Mapping In Maths

Last week, our maths lessons were dedicated to extending our mapping skills.

We focussed on three major aspects of mapping:

* Legends Maps give information by using symbols.  Symbols can be figures, shapes, lines, and colors that show where places and things are on a map.  A map’s legend tells you what the symbols mean.

* Scale – Map scale refers to the relationship (or ratio) between distance on a map and the corresponding distance on the ground. It also refers to the sizes of the various locations on the map.

* Compass directionA compass tells us which way on a map is north, east, south and west.

Students completed three mapping tasks during the week, which gradually increased in scale and level of difficulty:

* House map – Students visualised their house and created a map to represent a floor plan of their home.


* School map – Students created a map of the school, including as many different rooms and spaces that they could. This proved to be a challenging task! Below is the official map of our school.

School Map

* Barwon Heads map – In pairs, students selected a section of Barwon Heads and created a map, including streets, houses, buildings recreational facilities and environmental features.


Below are some photos of the students working on their Barwon Heads maps. They used Google Maps on their iPads to locate their area, identify the surrounding streets and determine the scale of their region.


 When do you use maps?

How did last week’s maths lessons challenge you?

10 thoughts on “Mapping In Maths

  1. Hi Miss Jordan,
    I had great fun doing mapping my favourite activity was doing one part of Barwon heads. My partner and I did the roundabout near the Barwon heads hotel to the Heads and the Jetty.


  2. To Miss Jordan and 4B,

    I love mapping and it is my favourite maths subject. I am also very good at it. I think the house map was challenging and the other two were easier. My favourite one was the map of a part of Barwon Heads.

    From Dalton

    • Hi Alex,
      We did not have a map when we drove in England on our holiday last month.
      There were not enough signs on the road to help us so once we had to drive round a roundabout four times before we worked out which road to take!
      We took the wrong road so had to turn around and go back to that roundabout and have another try.
      We chose to right way luckily!

  3. Hi 4B and Miss Jordan,

    I thought the mapping activities were so fun. My favourite activity was the when we each did a different area of Barwon Heads My partner and I did the map of Jirralinga.

    I didn’t get to finish the map of my house but I did like doing it. I also didn’t get to finish the map of the school but that was really fun.

    What was your favourite mapping activity?

    From Charlotte

  4. Dear 4B,
    Last week’s maths lesson challenged me in scale. The school maps were hard to get the exact size and I found it hard to fit all the buildings in. The house maps weren’t as hard because in grade 3 we did house maps, so I have prior knowledge about mapping my house.

    I use maps when my parents want me to look up a destination when they are busy driving the car. I also looked at maps of theme parks when I went to Queensland.


  5. Hi 4b,
    Emma here. All I want to say is that I think that you all did a wonderful job of mapping out Barwon Heads, I would have loved to do it to because I adore mapping, it is such an interesting topic! Don’t you think?
    When you guys had did that I was skiing at Falls Creek, the top three runs that I went on were probably Jigsaw (black diamond), Fox trail (blue run with lots of jumps) and it would have to be Last Hoot (another blue run). The most exiting part would probably be getting poles! And the most disapointing thing would be not getting to go on the tube slide.

    I hope you all had a wonderful time and I’ll see you later alligater.

  6. Hi 4B,

    I really found mapping tricky. All that correct to scale drawing, got me, I discovered I was not a ‘very to scale’ person. I think that’s because when I was drawing I drew the school as if all the classrooms were the same length. My favourite activity was the 3D model of a part of Barwon Heads. Summer and I had troubles deciding where the Barwon Heads pub sat on the map and our beach house kept falling down. The cause was shoddy architecture.

    Ciao, but keep up the learning and blogging.
    From Val.

  7. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I really liked doing mapping, I really enjoyed exploring more and more streets and roads in Barwon Heads, I hope next year in year 5!!!! We are going to do more mapping.

  8. Hi Alex,
    What a hot day to start back at school!
    What was it like in the classroom?
    Was it hard to think and do your work?
    Mikey painted the deck, he was hot!
    Then we picked up Skye and drove to Geelong to the Vic Roads Centre.
    We did not know how to get there, we had to go to Fyans Street, so we used the maps on my mobile.Not only did we find out where to go, we found the quickest way which was along Breakwater Road.
    So using a map really helped today.
    We knew the way to go, so we did not get lost.
    We went the quickest way so we saved time and did not take very long at all.

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