AFL Clinic

Today we were treated to a visit from a Geelong Cats football player for an AFL clinic.

Geelong is a team in the Australian Football League (AFL) and they are very popular in this part of Victoria. In Australia we use the word “barrack” to say who our favourite sporting teams are.


Geelong Cats player, Billie Smedts, came to help run a footy clinic for all of the grade four students. The students enjoyed practising their sporting skills in five rotations:

  • Kicking goals from different angles and distances
  • Marker’s Up
  • Getting the ball past Billie into the soccer nets
  • Dodge Ball
  • Tennis Ball Grab

The students also spent some time asking Billie some interesting questions about life as a Geelong Cats footballer.

Check out the photos of the 4B footy stars!

Thank you to Billie for visiting us at school!

Go Cats!


What was your highlight of the clinic?

What skills did you enjoy practising at the footy clinic?

Who do you barrack for?

What sports do you play?

17 thoughts on “AFL Clinic

  1. Another fantastic opportunity for you all that I know most, if not all of you, will have thoroughly enjoyed.
    Billy Smedts was Geelong’s first selection in the 2010 draft so if obviously rated very highly by the Geelong Football Club.

  2. To 4B,

    I had fun doing the AFL clinic and football clinic a day before. My favourite part of the AFL clinic was dodgeball and the goal kicking was good to.

    The day before the AFL clinic we had anpther football clinic and my favourite part of that was running, situps and starjumps.

    From Dalton

  3. Dear 4B and Miss Jordan,
    I enjoyed kicking goals and playing markers up. I had a great day. I barrack for the Geelong Cats and Richmond.

    I play basketball and netball. On Thursday night my netball team are playing in the grand final. My basketball team plays on Monday night. We are called Seagulls Violet. My favourite sport is basketball.

    What is your favourite sport?

    From Charlotte!

  4. Hi Miss Jordan and class,

    I loved meeting Billie the Cats player. It was fun having different activities with him.

    I wanted his signature.

    From your class mate,

  5. Hi 4B,

    I really loved that football clinic and my brother really wished that he was there. I really enjoyed the goal kicking and I kicked seven goals in three minutes. The rotations went so quickly and I wanted to do it all through lunch.

    I can kick a ball but I can not kick it really far only ten to twelve meters away from where I am standing. It was a great opportunity to get kids into footy and I thought that it was abreast way to learn about the player that comes. Also it is a good way to engage with our learning because it is like having P.E and everyone loves that don’t they.

    I really enjoyed the footy player that came and he liked us asking questions some people even asked good questions like what is your favorite team other than Geelong. The clinic was absolutely amazing and I think that some people love it more than I did and I loved it heaps.

    Thank you for reading my rather long comment,
    from a citizen of 4B.

  6. Dear 4B,

    Don’t you think the AFL clinic was a great opportunity to get out and about? It was so exciting to get Billie Smedts down at Barwon Heads.

    My mum and probably other parents must be realy jealous about it because she’s a big fan of Geelong Cats. My favourite activity was the markers up, goal kicking and the activities with Billie.

    From Flynn S

  7. Dear 4B,
    My highlight of the clinic was ‘Marker’s Up’ with Mrs Curtain. Ginger took a mark and I nearly took a mark three times. Mrs Curtain can kick a footy really high! Everyone was standing close, and she kicked it far behind us. Everyone ran back but noone got that mark.

    I enjoyed practising my goal kicking with Miss Jordan. I kicked the best kick of my life then! Ginger and I shared a football and she was kicking some great goals!

    I barrack for Collingwood. It used to be Geelong Cats but I changed it. But footy isn’t my strong point so I don’t really watch the games.

    I play tennis, piano (piano isn’t really a sport, but it exersises your fingers) do circus/gymnastics and swimming.

    Goodbye for now,

  8. To class and Miss Jordan

    The AFL was amazing! I had lots of fun and I hope everyone else did too. And when Billie came I was so excited because I go for the Cats.

    From Ebony

  9. Hi 4B,

    I really enjoyed the goal kicking because I like kicking far and trying to score a goal way over my head. In football I am always centre half back, and when I played South Barwon I got a knee in the head.

    I barrack for Geelong Cats, and so far they are not going very good. GWS are going great, and I think they are going to make the grand final.

    The sports that I do are bronze squad which is the 3rd highest swimming group. I also play under 10 football.

    From your class mate

  10. Dear 4B
    My favourite activitie was the one where you put the balls in the container.As I did not do the goal kicking one.
    The footy clinic was fun and I think that every one was having a nice time.
    From maddie

  11. Dear Miss Jordan,

    The team I barrack for is Fremantle and my favourite player is Nat Fyfe.
    I play footy and basketball. The other weekend I took a massive screamer but we lost by 7 points.

    By Kody

  12. Hi 4B and Miss Jordan.

    I think that the footy clinic was a fantastic idea and I really enjoyed it. I think it was really cool that a football player came to Barwon Heads.
    It was fun.

    From Charlie.H

  13. Hi 4B,
    The clinic was great I really I liked kicking the ball to billie.
    I play football for the Barwon heads under 10s.
    I can’t wait until another AFL player comes.

    Thank you for coming billie and go cats.


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