Our Amazing Art Walk!

Today, our school held its second Art Walk.

Our art teacher, Mrs Petersen, has been working busily with all classes to create artwork from different cultures. Between 11.30am and 1.30pm, all 19 grades travelled to each classroom to learn about the artistic cultures and view the artwork. It was wonderful to see the different art techniques students used to create their masterpieces.

The artwork that was featured included:

  • African necklaces from Kenya
  • Aztec Calendar Stone from Mexico
  • Kente Cloth from Ghana (West Africa)
  • Matryoshka Dolls from Russia
  • Kokeshi Dolls from Japan
  • Paper Molas from Kuna Indians
  • Day of the Dead from Mexico
  • Totem Poles from North America
  • Henna Hands from India
  • Egyptian Art from Egypt
  • Ojo de Dios from Mexico
  • Mandales from India
  • African Masks from Africa
  • Aboriginal Art from Australia
  • Origami from Japan
  • Notan from Japan

Learning about each culture’s techniques, designs, shape, colour, form, line, space and texture can really help students develop their own artistic skills.


4B focussed on Egyptian Art. They worked hard to create individual and unique pieces that demonstrate typical pharaonic designs. The use of colour made each student’s work really stand out. Check out 4B’s creations below.


The slideshow below features a selection of pieces from each class. The variety of artwork is amazing!

Thank you to Mrs Petersen for working hard with all of the students and organising our Art Walk. Everyone learnt a lot and we loved viewing the artwork in each classroom. We certainly have many talented artists at Barwon Heads Primary School!


What do you think of our artwork?

What was your highlight of the Art Walk?

What interesting information did you learn during the walk?

What are your strengths in art?


16 thoughts on “Our Amazing Art Walk!

  1. Hi 4B,

    When I saw all the art work, I was absolutely amazed by how much effort they put in their work. My favourite class culture was the ancient Egyptians from Egyp. I learnt that there are more cultures then I thought. Loads more than I thought. I art my strengths are designing and sketching. What was your highlight of the day?

    From Flynn.H

  2. Hello 4\B and Miss Jordan

    That art walk was amazing, it made my eyes pop out. At the at walk was some pretty good artists at BHPS. In our class we made Egyptian art in the art room.

    Thank you Mrs Petersen for this great amazing art lesson.

    from Ebony

  3. Hi 4B,

    I thought that the artwork was absolutely stupendous, I especially liked how everyone had a different style to their artwork, everyone should give their selves a pat on the back.

    My favourite type of artwork would be the Aboriginal dot painting, the video we watch with the lady doing dot painting was very interesting because she was doing it so fast but so neatly, she must have a lot of practice.

    To be honest I don’t really now want my strengths in art would be, but I just have a passion for drawing

    From Jeremy

  4. To 4B,
    I had such fun at the art walk. If you were wondering, it went for a long 2 hours! It didn’t feel like very long because I was so interested in the artwork. Like I mention in most of my comments, “everybody put a lot of time, and effort into the art from my perspective.” I really enjoyed it and had lots of fun.

  5. Hi 4B,
    I loved doing the Art Walk. Our artwork was amazing. I loved looking at all of the art that was on display. It was like walking through a museum.

    My favourite piece of art was 5A’s Mandales from India. They did an outstanding job making the patterns. The Mandales that 5A made were very similar to the ones the Indians did.

    Some interesting information I learnt from the art walk was, they use henna for special occasions only, unlike a tattoo, henna only stays on for one to two weeks.

    My strengths in art are, clay, blending different colours together and paper mache.

    From Finn M 4A.

  6. Dear 4B,
    The Art Walk was very interesting! All the grades had a different style of presenting their artwork and all of them were amazing! Our Egyptian artwork took weeks to complete. We had to even draw grids for our artwork! Every session of Art was an enjoyable hour, painting, drawing, stencilling and listening how to draw yourself as an Egyption lady/man. All the Art sessions at BHPS are a mixture of wonder and magic. Have you ever asked yourself how, when you start to paint with different lines, it makes a picture?

    My highlight of the Art Walk was the “Day of the Dead” from Mexico. I liked how the people in the grade had written a recount of how they died. I especially liked the artwork. They all looked so different, yet so the same.

    My strengths in Art are painting. I like to think I have a remarkably steady hand, because when I was painting lines on a paper mâché cat, they were steady and straight. Painting is a area of Art that I enjoy, and I like to paint nonsense that only I can understand, such as a whole heap if squares and triangles.

    I learnt that a student and her friends made 1,000 paper cranes as a symbol of hope to homeless people.

    Sent from,

    • Hi Jemma,
      I remember one year the students at Barwon Heads PS made 1000 cranes as a tribute/support to the Japanese girl who first came up with the idea.
      Best wishes,
      Mrs Kebbell

  7. To 4B,

    I enjoyed the art walk a lot and I thought that all the artwork was amazing. I liked the day of the dead and the mandales. I also liked Rachel and Emma’s egyptian art. Some of the interesting information I learnt and liked was about the gods eyes. One of the facts I learnt about the gods eyes was how to make them.

    From Dalton

  8. Hi 4B,

    I really enjoyed the art walk. The artwork was really alive and jubilant. My favourite peice of art was the gods eye. I have one at home and I must say I does give me good luck. I also liked the African masks they were so alive, the thing that made them look alive was the eyes and how they were so detailed. 4Bs art work was amazing I really liked Rachel’s and Flynn’s Egyptan people because they were just so appealing to me and very well detailed as well. I didn’t mind the preps art work either but the thing I loved was the video on show, where you see Mr Phillips a theatre fanatic guy dancing with the preps, õle omego.
    Ok thanked everyone for listening to my art review.
    See you next time.

  9. Dear 4B,
    The art work was fabulous. My favourite artwork was 3B and there undead family’s. I liked your class too. I like everyone’s in your class. Rockers was the funniest because it was a pharaoh and it had a beard. Pharaohs don’t normally have beards. Who’s was your favourite?
    From Harvey.

  10. Dear Miss Jordan and 4B,
    I LOVE your blog! I especially like all of the wonderful photos that you took of Barwon heads PS student’s art works.
    Best wishes,
    Mrs Kebbell

  11. Hi 4B,
    I really liked your Egypt work, my favourite one
    Out of your class was probably Flynn hanrahans.

    All though my favourite place art was the Japanese
    Origami witch were amazing

    Your clas was definitely in the top three of my
    Favourites all through the school
    From Leo

  12. hi miss jordan and 4B,
    i really like your art work my favourite was jemma’s. But i also loved the others my favourite out of the whole scholl was ours (4A) because i love how we did henna hands. Just out of drawing ours was very easy but very fun i hope you liked them?
    your grade was one of my favourites out of the school. what was yours?
    also rockers was the funniest and my second favourite.

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