We’re Back For Term Three!

Today was the first day of term three.

After two weeks of holidays, we returned to school today. We have a great term three ahead of us, with plenty of learning and fun to be had!

Some of our learning will focus on:

  • The four processes (using larger numbers)
  • Length, perimeter and area
  • Chance
  • Mapping
  • Fractions and decimals
  • Shape
  • Persuasive writing
  • Writing picture story books
  • A variety of reading strategies
  • Expanding our vocabularies
  • Sustainability


To reflect on their holidays, students wrote a brief recount explaining one of their holiday memories. They focussed on using interesting language so the readers could make a picture in their mind.

You can read the students’ holiday recounts below. You may need to view in full screen to read properly. Enjoy!


What did you think of our writing?

What was your favourite holiday experience?

What are you looking forward to in term three?

What do you want to improve on in term three?

31 thoughts on “We’re Back For Term Three!

    • Hi Alex,
      I like the holidays just as much as I like school. I was lucky enough to go four hours away to my grandparents’ house which is just past the border of NSW. And guess what! I went with Val. And then I got to go to Adelaide which is a eight hour drive with another friend ,Leo. But sadly Val didn’t get to come to Adelaide.

      • Hi Ted,
        I totally agree about holidays is as equal as school! Sounds like you had a fantastic holiday, Adelaide sounded great!

        On my holidays me and my family went to the Hunter Valley in NSW. On the way up we went to ACT for 3 days then we went to Sydney for 2 days. On the way back we went to the Blue Mountains. I had lots of fun!


  1. Dear Alex and 4B,

    What amazing break everyone has had! Apollo Bay is beautiful! Alex, you are very lucky to have spent your break there. I went to Apollo Bay when I was your age with my family. We drove down the Great Ocean Road and spent a couple of days in each of the major towns.

    From your friends,
    Cassie, Jacqui, Dr Beck, Aaron, Chelsea, Ellesha and Paula

    • Hi cassie
      I did the Ottway fly in the treetops and went to the black snail cafe I had Apple juice and egg and bacon roll then went on the big work in the treetops
      from Alex

  2. To 4B,

    I am looking forward to doing mapping, sustanability and chance. When we had to draw a map of Australia and write the places we know and put them where they are on a map. I put a lot of places in Victoria because I know a lot of places. I didn’t put all the places I know on the map because I know a lot.

    From Dalton

  3. Hi 4B and miss Jordan
    I think everyone’s hoildays sounded fun and I know my holidays were fun but I am glad that school has started.My favourite part of my hoildays is going to my grandmas and going to the movies with my cousins. I was looking forward to writing About our hoildays and reading what people were doing on the hoildays
    What did you enjoy on the hoildays?
    From maddie

    • To Maddie,
      Going to my nanas house was one of my highlights to! I went to the movies again like you to see inside out. We went around six thirty and our dinner was basically just popcorn and rasberry lemonade! Well, I think that is all it was actually. We went to see the movie inside out if you were wondering. What movie did you see? I have had a great holidays but I am glad to be back at school.
      From you class mate in 4B, Rachel!

    • Hi Maddie,
      Your holidays sounded great. What did with your cousins?
      How long did you stay at your grandmas? I went to see my grandmas it was heaps of fun!
      From your class mate Jarrah!

      • Hello Jarrah:)

        My hollidays where great! i had so much fun at the Crown hottel and going to Melburen and i have been wondering aboyt your holliday to.

        My brother well as you know Oliver gust wanted to play evry singel game and i was like OLIVER why do you alwas want to play games at the Crowen.

        Then after the Crowen we had to stay in a hotel the was 80 rooms HIGH and my dad was afraid of highs and I gust laughed.

        I am wondering how your hollidays went?
        Form Ebony:)

  4. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I really enjoyed writing our holiday writing. My favouirt holiday activitie was probably go-carting, going out for dinner and spending time with my family.
    I am hopeing to inproove on my maths ebilitys this term.
    From JARRAH!

  5. Hi 4B,
    My holidays were awesome my favourite part was going to super tramp, which is in grovedale a couple minutes away from waurn ponds. There where heaps of things to do there but my favourite thing was the Rock climing . There was also a really fun activitie which was the mini slam dunk areana there where three rings and they where all different sizes and you would have to try and slam dunks them.

    From Summer

  6. Hi 4B,

    My favourite part of my holidays is quite obvious to me in Sydney it was seeing Minions and Jurrasic World and when I was in Mt Buller it was skiing down Berk Street which is a skiing and snowboarding run.

    For term three I’m looking forward to doing mapping, length, perimeter and area. I hope that we can also some gardening.

    My goal from this term would be to get better at my voice in my writing and my sentence fluency and for maths doing the automatic recall in multiplication, with the tasks that we do I hope I can use my time more wisely,

    From Jeremy

  7. Hi Miss Jordan (and class!),
    It’s been such a long time since I commented on this blog, and lots of new and exciting things have happened for me in that time.

    Firstly, acceptance letters for Saint Ignautius, Sacred Heart, St. Josephs and Clonard College were sent out a few weeks ago, just before holidays began. I was very excited to be accepted to Clonard College, which, if you haven’t heard of it, is a catholic all girls school in Geelong West. I can’t wait to start year seven there next year, although I’ll miss all my friends from LPS.

    Last time I commented on your blog, I told you about my rabbit, Lola, who sadly passed away on 14th February this year. I now have two dwarf lop rabbits, Thumper and Bambi.

    Thumper is a male dwarf lop rabbit, who is currently 6 months old. I have never had a pet like Thumper, he is very unusual and a very unique rabbit! His hobbies include chasing his tail, splashing in his water dish and opening the doors for his enclosure and then sitting on top of the enclosure. Rabbits need “free range” time outside if their cage (when I am in my bedroom the door of the enclosure is open and they are able to hop around the room. The rabbits also have a large exercise run outside but can only be in this when supervised because of local cats!) and if Thumper has not received enough free range time for his liking he will let you know by kicking all the litter out of his litterbox. Mum sums him up in one word as “painful” πŸ˜›

    Bambi is an 8 month old female rabbit, who is a real people bunny and loves cuddles! Bambi enjoys snuggling with Thumper, having pats, and trying to squirm under the doona to be with you. She really isn’t the brightest rabbit (no offence, Bambi!!) but makes up for it with her sweet temperament and is always great to be around. Bambi will also eat just about anything – she tried to drink a cup of chamomile tea the other day! πŸ˜€

    A hobby that both the rabbits share is shredding or biting any homework, books, magazines or pieces of paper that don’t belong to them! 😯

    Also, Ange (my stepmum) and my Dad have recently had TWINS! They are not identical twins, as one is a boy and one is a girl. Their names are Ciaran and Freya. Both of them are healthy and don’t tend to cry too much. Sasha is good, and now that she is just over two and a half she comes up with some very funny things. She packed a bag last week and told everybody she was “going to work to complete some processes” which is strange as we never use these words near her, or at all really. She also had a tantrum about not wanting to wear pants to the supermarket, because apparently “pants are not fashionable or pretty” which again, we never use those words! πŸ˜›
    I am still horseriding at Wallington Park and I am still ‘horse crazy!’ I have had a couple of bad falls recently, so I have been rebuilding my confidence on some (somewhat) well behaved ponies. πŸ˜†

    I hope you are having a great time at Barwon Heads PS, although I personally think you should move to Clonard next year πŸ˜‰

    From your former student,
    Millie πŸ™‚

    • Hi Millie,

      I am one of Miss Jordan’s students. That is a super comment that you tipped,I heard your a super tipper. You were pretty funny I must say, I love the movie bambie I think it’s great so I heard you named your to new dwarf lop rabbits thumper and bamby. I’m sorry that your other rabbit died. The best thing was probably your cousin actully was it your cousin? I’m not sure, she sounded pretty educated in a humorous way. I heard you got a scholarship to a non boys school called Clonard college, I’m working/trying to get a golf scholarship to America. I’m crazy for golf I don’t care if it’s raining. Getting back to pets my dog (billy) died in April this year, she was getting old. I still expect her to come from outside sometimes.

      I think Miss Jordan is a great teacher, do you? She is super at blogs 4k blog is still higher in viewers than our Barwon heads one.

      Thanks Millie for commenting on our blog.
      By Val.

      • Hi Val,

        Haha thanks, although I must say that having such a great prep and grade four teacher (Miss Jordan) helped me with my blogging skills a lot! πŸ˜‰

        I hadn’t seen the movie Bambi when I chose the bunnies names, but I was googling names for rabbits and I thought they were cute names. πŸ˜›

        Thanks for your sympathy about Lola, I’m sorry to hear about your dog Billy too. It’s so hard to lose a pet.

        I think the girl you are referring to is Sasha? She’s my half sister, I can’t imagine my older cousins say those things! πŸ˜†

        I actually didn’t sit the scholarship test, I just applied for a place without a scholarship. Good luck with getting into the golf program in America! πŸ˜€

        I would have to agree with you, Miss Jordan is definitely a super teacher πŸ˜›


    • Hi Millie,
      Thanks so much for your excellent blog comment, it was amazing!

      Your bunnies are really funny, personaly I like Thumper better,although Bambi would be cute to snuggle up to if you cold, or somthing.
      I, and my sibilings, have 5 small fish they are called Dash, Emmett, Lightning, Kevin and Catty, we also have two chickens called Peck and Mintsy who is quite broody. At our Mum’s house we have a 14 year old golden lab called Charlie who sometimes forgets his way around!

      Thanks again for that awesome comment,
      P.S how do you make that moving emoji

      • Hi Emma,

        Thankyou! πŸ˜›

        Everybody who doesn’t live at our house says they like Thumper the best, but if they put up with him and cleaned his messes I think it’d be a very different outcome, haha! πŸ˜†

        Wow! What a lot of pets! Apart from the bunnies we have two cats, Boots and Poppy, two dogs, Abby and Keisha and a guinea pig called Gemma. Boots is the only male pet (apart from Thumper) as all the other pets are females! Boots is another funny one, he likes to lie on his back with all legs up in the air, usually in the middle of the lounge room floor!

        I can’t actually show you the code for the moving emoji without it turning into a smiley face, but the code for it is : lol : except in the actual code there is no space between the colon and the word lol. I hope that made sense? If you are still having trouble you can visit the section on this blog “how to blog” and then go to “learn HTML” and you will see a chart of all the different smilies. Click on the chart to make it bigger and then you can see how to do all the smilies! πŸ˜›

        Chat soon,
        Millie πŸ™‚

    • Dear Millie,

      It is so lovely to hear from you, thank you very much for taking the time and effort to leave such a high quality blog comment for me and my students.

      It was great to read your comment to catch up on what you have been up to. It certainly has been an exciting year for you so far!

      Firstly, congratulations on becoming a big sister again! Wow, twins! I’m sure you are a big help to your dad and Ange and you will be a great role model for Ciaran and Freya (and Sasha). I enjoyed reading the anecdotes about Sasha, she certainly sounds like a funny character!

      Thanks for providing so much interesting information about your rabbits, Thumper and Bambi! My class enjoyed your humourous writing style and it was easy for us to visualise your rabbits due to your descriptive language.

      Congratulations on your acceptance to Clonard College, you must be very excited! I’m sure you’ll still catch up with your LPS friends on weekends and holidays.

      Great to hear you still enjoy horse riding. I remember listening to your various stories about the different horses at Wallington Park. I’m sure taking a fall off a horse would be frightening but I’m pleased you are slowly getting back to riding now.

      I am having another great year at Barwon Heads with my fantastic grade, 4B. They were all extremely impressed with your blog comment, both the length and the quality, so thank you! πŸ™‚

      Hope to hear from you again soon, Millie!

      Your former teacher,
      Miss Jordan

      • Hi Miss Jordan,

        It’s great to chat to you too! πŸ˜›
        I can still remember all our lessons on blogging from grade four, even nearly two years on! πŸ™‚

        Thankyou! We were all very excited. Sasha didn’t quite understand at first, she thought they belonged to somebody else πŸ˜†

        Sasha keeps telling me she’s coming to school, and actually had a tantrum when she was told that she was a bit too young for school! Now that she is two she is very good at having a tantrum or a good screech when things don’t go her way. πŸ˜†

        The rabbits sure do get up to some strange things, sometimes we have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. πŸ˜›

        Thankyou! I’m really excited, and I’m looking forward to meeting some new people as well. πŸ˜€

        Mum almost wishes I didn’t ride, she’s so frightened I’m going to fall off! Once the jumps get higher than about 45cm or if one of the ponies is being naughty she goes and sits in the car, she gets so worried! πŸ˜†

        I actually didn’t fall off at Wallington Park, I was at a different riding school, and I was riding quite a big horse. As soon as I hopped on she began to spin around and then rolled over, and luckily I rolled away as she hit the ground otherwise she could have landed on top of me, and would have virtually crushed my leg! She seemed really sore after the incident, and the instructor there thinks she may have had some issues with her back, so I think they were getting the chiropractor out. Then they asked me to ride a different horse, who as we were walking to the arena spooked at nothing and I went flying, and banged myself against a post. When I have fallen at Wallington it’s been in the sand in the arena, and it’s also been much less distance to fall as I ride much smaller horses there! 😯

        Last time I commented on your blog you mentioned Mrs Morris was having another baby, and I was wondering if Mrs Morris had had her baby yet? πŸ™‚

        Chat soon,
        Millie πŸ˜›

        • Dear Millie,

          I’m so glad to hear you remember our blogging lessons. I really enjoyed teaching you about blogging and the netbook program was also fun.

          Hopefully Sasha has adjusted to having the twins around now that she realises they are here to stay. πŸ™‚ I’m sure Ciaran and Freya will look up to both you and Sasha in the future.

          It sounds like your fall would have been a bit shock. I think it’s good you ride smaller horses at Wallington Park. I’m sure your mum would agree!

          Yes, Mrs Morris did have her baby! She had a baby boy and he is named Ledger. He is four months old now. Mrs Morris’s daughter, Novalie, is nearly two years old. They are both very cute and lots of fun to be around. πŸ™‚

          I hope you’re enjoying grade six and learning lots!

          From your former teacher,
          Miss Jordan

    • Dear Millie,
      You certainly have had a lot of interesting things happening in your life! The excitment must be unbearable about going to Clonard Collage. My family are considering high schools, and we think I will be going to Kardinia.

      Thumper and Bambi sound like two very mischeivous rabbits! Thumper much be a handful for you. Your mum is right about him being ‘painful’. Bambi sounds quaint, but with her eating everything you don’t want her at the dinner table! It must be annoying they eat your homework, books and other important document that just happens to be lying around.

      Sasha sounds like a teenager, not a two-and-a-half year old. I wonder where she learnt those words!

      Best wishes,

      • Hi Jema,

        Thanks for your reply.

        It was so nerve racking opening the letter, I didn’t know what it would say! I have some family friends who go to Kardinia International College, and they both love it, it sounds like they do lots of interesting things! πŸ˜›

        Thumper certainly is a handful! My mum had to look after him while I was at horse camp once, and I think by the end of the week she was very tired of cleaning litter up! (although my mum is a bit of a clean freak so she probably kept the enclosure spotless! πŸ˜†

        Sometimes Sasha is just too smart for her own good, although the one thing she likes that I don’t think a teenager would like are The Wiggles. (I can tell you, those songs get stuck in your head for weeks!) πŸ˜‰

        Chat soon,
        Millie πŸ™‚

      • Hi Alex,

        Blogging is fun, although I haven’t commented for ages! Do you have your own blog? πŸ˜›

        Chat soon,
        Millie πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Millie,
    I just read your comment and it is extremely long and very well written, I loved the story about the bunnies and how your mum sums Thumper up as the word “painful”.
    I don’t think you would enjoy the rabbits tearing your homework up, then the teacher would have a fit at you coming along to you and saying “what’s the excuse this time?” Make sure to tell your classmates to evacuate before you explain that the rabbits ate your homework, just for everyone’s safety!

    Enjoyed reading your comment, from miss Jordan’s student.

    • Hi Tom,

      Thankyou! I think I got most of my writing skills from my awesome grade four teacher, and prep teacher. πŸ˜‰ (Miss Jordan!)

      Homework isn’t the only item the rabbits target, they also love chewing any cords, headphones, clothes, cardboard and even the doona cover once! They also chew anything else they can get their teeth on, even though they have plenty of rabbit toys in their enclosure! I think destroying things that don’t belong to you must be more satisfying. πŸ˜†

      Luckily they haven’t chewed my homework before the due date yet, so most times I print it out again and one time I had to do a whole poster again! Once I had to hand in a maths sheet with a few bite marks in it, luckily my teacher just laughed! πŸ˜›

      Chat soon,

  9. Hey 4B,

    My holidays were outstanding.

    I went to Supa tramp it was great, especially that I won the slam dunking competition it was awkward that I got a fake pirate coin but at least it gets you a brain freezing slushie it was great. At Supa tramp there’s rock climbing, basketball hoop, trampolines, dodge ball centre and a flat jumping pillow. I had an amazing experience with my friend for the second time.

    In term three I am looking forward to athletics, hoop time and my six week holiday to America, I want to enhance more in writing to add more descriptive language and that’s probably all.

    From Kody

  10. Hi 4B,
    I had a great holiday. My favourite part of the holidays was going to my friend , Elsie’s party. We went to the movies to watch Inside Out. I also went to the movies to see Minions.

    This term I’m looking forward to hoop time and athletics. I want to improve on using interesting words in my writing.

    I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!
    From Charlotte.

  11. Hi miss Jordan and 4B,

    I had an awesome holidays

    The holiday writings were outstanding I liked all of them, some had descriptive language.I’m also looking forward to Indonesia day and book weekbut sadly I’m not going to be at book week because of America, when I’m at America I will still keep commenting so I can stay in touch.

    See you tommorow
    From Kodes

  12. Dear Millie,
    Your bunnies sure sound cute! My friend has a bunny, his name is Silver, sometimes I get to look after him when she is away, he is really cuddly!
    How are your twin sister and brother going? I have a brother his name is River. He is in year 8, though he is very nice. We live on a farm so there are MANY animals to look after. We have one new kitten!
    Hope to hear from you! Love Jarrah!

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