BHPS Annual Athletics Day

Today the Grade 3 – 6 students participated in the annual House Athletic Sports.


Despite some rain earlier in the morning, the weather was fine for the duration of the day. Conditions were cool but the sun managed to peek through at times, so the conditions were great for competing. It was wonderful to see many parents and other family members cheering on the students as they rotated through each activity.

The students participated in a variety of athletic track and field events, including:

  • 100 metre run
  • 200 metre run
  • Hurdles
  • High jump
  • Long jump
  • Triple jump
  • Discus
  • Shot put
  • 800 metre run (optional)

Every student is in a particular house (which are identified by different names and colours), and the points they score in each event goes towards their overall house total. We will know the overall house winner soon.

Miss Jordan was on the 200m event all day, and she enjoyed seeing the students trying their very best. The slideshow below features the 4B students enjoying their day.



Well done to all of the BHPS students for their excellent efforts and sportsmanship throughout the day.

A big thank you to Mrs Sing for organising a terrific Athletics Sports Day!


What was your highlight of the Athletics Sports?

Did you find any of the events challenging?

What skills do you need to perform the different athletic track and field events?

22 thoughts on “BHPS Annual Athletics Day

  1. Ready..set…go…, great pictures Miss Jordan. It is very clear that 4B had a fabulous day with all those smiles throughout your pics. I have vivid memories of my athletics days…(yes I did run once a upon a time)…they were the best days of my schooling life…congratulations to all the kids that participated….well done.

    • Hi Kellie,
      I’m Emma a friend of your daughter.

      My highlight of athletics was probably high jump even though I am revolting at it. When my group got around to Hurdles I thought that I would make it over them easily because I made it over all of them last year, but when it was my turn to run I knocked over baisicly every one! Then luckily the people running the event lowered them so that we could get over them. One of the people who was helping said that they would not hurt but they KILLED! I think that for Shot-put and Discus you need strong arms, in high jump I think that you need strong legs to eject you of the ground.

      What is your favourite sport? What sport do you dislike the most?
      I hope everyone had a good time at Athletics.

      From a student Emma. 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi 4B

    Those pictures had pretty big smiles but I bet you can’t beat mine I won the smiling three years ago athletics day look more tiring than my holiday.

    Ok back to the school stuff so I’m a bit curious about what topic are we doing for maths, reading and writing?

    From your curious student Rex.

    • Hi Rex,
      My favrate event was the 200 meater run with Miss Jordan.
      I wish you where at athletics day it was relly fun.
      Thank you to mrs sing for a fantastic day.
      My Favrates where 200 meater run, 100 meater run and the 800 meater run.
      From Alex

  3. Dear Miss Jordan,
    On athletics day I had a really fun time, I made it into 3 sports: discuss, 800 metre and 100 metre. I’m really happy with how I did.
    I’m curious about who is going to win out of Neptune, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter. I’m really looking forward for going to districts.
    From Will

  4. Hi 4B,
    I really liked the athletics day it was a
    bit spitty at the start but then the sun came
    out. I was extremely nervous when it came to
    my go on the sprints, but my favourite
    activity was the hurcles and my worst was triple
    From Leo

    • Hi 4B
      I loved the sports day. I really enjoyed the “tiring” 800m, the hurdles and also the shot put.
      Thanks all the teachers and parents that helped.
      From Hugh

  5. Hi 4b
    I hope everyone had a great time because I sure didn’t I was at home instead and I’ve got a few questions 1. What was your favourite event? 2.what was your least favourite event? and 3.what do you think you were best at?

    Hope you answer my Questions!

    • Hi Owen,
      My favourite event was the triple jump, my least favourite event was discus and my best event was discus.
      From Finn M.

  6. Hi Miss Jordan,

    I am a grade 4 but I had to run with grade 5s because I’m a slightly bit older. The 200 metre I only just missed out on. It was a pleasure to have you as the helper. Hopefully Saturn wins!

    From Charlie

  7. Hi 4B

    Athletics day was great well not perfect because a little dribble at the start. I did have fun till I cut my knee on the hurdles but I really loved the shotput because i always get a good dictance.

    Everyone else look like they had fun with those big smiles it looked like there faces were going to explode. Well I did have fun and did anyone else hurt there knee on the hurdles.

    Hope everyone had a killer time. Cause I did.

    From Logan

  8. Dear Miss Jordan,
    my highlight of athlettics sports was probbley herdels. I really enjoy jumping over things, I guess it gives me the same feeling as jumping horses. I really found the 200 metre sprint chelenjing but it was still fun.

    I think that Ginger did really well, she was even brave enough to participate in the 800 metre sprint. Although the weather was a bit gloomy all the activitys took my mind of the cold weather. my second favourite activity was probbley discuss, I threw it exsactly 5 meters.

    i think that everyone did really well and tryed there hardest. it was really fun and i carnt wait untill next year. from your class mate Jarrah!

  9. Dear 4B,
    Athletics Day was certainly very challenging! Despite the drizzly rain that greeted us as we stepped off the bus at Landy Field, the conditions were remarkably warm. All the events were hard, but the event I always find the hardest is the 800 metre run. I am a jumper, thrower but definitely not a runner. We arrived at Landy Field all excited about starting the events. I was very excited, but a little disappointed that we would be doing the events in the rain. Luckily, the rain didn’t stick around and moved straight to the tropics for its appointment with the banana trees in Queensland. My attitude cleared up like the rain when it said goodbye.

    My highlight of the Athletics sports was the High Jump. In 2014 I got into Districts for the High Jump. This year I think I have a fair chance of getting into Districts, but maybe not for High Jump. High Jump has always been one of my favourite sports. At P.E we had a High Jump competition and I think I did great! The soft bar is my favourite, but, unfortunately, we used the metal bar. i scraped my ear on the metal bar, and it hurt a lot!

    The main skills you need to perform are jumping, {High Jump, Hurdles, Long Jump, Triple Jump} running, {100 m, 200 m, 800 m, Hurdles} and throwing. {Discus, Shotput} I am confident about jumping and throwing, but running, not so much.

    I complement Eva T about having a go at the 800 metre run. She did really well.


  10. Hi 4B,

    With out a doubt my favourite activity was the 100 meter sprint and the 200 meter sprint. I was really happy and surprised that in my 100 sprint I came first, in my 200 meter sprint I came second, surprisingly at the end I wasn’t that puffed out.

    To be honest I didn’t find any of the events challenging but I reckon if I participated in the 800 meter run I would find it really challenging. I think that I will have a go at the 800 meter run next year when I’m in grade 5. I remember last year going in the 800 meter run, but I got a stitch. That’s probably what put me off for doing it this year.

    From your friend Jeremy

  11. Hi everyone,
    I enjoyed shot put and discus the most because in discus I scored 16.50 meters and in shot put I got 5.10 meters. 🙂
    In high jump I made one meter.
    And in triple jump ms score was… No jump! 🙁
    From Tom 🙂

  12. Hi 4B,
    My with out doubt favourite activity was drum roll please… was 800 meter sprint. Yes, yes I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea but I actually enjoyed I this year and I even break my personal record and came 5 out of the ten boys team. Yeah! Did anyone else break their personal record? If you did. Yeah

    I recon that the discos was the hard of the day because you have this big heavy rubber plate that feel like there is led in it! Also it was the hardest because it was the last activity and it was getting tiring by the end!

    I would like to hear about your day so please, please, please leave a replie below!

    Your friend

    • Hi Elliot,
      I had so much fun. My favourite activity was triple jump. My score was 6.23 metres. I also loved high jump and my score was 1.05 meters which is my personal record.

      My least favourite activity was discus and shot put. I only got 11.98 metres in discus and in shot put I got 4.55 metres.

      From Finn M.

  13. Hi 4b

    My highlight of athletics day was definitely the discus. I did much better than I thought I would with 13.30 meters. Even though I had two shots, one went out.
    The event that I found amazingly challenging was the shot put the ball was so HEAVY! It was so difficult to to push it without throwing it.

    What was your favourite activity? did you win any of them?

  14. Hi 4B,
    Athletics day was so fun. It was a bit wet on the track at landy field, but the sun came out in the afternoon. I don’t have a favourite event, but I do like 100m, 200m and hurdles.

    I don’t really have any events that are challenging. Sometimes in high jump when the pole gets really high it can be a bit tricky trying to make it over.

    What was your favourite event?

    From Charlotte?

  15. Hi 4/B,
    i really liked athletes day it was a really fun I dint make it in but good luck to the people that did. My favourite part was doing high jump but I’m not that good at it.

  16. My highlight was the 100 mitre sprint.

    I found high jump challenging well the second jump was most challenging.

    You have to be strong fast and have courage and never give up.

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