4B Newspaper Articles

The 4B students transformed into print journalists last week, with everyone writing their own newspaper article.

Prior to writing our own, we investigated newspaper articles to discover what information is included and analyse how they are written.

Each student chose a local topic, from BHPS or the community, to report on.

Students were encouraged to include:

  • A catchy headline
  • An interesting “lead” to capture the reader’s attention
  • Informative details
  • Background information
  • Formal language
  • Quotes from relevant people
  • An image.

Everyone did a fantastic job and really got into the spirit of writing like a journalist. You can read all of the newspaper articles below. Press the full screen button to view. Enjoy!



What do you think of our news articles?

What kinds of articles do you like to read?

What writing skills did you improve on whilst writing your article?

10 thoughts on “4B Newspaper Articles

  1. Well done 4B!

    Once again you have done an amazing job with your newspaper articles under the guidance of your fantastic teacher Miss Jordan!

    I try to read the newspaper each day to find out what is going on nationally and around the world. I particularly like reading The Epicure as it’s about food and restaurants – I love food and so does my family.

    Have a great week at school.
    From Michelle

    • Hi Michelle,
      Yes, the newspaper articles are outstanding everyone did a really great job.

      I did my newspaper article about cross country districts I think I did pretty well.

      By kody
      See you on Thursday 4B

  2. What a great job you have all done with your newspaper articles. Such a varied and interesting selection of subjects too. I think we might have some budding Journalists in our school.

    How about a regular column in the School Newsletter to profile your class? On subjects relating to the school and Barwon Heads or perhaps even better, topical World news; Earthquakes, Climate Change, Royal Babies, Refugees.

    Katie ( Rocker’s Mum)

    • Hi mum,

      Yes, that would be a great idea. And people in the school community could see what is happening in the school and outside school instead of listening to assembly all the time. That would be a great initiative.

      From your son, Rocker

      • Hi Rocker and 4B
        Perhaps you should try and make it happen???
        You and your class could ask the Principal. Change doesn’t happen unless you ask – politely
        Katie/ Mum

  3. Hi Everyone!,
    Sounds like your all having great fun this year with miss Jordan.
    She was my teacher last year and she was awesome! 😀 Anyway, I had a look though all your articles and I am impressed! I think they sound like professionals have written them! I like to read articals about animals but as I was looking though yours I wanted to read them all because the titles where amazing! 😉

    Some skills you improve whilst writing articals are:
    • Descriptive language
    • You also improve voice in your writing (speaking to the reader)
    • A catchy title (everyone can give them selves a big tick on that! ;D )
    And plenty more!

    What else have you been doing in writing?

    Have a great rest of the year 4B,
    Nelly 😀

  4. Dear 4B

    The newspaper articles are looking great we all worked really hard on them.

    They all have different topics which is excellent. We all did a really good job at using quotes.

    I hope you all have a great holiday.

    From Toby

  5. To 4B,

    It was very fun making the newpaper articles and when they were finished they were wonderful. I did a newspaper article about education week and I really enjoyed writing it. I hope we get to make write a newspaper article agian later in the year.

    From Dalton

  6. Hi 4B,
    Everyone did a great job with the newspaper articles. They look fantastic oitside our classroom.

    My newspaper article was about division cross country. I like how everyone wrote about something different.

    Have a great holiday!

    From Charlotte

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