    From Grandma Maggie

  6. Dear 4b and others,
    Congratulations Ginger, and family! I hope you enjoy those games and get some phenonaml books at Dymocks.
    I thought the ‘May is family blogging moth was cat’s pajamas, in other words it was amazing! My favourite blog post would probably have to be the ‘apostrophes’ post.
    From Emma

  7. Dear 4B,

    I thought that family blogging month was a great idea, my family weren’t very good at it I only got one comment from my family so I didn’t do very well. Well done Ginger for winning the competition with the most coments from her family, but I think everyone else did very well.

    My favourite post has to be the apostrophes post. It was very interesting I learnt some very interesting things, but some things I already knew I’m sure everyone already knew some things.

    I hope we can do it again soon in another month.

    From Jeremy

  8. To ginger,

    Well done ginger you really broke the records and you deserve to have won the prize. I bet you will have fun playing all those fancy games that you got and after that you might just snuggle up on the couch and read a book that you got from the book shop.

    I only got two people to comment on the blog and that was my sister grace and my dad but he did his on the first of June witch dose not really count.

    If I had of won the prize I would get a jackie French book from dymocks because you might know and if you don’t that I love jackie French. she is the mos creative writer and I mostly enjoy reading her books based on history, and I would absolutely love to play the games that you got. I think that if I got those games my family and I might have a game day at home since we have a whole draw full of games.

    From a great buddy Harriet.

  9. Dear Ginger and others,

    Congrats on winning the May is family blogging award I wish I had won it. I think it was a great idea and I also thought it was good to do May is family blogging month in May because it is near the start of the year.

    My favourite post was fractional me posters because they all looked soooooo good!!!

    From Donny

  10. Dear ginger and miss jordan.

    I think doing the May family blogging month was really a good idea
    next year people will get miss Jordan I hope she dose it agian.

    to ginger I hope you and your perants and your brothers will In joy the prize that you won I hope a fantastic time playing them and good job on
    Wining the prize.

    from Charlie,

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