Marvellous Measurement

We are currently learning about measurement in maths.

We have been focussing on:

  • Measuring accurately
  • Estimating
  • Comparing lengths
  • Deciding the appropriate unit of measurement to use
  • Converting units of measurement
  • Understanding perimeter and area
  • Calculating the perimeter and area of regular and irregular shapes
  • Identifying when you might need to know the perimeter or area of something
  • Using efficient addition skills to calculate perimeter
  • Using multiplication to calculate area.


Students have been participating in a variety of collaborative, open ended, hands-on tasks over the past week.

Super Snakes:

In groups of four, students researched the lengths of a variety of snakes. Using measuring tapes, rulers, newspaper and tape, students created their own snakes with exact measurements. Students had to label each snake with the correct measurement and covert the unit of measurement using millimetres, centimetres and metres.

Playing with Perimeter:

In groups of three, students designed and created a shape (either regular or irregular) using masking tape on their tables. They had to calculate the perimeter of their shape by adding together the lengths of all sides. Students then travelled around the classroom measuring and working out the perimeter of their peers’ masking tape shapes.

Fantastic Feet:

Students estimated the perimeter and area of their right foot, and then investigated the actual measurements. To do this, they traced their foot onto 1cm grid paper. To calculate the perimeter, students used ribbon to go around their traced foot and they then measured their ribbon with a ruler or measuring tape. To calculate the area, students worked out how many 1cm squares were on the surface of their foot. It was interesting to see how the estimations and actual measurements compared!


How has your measurement knowledge improved?

When might you use your new measurement skills in real life?

Can you measure something (either the length, perimeter or area) and record it in your comment?

6 thoughts on “Marvellous Measurement

  1. Hi 4B,

    Ever since we did the measurement CFAT, my knowledge as improved. When we converted the meters into cm into mm it was easy because my strategy was converting m into cm I just took away the Decimal point away and put a 0 at the end. With cm into mm I added one more 0.

    When you go for a run you want to measure the length of the run so you would use measurement there as well as the length of kicking or hitting a golf ball soccer ball or football. So it’s used in many ways. Just imagine what the difference would be if you had any knowledge about measurement.

    My foot perimeter is the same as what I estimated. 58cm is the perimeter and my estimation of the area of my foot was way off. It was 200cm2 but it was really 144.5 cm2. What a difference. What was your estimation?

    From Flynn H

  2. Hi 4B,
    Ever since we started doing the measurement in maths my knowledge has grown. I know a lot more than I did before and I now think that I could do a CFAT and get 100%
    Now we are doing perimeter and area in maths and I am starting to know a lot more than before. I now know that you can measure perimeter everywhere. On the roof of the classroom, the bookshelves and lots more.
    How are you enjoying maths?
    Thanks From Joe.

  3. Hi Miss Jordan,

    It’s been a while! I don’t know if you remember me Liv I was in your class in grade four at Leopold Primary School. Yeah I just thought I would check up on your blog and see what you guys have been doing.

    I saw Mrs Moris over the holidays down in Torquay don’t know if you guys still catch up.

    It was nice to see what your class has been doing in the classroom. Our topic was Measurement a couple of weeks ago and I know that I have gained so much knowledge.

    How has your measurement knowledge improved?
    I think my knowledge has improved because I have seen how we can measure different angles and different sizes of things and it helps me get an idea that when you measure something you can measure it at least two different ways.

    When might you use your new measurement skills in real life? (A really basic one)
    When you are ruling up your Maths-Writing-Reading-Science book etc.

    Can you measure something (either the length, perimeter or area) and record it in your comment?
    Yes I have little mini heater in my room and the width is 18cm, the lenth is 18cm and the area is 72cm.

    Well it was nice talking to you hopefully I might see you soon.

    Got to Gallop,

    P.S Remember when I used to do that all of the time? Good times. See ya

    • Hey Liv,

      Its Haille and I thought I would check out Miss Jordans blog the other day too. And so I did. Then today I came back and checked again and you had left a comment, what a coincidence!

      See You On Monday,

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