It’s Book Week!

This week is Book Week!

Book Week

This year, the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) celebrates its 70th anniversary. The 2015 Book Week theme is “Books light up our world”. This is a wonderful message, as reading really is a wonderful past time and we can learn so much from what we read.

The CBCA runs Book Week each year, and our school always enjoys celebrating this national event. Books play such an important part in our learning, and to commemorate Book Week, our students are participating in the following activities:

* Dress up parade – students dress up as a book character and participate in the whole school parade.

* Multi-age art activity – students create artwork inspired by the 2015 shortlisted books.

* Borrowing competitions – students need to return their books in their library session to be in the draw for a prize.

* Book Fair – last week, students and parents had the opportunity to buy books from the Book Fair in our school foyer.

* Donate a book – students could buy a book from the Book Fair and donate it to the library.


During this term, we have enjoyed reading the CBCA short-listed picture books in our weekly library sessions. The “Book of the Year” nominations are all excellent books, with different styles and varied themes. Last week, students in all grades voted for their favourite short-listed picture book.

The slideshow below shows the nominated picture story books and some student reviews.

Today, we found out the BHPS picture books of the year:

  • Early Childhood (grades prep-2) – Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey
  • Picture Book (grades 3-6) – The Stone Lion by Margaret Wild

The official CBCA winners were:

  • Early Childhood (grades prep-2) – Go To Sleep, Jessie by Libby Gleeson
  • Picture Book (grades 3-6) – My Two Blankets by Freya Blackwood


Today was Dress Up Day and we all enjoyed seeing the costumes students and teachers wore for the occasion. The parade in our school gym was fantastic!

Afterwards, all students enjoyed participating in a multi-age art activity inspired by the short-listed picture books.

Here are some photos of the 4B students in their fabulous costumes!


Thank you to Ms Browne and Mrs Petersen for organising Book Week and our multi-age art activities!


Who is your favourite book character?

Did any costumes stand out at the whole school parade?

Which 2015 short-listed book was your favourite and why?

How do books “light up your world”?

11 thoughts on “It’s Book Week!

  1. Great costumes grade 4!
    Book week parade certainly illustrates how much books light up our world – based on the enjoyment I see students experiencing in their participation in the parade and celebration of the books they are reading.

    • To Mr Roskosch,
      Thanks for the comment on our blog! I thought the grade four costumes were wonderful and it was great to see all the time and effort going into the costumes. My favourite short listed book week book was the stone lion because it was very emotional and showed that the lion was very nice and thoughtful and it gave up all of its dreams and wishes to save a homeless girl and boys lives. What was your favourite costume out of the staff? I loved your costume!
      From Rachel

  2. Hi 4B,

    Book week was really fun this year,
    I dressed up as Jim from Charlie the cheeky kea.
    A kea is a New Zealand bird that you can find at treble cone a ski resort near the town wanaka.
    About 10 people dressed up as minions from the movie that came out earlier this year.

    From Fletcher

  3. Hi 4/b,
    Dress up parade grows every year which is great. I dressed up as David Warner the cricketer. It is featured of the Kaboom Kid.

  4. Dear 4/B and Miss Jordan,

    I really hope you guys had an outstanding time in book week,
    I will hopefully be at book week next year.
    I am now at LA and then we are going to Santa Monica.

    Who did you dress up as?
    How are you going in school?

    By Kody

    • Hi Kody

      I hope your holiday has been really good so far.

      I dressed up as Labron James. The activity I did was a book on snail and turtle are best friends we had to coulor in a snail or a turtle. School is really fun.

      Have a great time at the next place you go to.

      From Toby

  5. Hi Miss Jordan and class 4B,

    This is Val here just sharing how he loved book week/ the parade. Well I have nothing to say but the best. The most intriguing costume was Flynn H’s and Jema’s , I thought Flynn’s was unique because of the real examples of Fred and George’s Uncanny Weasleys wizard whezzes every flavoured beans & by that I mean every flavour! What I loved about the naughtiest girl was the sharp looking blazer that looked quite studious. I felt that every body put in immense effort. Luckily Mad eye moody was around because there were a lot of dark wizards lurking around that day.
    Ciao, but keep blogging.

    From Val

    • Hi Mad eye moody,

      Caught some dark wizards? Really Val I thought you were actually Mad eye moody. The whole outfit was just incredible. You really thought that I was amazing? Really? I thought I was horrible. I didn’t even get a chance to touch one single lolly that I had. It was sad because it was the last time for me to do the parade at Barwon Heads because next year I’m going to Geelong college. Hopefully they have a parade.

      Your triplet,

    • Hi Val,
      I’m totally glad that Mad Eye Moody was a round to keep away all those dark wizards from lurking around!

      I had a fabulous day on the book week parade. I dress up as will from Ranger’s Apprentice. Whom whow dress up as minions where just eating bananas all day. Because they are yellow you see?

      Your ranger… I mean
      From Elliot

  6. Hi 4B

    Everybody had excellent costumes I think that Dolton was the best dressed as doctor Who and he also had a sonic screwdriver.

    Who do you think was the best dressed?

    From Rex

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