Learning About Time

We have been learning about time in our recent maths lessons.


Our learning focussed on:

  • Identifying times on analogue and digital clocks
  • Recognising times that are important to us
  • Using 12 hour and 24 hour time
  • Reading timetables
  • Calculating elapsed time.

One of our tasks involved students planning their perfect day. They had to record the times they would do each activity in their perfect day AND calculate the elapsed time from the first activity.

perfect day 1perfect day 2perfect day 3

As an extra challenge, Rocker and Emma created their own time quiz! They collaborated to come up with some elapsed time problem solving questions using Google Slides and they would love everyone to attempt their challenging quiz below. Good luck!



What do you think of Rocker and Emma’s quiz?

How has your time knowledge improved?

Do you have a favourite time of the day or night?

List some “time words” in your comment.

12 thoughts on “Learning About Time

  1. Hi Miss Jordan,

    I really like the quiz it is really cool, good job Emma and Rocker on doing the quiz.

    My time knowledge has really improved especially with elapsed time, I think I am pretty good at time I also really enjoy it, my favourite time is 5:00pm because that was the time when I was born.

    From kody

  2. Dear 4B,
    I hope you have a challenge figuring out our questions. Yes I know some will be hard but just give it a go. The answers will be shown in class.
    Adios amigo, Emma

    • Hi Emma,
      Well done to you and Rocker on the maths quiz. Some of those questions definitely stumped me! Just one question for you what does adios amigo mean?


    • Hi Emma
      I think you have challenged the grade and if you haven’t you challenged me.

      My favourite time is 12:00 because it’s usually the hotes time of the day.

      Form Sarah

      • Hi Sarah,
        I would have to agree that Emma and rocker did a really good job on the elapsed time maths quiz. One question what does hotes mean

        Bye for now,

  3. Hi Miss Jordan, Emma and Rocker,

    I think I might know the answer to question 10 I reckon she finishes shopping at 5:21pm, well done Rocker and Emma you did a great job I might keep answering.

    They questions are actually pretty hard to do but I think I have figured out one.

    From kody

  4. Hi 4B
    That quiz is amazing great job to both Emma and Rocker.
    My time since last year has inproved so much and now I know what elapsed time is and how to use it. My knowledge of time has expanded heaps and I hope everyone else’s has aswell.
    See you later. Joe

  5. Dear miss Jordan and 4b,
    I enjoyed doing the my perfect day day and I found the elapsed time really easy and I love learning about time its one of my favorite math topic from Maddie r 4A

  6. Hi miss jordan
    I know 00 clock and half past in maths
    What is your favrate time
    How is your time skills improving in maths
    My Favrate time is half past
    Your sudent Alex

  7. To the class and Miss Jordan

    The my perfect days was very fun putting times in and drawing to.
    I really liked the task we did on Monday.

    And also last week when we made fractionle me posters. Sticking the paper on to that was great fun.

    Our class is working well.

    From Ebony

  8. Dear Alex,

    You have a very cool green watch. What type of watch is it: analogue or digital?

    I forget to wear my watch a lot.

    From, your friend, Cassie

  9. Dear 4B,

    I think Sarah’s favourite time is 7am as this is when she gets up on the weekends.

    Marcus (Sarah’s Dad)

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