Developing A Vivid Vocabulary

In 4B, we are always working hard to improve our vocabularies.

Having a good vocabulary assists us with reading, writing, speaking and listening. To improve our vocabularies in class we:

  • Identify interesting words in the texts we read during our whole class mini lessons
  • Implement the “Expanding Vocabulary” component of the CAFE reading approach
  • Maintain an individual “interesting word list” on our iPads
  • Clarify unique or unfamiliar words during Guided Reading and Reciprocal Reading sessions
  • Investigate synonyms and antonyms
  • Discuss the words that authors use in their books
  • Focus on the “word choice” writing trait.

This term as an extra homework task, each student will present some interesting words to the class. We have already had six students prepare and share their words with the class. The students write their words on cards for our class vocabulary wall.


Val, Emma, Jarrah, Rachel, Ted and Rocker also prepared a slideshow of their words for the class. You can view their slides below.


Can you write a comment using some interesting words?

What authors use interesting words in their books?

Can you think of an interesting synonym for an ordinary word?

31 thoughts on “Developing A Vivid Vocabulary

  1. Wow, I was ‘intrigued’ and ‘flabbergasted’ at your choice of words. Looking forward to learning some more from your Word Wall 4B.

    • Hi Katie,

      I know! Val, Emma, Jarrah, Ted, Rachel and Rocker did a great Job with their interesting words for the word wall. I bet the next interesting words are just a ‘ handspan ‘ away!

      Bye for now,

  2. Hi 4B,

    All your words are stupendous. Absolutely stupendous. It’s making it hard for me to choose, but don’t steal stupendous. I found doing the vocabulary wall has made me think of using better words than just amazing and ran.

    Flynn. H

    • Hi Flynn,
      I had great fun at the golf tournament today. I played with Luka in grade six, Campbell (Donavan’s brother) in grade two and Eddie in grade five. I came 3rd out of 40 kids with a score of 50, also Luka come out second with the best score of 48. When I was walking back to my seat after I had been given my presentation the man said “Miss sing made you come a long way didn’t she now?.”
      Your student,

  3. To miss Jordan and class,
    I had a lot of fun making the slideshow and hope you liked it! I can’t wait to listen to all of the presentations! Using the interesting words has been fun. I have used them more in my speech then my writing! Can you believe it? I have used the word “unison” a lot because my best friend and I say FOISON of things at the same time. What a councidence.
    Your friend,

    • Hi Rachel,
      I loved all the interesting words you found but my favourite word was unison I like the word unison because you can use it in your speaking and writing. I think having the vocab wall is a great way to expand our vocabulary.


      • Hi summer,
        Thanks for the comment! I myself liked that word to. That’s why I chose it. “Obviously.” tell me, what is your favourite word?
        from RACHEL! (:

  4. Dear 4B

    The word wall is growing bigger every day. With some words I’ve never heard of and some I’ve heard of.

    My favourite word is zyzzva because it’s a weird word. I didn’t know that zyzzva meant before now.

    What’s everyone’s favourite word?

    From Toby

    • Hi Toby,

      I think that zyzzva is my favourite by far it’s a very fascinating word, I have never seen a word that has two z’s let alone three z’s and a y in the same word.

      Everybody had a great vocabulary list, I also thought that it is great the everyone has gone to the effort to find picture about there word. It’s always good to have a visual not just an explanation.

      I also think that the vocab list is looking awesome, it shows a picture of the vocab wall but it is a bit blurry.

      From Donny

      • Hi Donovan

        Iv never seen a word with three z’s ether. I wonder when the bug was found and named who ever named it must like z’s.

        The named matched the bug though the bug it’s self was a little weird .

        Good bye. Toby

        • Hi Toby,

          I have just researched a few facts about the insect zyzzyva and here’s what I found:
          1.The yellowish weevil is no longer than an ant.
          2.It was first discovered in 1922 in Brazil.
          3.The man who found it was called Thomas Lincoln Casey.
          4.It was probably named Zyzzyva as a practical joke to place it in a prominent ending position in many guides and manuals.
          5. It’s a snouted beetle.
          6. This is another interesting fact about the animal, “Zyzzyva” is the last word in many English-language dictionaries.

          Hope these fact where new for you and you learnt something Toby.
          From Donny

        • Hello Toby,
          I think that word would be excellent if you were playing scrabble and you had one blank and two z’s,
          You’d at least get a score of thirty with those letters!
          Have a great day!

  5. Word hunting is exceptional fun. Discovering the right word can transform the most prosaic sentence into something truly powerful. To paraphrase Mark Twain, children should use without fear any word that comes to their net, no matter how formidable its size. If you find a word that says one thing better than ten words could ever say it, play with it! Hurl it into a conversation, plonk it down in a sentence, fear not the “heavy-artillery crash of a word of such imposing sound and size that it seems to shake the ground and rattle the windows”. Amuse yourself and others as Mark Twain (who I have just quoted) and so many great raconteurs have.

    • Hi Meghan,
      Has Val started reading “Stuff happens Harry” yet? I’m suspecting that, that book will have some interesting vocabulary, though I still haven’t read it yet. And the writer, has he published any more books? I would like to read the rest of the series.
      Your friend,

      • Hi Ted,

        Val has started reading ‘Stuff Happens: Harry’ . I’m hoping he will finish it before August 9th so he can be the first to review it as that’s the launch date for the book. The writer is Alex McDiarmid, ‘Stuff Happens: Harry’ is his first book however he is writing a television series for kids that is very entertaining, so with any luck it will be produced. Perhaps Val could bring the book to class so you could read it. I’m sure Alex would welcome your feedback. ‘Stuff Happens’ is a series of books written by different authors and published by Penguin Books. If I know Alex, the word ‘samurai’ is sure to feature in the story.


        • Hi Meaghan,

          Do you know how many times Val has read Harry Potter? If Val did his vocab words by him self he should be in university. I wouldn’t have even known what vindictive and dogmatic ment. But thanks to Val, now I do.

          Your son’s friend,

          • Hi Flynn,

            I think Val is on his second cycle of Harry Potter, though he does tend to read chapters he likes over and over again. As for his words, he didn’t know the meanings until he looked them up in the dictionary. He’s probably growing weary of me harping on at him to ‘look it up in the dictionary’ because he queries why I can’t just ‘tell him’ like normal people do. Frankly I don’t know who these ‘normal people’ are but they’re giving me grief.

  6. Amazing words,one you may know Thesaurus,a book full of information about words, that helps so much when doing “Cross Word Puzzles”
    Great work everyone, Rockers Grandma.

    • Hi maggie,

      Yes I think all the words were amazing I liked zyzzva all those words would be great for word games. Well done to Val,Rachel,Rocker, Emma Jarrah and Ted they did a great job.

      What was your favourite word?

      From Rockers friend

  7. Hi 4B
    I am presenting my words next week I am learning new interesting words that now I can use these words in my writing . I don’t have a favourite word. I think that the wall is getting bigger every day and all the words are great.
    Keep up the great words
    From Maddie

  8. To 4B,

    The words you have been presenting are very interesting and unusual. It is my turn on the 2nd of september on Wednesday. I think I know where I am going to get my words from. Also I wonder what other interresting words people will present and what words I will present. I think I will show unusual words that not many people have herd of.

    From Dalton

  9. Dear madddie,
    I can think of many authers that use interesting words, for exsample “Enid Blyton”. Word exsample: Dommenet – he who has much power. can you think of any authers that have interesting words?
    from your class mate Jarrah!

  10. Hi 4B,

    Well done Val, Emma, Ted, Rachel, Jarrah and Rocker for doing a marvellous job on your vocab presentation, you really have set a high standard.

    My favourite author with words has to be Roald Dahl because he makes made up words. At the back of the book there is a page that defines all his wacky words. I think the page might be called wacky words.

    I like the words that Val, Rocker, Emma, Ted, Jarrah and Rachel chose because you could use those words in your own writing, like instead of saying he went through the beach you could say he traversed the beach.

    From Jeremy

    I really like it that the words Val, Rocker, Emma, Ted, Rocker and Rachel chose because you can use them in your own writing, like instead of saying he went through the beach you could say he traversed through the beach.

  11. Hi 4B,
    Well done Emma, Rachel, Jarrah, Rocker, Val and Ted you all did a great job. The words that you chose were so interesting and i have never heard of them before.

    My favourite author who uses interesting words would have to be Roald Dahl. He is a great author.

    From Charlotte!

  12. Hi 4b and others,
    Here are some authors I can think of who use fascinating words J.K Rowling, Enid Blyton, and many more. Here are some interesting words that replace boring words, sad-despairing fun-boisterous happy-delighted. I usually get all my enthralling words from the dictionary app. I hope you are all having fun finding some intriguing words to use to expand your vocab!
    What is your favourite word, and what does it mean? Mine is supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus it is a nonsense word from Mary Poppins it means fantastic.
    From your classmate Emma 🙂

  13. To 4B,

    All the words that everyone thought of were prodigious. I really thought that the preprandial slide of the presentation was an extremely eccentric word that sounded like it was from a Harry Potter movie. My brother does a lot of work with wires and I help him build home made robots that move around with a home made controller so he has extremely stupendous dexterity. I have enjoyed developing my vocabulary with contributing on the word wall!

    From Rocker

  14. Hi Maddie,

    I think we are doing a great on our vocabulary words so all the people that have done their presentation they have done a really good job on their vocabulary words.

    soon we will be able to know every single interesting word that we did not know and we could use them in our writing and inquiry.

    from Charlie,

  15. Hi miss Jordan,
    I love your idea of a vocabulary wall our class doesn’t have one but I will ask if we can start one because. It looks like a great idea and I know 4A has a lot of great ideas for our class room.

  16. My inquiry topic is the Great Barrier Reef I am doing a rap song to incureg people to not puloute the Great Barrier Reef because it is the coral bleach also to raise awerness to people around the world who have holidays at the Great Barrier Reef.

  17. Hi 4B

    I love reading about your new words that you are learning, very clever cookies indeed! Yesterday our family played Scrabble for the first time. Boy, did it get my brain thinking!! Even small words- I had to check the dictionary-which actually I don’t think that’s allowed in the game…but don’t tell my kids that. Shhhhhh.

    • Hi Danni,

      I loved playing scrabble it was the best game ever.

      Well actully I would like to play scrabble every day for now on.

      Scrabble is a spelling board game, it is soooo cool.

      I would use the dictionary to help because you always help me. This time it is the dictionary’s turn to help me.

      From Ginger

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